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Orca Cola Championship
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IMPORTANT: Extended Downtime After S14

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Changing Webhosts


We've had a bit too many issues with our current webhost and have decided to bite the bullet and switch to a new one. This will happen in the downtime between S14 and S15, which will be extended by 1 week for the purpose (exact dates will be posted in the usual seasonal timeline topic). If all goes well, the Orca Coins plugin will work again, among other things!




The End of Clubs


As a part of moving hosts, we will be working on a forum restructure to clean up the clutter around this place.


We will be disabling the clubs feature, as it didn't work out quite as hoped and split up the community too much. I will contact any active club owners to chat about the transition, but the intention is to make sure streamers get more visibility in the OrcaVision Broadcast Centre. Updates there will now be visible all over the forums!

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