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Orca Cola Championship
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[NO VOD] OCC T4B Game 9

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Season 9, Match Day 9: Loser, loser, Chicken Bruiser.




Game result page HERE!




Much like the vegetables in the Women with Attitude team-fridge, this report is long overdue. We face @jrpeart and his deceptively named Bat Losers once more and we are eager and willing. The ladies love a good rematch! Dame Juicy isn't with us for this one due to a near-death experience in the last game so for the first time in a long, long while we are down quite a bit of TV. Not only that, the Bat Losers got themselves a Magician's Shop... so we have the chance to hire Brick Far'th and Grotty to fill the void left by our absent Ogre.




The girls go first on this Very Sunny day, hoping to cause as much damage as possible. A very shallow kick by the Vampires could be trouble, but Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley is near and secures the pigskin on the first turn. The Losers are feeling frisky as well and pile in. For 3 turns the Ogres and Vampires exchange blows, with the gals coming out on top slightly around Turn 4. But there's been enough removals for Hypnotic Gaze to become a real problem, especially with Duke Maxwell the Vain (Block, Mighty Blow, +ST Vampire) running around. The Losers Fireball down 2 Gnoblars and Paris Killton, allowing them to easily reach Ellen and take her down.

Lennifer Jaw-Rends is there for the recovery but we're running out of turns and Gnoblars. Another Hypnotic Gaze later, we're forced to use our own Wizard to prevent Count Cyryl the Blood Dragon (Block, Dodge, Pro, Side Step Vampire) from running off with the ball.




There's a few more turns of brawling but we somehow manage to get our hands on the ball again by turn 8. Ellen attempts to toss Kindness forward for the score, but her throwing arm is tired from punching gits in the face and the poor Gnoblar ends up in the dirt on the same spot she picked him up to begin with.




The half ends, both Wizards used, 0-0.


With 99% of their KO'd players recovering after half-time, it's the Losers' time to strike. They move forward aggressively on both flanks. We figure the sun will stop them from making any ridiculous passes and don't spend too much time marking all the players. We are (of course) immediately punished on Turn 10, when Count Amdis von Drakenborg (Pass Vampire) easily makes a 5+ Pass to Count Konrad of Sylvania (Rookie Vampire) who catches the ball and double GFI's it in for the score.




Time to put Grotty in to play, I guess. The ladies push forward, Grotty safely tucked between a couple of Ogres, the ball in his greedy paws. There's a bit of a snag when one of the Vampires makes  a hole in our cage around Turn 13, but we quickly recover due to a Bloodlust-related send-off. It turns out that jrpeart mistakenly took one of our downed Gnoblars for a Thrall and tried to have his Vampire bite him, to no avail. Gnoblars are disgusting.


Pigskin in tow, Grotty sprints forward, a wall of Ogres and Gnoblars separating what remains of the Bat Losers from his tender flesh. And then shenanigans happen... . Count Cyryl makes a whole bunch of Dodges, GFI's and a successful Pro-reroll on his Block and manages to take down our ball-carrier. Not only that, the ball falls out of bounds and gets thrown back to our side of the pitch.






Nuffle damnit... .

We attempt to make some sort of Ogre-Passing play on our last turn, but even with Lennifer and Ellen working in tandem, it's of no use. The Pass is fine, but Ellen misses her GFI (which we re-roll) and then she fails a 2+ Dodge.




The game ends 1-0 for the Bat losers.




Good game to Mister Peart, shenanigans or not. It's a shame we couldn't cause any more permanent injuries because all those KO's getting back up for the second half was brutal.


Please look forward to our Season 9 Player Evaluation coming soon!

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