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Colour Red gone on Laptop..ONLY when playing BB2.

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was playing a game v the AI on my new laptop - my wife bought it for me last month :cool:.

Inspire 3 AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
AMD Radeon Vega Mobile Graphics


The screen lost all red colour.

ALT TAB made it come back with a small screen window but unable to do anything.
Increasing and decreasing volume makes the screen colour normal.

But back in game, NOTHING Red.

Tried Settings and accidentally crashed/exited the game somehow.

Have relaunched and NO red colour...and only happening in BB2....weird.
Any solutions?

Thanks .

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If the issue is really related ONLY to the game then a proper reinstall might be in order. Check if all drivers etc. are up to date afterwards. But I'd start there.

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Windows 10 update is often the culprit, like the others have said, double check the drivers etc and reinstall if required. 


Maybe the colour depth parameter or something has been changed by the update? Check the config file for BB2 perhaps?


Mine is set to <depth 32> [in resolution in config file] and I have a radeon integrated laptop too.

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