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  2. Spreadsheet updated to here now that I'm at home again (for a bit).
  3. [OCC] E-Z Mode if I lose a game with Undead you can all blame me for anything that goes wrong. Let's #### their #### up.
  4. Yesterday
  5. [OCC] Little Fockers. PM'd Meshuggah as well. I'm loving the lineup! Let's show em what OCC can do!
  6. [OCC] The De-Bollockers (also sent to meshuggah on discord)
  7. ok guys, so to sum things up : @bob152 is playing skaven for flash category. @Mongloom is playing khemri for smash category. @Larkstar is playing flings for oddball category. @Kazman29 is playing undead for power category. And I will be playing humans for flex category. @RTSD is playing dwarfs for smash/bonus category. No regrets? I'll be sending your names to the comp admins. Please join the discord channel, and create your teams ASAP. When it's done, you can send your team name here, and/or to Meshuggah on discord. My team name will be [OCC] The Orca Boyz
  8. we also have a link to the discord in the header on this page.
  9. Coach name : Nateguy Team name : Da Thunders Race : Dwarves new coach, new team cheers
  10. I think I'll take dorfs then... @Kazman29 when in doubt roll on it: https://www.random.org/
  11. SO.... Bob - skaven Ozone - Bretts Mongloom - Khemri RTSD - Dwarfs/Undead Larkstar - Flings Kaz - Orcs Is that it? or should I play Undead if RTSD plays dwarfs? AAAAAHHHHHHHHH
  12. yeah, it seems a shame not to have both Undead and Orcs which are two of the best starting teams. So I'll just play Orcs. I like winning.
  13. If you use the link everytime it creates a new member... you should log into your discord directly and you should be able to see all around.
  14. Coach name : Hubster Team name : Isla Nublar Warriors Race : Humans Brand new to OCC and BB2
  15. Ynwe

    OCC discord link

  16. Last week
  17. I do still play but my interest is waning and waxing often. I think I will focus on Arena from now on.
  18. okay so the way I see it... seems to be two potential rosters we're heading towards... - Flash : Bob, skaven | Kazman, DE. - Flex : Ozone, Humans. - Smash : Mongloom, Khemri. - Power : RTSD, Dorfs | Kazman, Undead. - Oddball : Larkstar, Flings. (With kazman basically getting to choose whatever he wants cuz this team is nice & flexible in team choice) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Flash : Bob, skaven | Kazman/Larkstar, DE's. - Flex : Ozone, Bretts | RTSD/Larkstar, Humans - Smash : Mongloom, Khemri. - Power : RTSD/Larkstar/Kazman Undead/Dorfs (We have enough flexibility that larkstar can basically choose whatever race he wants that isn't smash in this version) Either seems good to me... Up to the rest of you...
  19. The biggest benefit from having a team from Oddball is being able to select 2 from either Power or Smash. If we take both Skaven and Dark Elf from Flash, then all we are really doing is replacing Brets (or Amazon) with Flings. I'm not sure that's worth it. So two lines of thinking, I suppose. If we want to try to get the biggest advantage from the rules, then I think Dorfs or Orcs might be preferred to either Rats or DE. But if this chosen race composition is trying to fit square pegs in round holes in regards to coach's "best" races, then perhaps we should dump the Flings and pick the best 6 races for our talents. Thoughts?
  20. @Ozone, no, a-okay! I'll observe from the sidelines - have fun fellow Coaches
  21. Yes, I took part in the last invitational...as Chaos Dwarfs for the UKBBL Team. Was not going to play on the next one - however had a desire now to play - and only OCC are recruiting. :) If all slots are filled, then a-okay.
  22. Coach name : DraconisBlade Team name : Red Rage Haze Race : Orcs Played S11 and paused one Season, now with new team
  23. Might have seen my issue on discord before i left with multiple badger69s. but i can't find a link for the discord to rejoin again. PM the link if better, thanks
  24. as above, i'm happy playing whatever the team needs.
  25. if i get it right now we have: -Flex : myself, humans (after thinking it again it does seem a better idea than bretts as you guys said ealier) -Oddball : @Larkstar, flings. -Smash : @Mongloom, Khemri. - Flash : @bob152, skaven, @Kazman29, DEs. - Power : @RTSD, undead. @Waleed I can leave you my spot, no problem, but would rather see you play humans or bretts in that case, coz I fear UW are kinda underpowered too in this format. If you play I'll just keep the team captain role and let you guys the coaching! Or whatever you guys want to change again! Please remember though we need to submit rosters by aug 25th at the latest, so let's set tomorrow evening as deadline for the races choice.
  26. Didn't I see your name listed for UKBBL for this past season?
  27. If there is a slot I'd like to play - some RL that was serious has been dealt with :) Races I'd like to play are: Wood Elf Chaos Underworld ..in that order of preference. If all slots are taken up, a-okay, and have fun everyone
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