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Orca Cola Championship

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AD Invitational are as some of you may know running a large team competition with several other large BB2 communities involved. OCC are one of the leagues we would love to involve in season 3, starting March 1. By design at AD Invitational, almost all members call another discord 'home' and we focus entirely on collaborations with other leagues to complement them rather than compete. 

The now ending season 2 involved 10 leagues of 6 coaches per team, including a ReBBL, ReBBrL, Twitch BBL, Sagelings, MAD, ICBBL, and BBLANZ team to name a few. Already confirmed new leagues in Chaos 3 include UKBBL and Gamin Dads BBL (2 teams). We are flexible with number of leagues and can run up to 16 easily.


Rules are included here, and @Meshuggah (UTC +1)#3337 (on discord) is always available for questions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P0gRG6HZR3O2DPlBVibtHPudvePjk3c7C9jYmIIeXsE/edit#






Got this question/information, so do we have 6 OCC coaches that wants to play?

I think the easiest is that those of you that are interested writes here and i can tell Meshuggah if we will be able to get a team or not.

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Two games per month? I can probably make time for that. Except for the month long holiday I'm planning for July. Will that be a problem?

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