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  1. Last week
  2. Two games in, 7 casualties caused. On track for 18.5 at this rate. I rest my case.
  3. Damn, I forgot to check this the last few days. I'd have joined. For what it's worth, I think C2MC is closer, but slightly too high, I'd have said 21.
  4. Betting closed, no other takers, it's head to head.
  5. Match 2 is here and I get a respite from the hard hitting teams! Although this Dark Elf team coached by @Antonlunau looks pretty beefy and I may be eating my words by the end of this one. I have a feeling this match is going to be super tough! Come on in and see for yourself.
  6. Right, I've given you long enough to assess the options and steal the best bets. I'm tipping 18. They're averaging 16 per round, and I think they'll do slightly more than that. Now we wait for the strategic betters to make their move at the last minute.
  7. Well, hello there! You're here early today. Looks like last week was a pretty rough one for the Women with Attitude, let's check in with the tiny, baby Ogre and see how the team's handling everything. I'm sure that the power of friendship will get them all through this difficult time in their li-. Wait,... what's that sound? It almost sounds like... . oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeeah! *A ghostly bicep clotheslines the narrator in to the nearest wall, immediately knocking him unconscious.* OH, YEAH! The Macho MADNESS is here once again! Yeah! Even on the Astral Plains of Non-Existence, news quickly spread of the epic rematch between the Women with Attitude and the Cuyahoga River Bends, yeah! The Bends are still under the supervision of @Sidley, one of the more corrupt and backstabbing members of the Orca Cola Administration. Last time these Orcs faced the Premium Power of the Overpowering Ogres, they barely eked out a victory, yeah, mostly because of their cheatin' and underhanded ways, yeah! But, oooh, we've come prepared this time, Sidley, yeah! There is exactly ZERO percent chance that the green machine will trick our girls in to another loss, yeah. We've done the math and we've done the science, yeah, and we're CONFIDENT that the only outcome for the Bends is a DEVASTATING DEFEAT! You've only faced PANSY PUSHOVERS so far, Sidley! Yeah! But now, the kiddie play-dates are over and it's time for some FULL-CONTACT FACE-TIME between the Ogres' fists and those faceholes you Orcs call noses! Yeah! YOU NAME THE TIME AND YOU NAME THE PLACE BECAUSE THE MACHO MAN AIN'T SO GOOD AT GEOGRAPHY OR READIN' THE CLOCKS, yeah! But one thing he's very good at, yeah, is talkin' the talk and walkin' the walk and he just got himself some brand new boots, yeah. And these boots were made for walkin', yeah, AND THE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, yeeeeeeeeah! *The narrator wakes up in a daze, as The Ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage vanishes back in to oblivion* What the... . Oh, my head. Well, it looks like there isn't any time left for a story about the tiny, baby Ogre this week. I should probably check-in to the nearest Apothecary because I'm pretty sure I have a severe concussion. I'm sure you'll join me again next week as we pick up where we left off. Oooh, the room is spinning. I'm,... I'm going to throw up. *Static* SATURDAY 23/06/2018 - 12h00 UTC. WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs CUYAHOGA RIVER BENDS TWITCH YOUTUBE
  8. To clarify, pick a single number, the range just indicates the price.
  9. Sched Grimgi Wazzocks Nitroxide Dwarf - 870 - Brazilian Top Models Frankolino Amazon - 950 Dwarfs down a bunch of players but mercs do just fine against Amazons. Probably a bloodbath. Predicting 6+ Casualties. Sched Discworld Destroyers Sardaor ChaosDwarf - 1130 - OGGES finest Cr_tiger Ogre - 900 Gnoblars go down hard and fast against Dwarfs, even if there's only 6 on a Chaos Dwarf team. Ogre will probaly do some punching back, though. Same deal, predicting 6+ Casualties. Sched Drachenfels Beasts Darken Necromantic - 1180 - Lost Accounts Valentin Vampire - 1140 Funky match-up. But there's a Block + Mighty Blow Werewolf. 4+ Casualties? Sched Disciples of Death King Kill Chaos - 1140 - Big Cheeze Aemar Canderin Skaven - 1070 Only 1 Mighty Blow on the Chaos team. Stormvermin not developed so they won't be -that- deadly. 3 Casualties? Sched Zandri Riddlers bob152 Khemri - 1120 - Ministero delle Finanze Bicius73 Vampire - 1110 More Vampires? No Mighty Blow. No Dirty Players. 3 Casualties? Even if I subtract a bunch of predicted Casualties I still end up with an insane number. Going for 22+.
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  11. Sorry copped a -AG at the hands of a witch elf, and for unknown reasons my clicks on the apothecary button were ignored by the client. More pertinently, no self inflicted injuries. Given that Wismerhill's was fixed by the apothecary, everyone gets a refund!
  12. Entrant - bet (coins) Suido - 18 (2) C2MC - 22 (1) Total pool: 3 coins Total casualties: 7 (2/5 games played) Matchday 4 Sched Drachenfels Beasts Darken Necromantic - 1180 - Lost Accounts Valentin Vampire - 1140 Sched Disciples of Death King Kill Chaos - 1140 - Big Cheeze Aemar Canderin Skaven - 1070 Sched Zandri Riddlers bob152 Khemri - 1190 - Ministero delle Finanze Bicius73 Vampire - 1110 Played Grimgi Wazzocks Nitroxide Dwarf - 870 0 - 2 Brazilian Top Models Frankolino Amazon - 950 Played Discworld Destroyers Sardaor ChaosDwarf - 1130 4 - 1 OGGES finest Cr_tiger Ogre - 900
  13. New format! Bet on the total number of recorded casualties caused (not suffered) in Division 6B during Match Day 4. FYI, the standings as of MD3: Tier 6 S7 - Division 6B fixtures # Team Coach Race TV GP W D L TD+ TD- TD+/- Cas+ Cas- Pts 1 Zandri Riddlers bob152 Khemri 1120 3 3 0 0 4 1 3 8 6 9 2 Disciples of Death King Kill Chaos 1140 3 2 1 0 6 1 5 3 1 7 3 Drachenfels Beasts Darken Necromantic 1180 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 8 3 7 4 Lost Accounts Valentin Vampire 1140 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 5 12 6 5 Grimgi Wazzocks Nitroxide Dwarf 870 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 3 8 4 6 Ministero delle Finanze Bicius73 Vampire 1110 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1 6 7 4 7 OGGES finest Cr_tiger Ogre 900 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 5 9 1 8 Big Cheeze Aemar Canderin Skaven 1070 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 4 10 1 9 Brazilian Top Models Frankolino Amazon 950 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 3 4 1 10 Discworld Destroyers Sardaor Chaos Dwarf 1130 3 0 1 2 1 5 -4 2 4 1 The rules: No coach from Division 6B may enter Select the total number of CAS+ that you think will be achieved by all Div 6B teams combined during MD4 Pay the cost associated with your selected number Entries close at the start of the Match Day Winner is coach who is closest to the actual total. In case of ties (i.e. two coaches are equidistant from the actual number) each wins half. All numbers can be selected once only Entry costs: 0-10: 1 coin 11-14: 2 coins 15-17: 3 coins 18-21: 2 coins 22+: 1 coin I am entering, but will wait 24 hours before selecting my number.
  14. Snaked a dodge was a niggle. I was tempted to keep that but the player just lvld. Apod to bh..
  15. The Witchwood

    I got a golden Nat Pagle, which I promptly dusted. Thinking of crafting Togglewaggle, as ridiculous as that sounds! Also pulled a regular Millhouse from my Tavern Brawl pack, but will be keeping him as there are only a handful of classic legendaries that I don’t yet have.
  16. That wasn't my intention. I just tried to think of a way to "measure" your margin of error on a bet. This whole ordeal should definitely stick to a "pool"-type thing.
  17. I had the exact same initial reaction. Even if I was comfortable with the odds, I have no plans to take many bets against my meagre coin collection. But keep bringing the ideas.
  18. I'm not a gambling man (not at all with real money, and hardly at all with fake money), but my math senses tingle when I see those examples above, both from Suido and from C2MC, and that tingling tells me that those betting schemes could be abused by someone with enough time on their hands to do the calculations. So be careful with how you define the payouts. I suppose in Suido's example, it's again just a sweepstakes, no bank involved. Winning bet takes all (and if multiple people bet the same bet, they split the pot, so you don't even have to have the restriction of the "unclaimed number"). Which means that even if there is a way to game the system, it's only going to bankrupt other players, not the bank. But C2MC's example sounds like it's a bet against a bank, and that can be much more problematic if the odds are skewed, if it's possible to game the system on either end.
  19. You could make a "Fantasy Sheet" to fill in at the start of a Season. The player then chooses what to bet on, how much to bet, etc. EDIT: For every coin you bet, you're allowed a margin of error. i.e. If I think I'll get 12 Casualties next Season, I can bet 1 coin. If I roll 11-13 Casualties, I win my bet.
  20. Right. Time to try something a little different. I'm don't want betting on individual games, as that can lead to breaking Rule 1. However, we could bet on groups of games - total TDs or casualties caused/suffered in a particular division in a particular match day, for example. Players in that division could be excluded from betting, if that was a concern. However, to make it equitable, it couldn't be a simple 1 coin entry. Using casualties as an example, it would require generating a simple distribution of likely results, and pricing them accordingly, something like this: 0-5 : 1 coin 6-10: 2 coins 11-15: 3 coins 16-20: 4 coins 21-25: 3 coins 26-29: 2 coins 30+: 1 coin Obviously, that distribution would need to take into account the races and skills in the division. The above example assumes an average of 3-4 casualties per match, and the curve can be adjusted appropriately. Any coach can enter by selecting an unclaimed number, pay the bet cost, and winner (closest could count?) takes all. Thoughts?
  21. Agreed. My current plan for Season 8 is to run a few full season sweepstakes. Not sure yet how I'd also include week by week competitions.
  22. ill get back to you on this one come monday morning
  23. I also failed to injure my own players this time. My Troll was preoccupied, getting hit and trampled by Zombies, so I didn't even get to throw Gobbos around.
  24. I feel this one is quite likely to yield nothing over just one MD. It's probably more suitable as a full season thing.
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