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New Coach asking

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this is my first post as I just registered here. I'm a new player of BB2 (atm playing in CCL for getting a feeling for this nice game) and searching for a more structured place to play the game. I searched the other topics (rules, etc.) and now I've got some questions. Maybe someone can help me out? :)


1) As a real starting player, can I still join the OCC (or is there another format where I should sign up?)

2) For the match scheduling, is it possible to play the game on any day/time during the matchweek (as long as the opponent agrees) or is it a fixed day like every wednesday?

3) Do the ppl/coaches/stuff mind if a game is played lets say 2 weeks earlier or later in case of holidays or is htis problematic?


I would really like to play in a nice and moderated format but I neither want to bore ppl (because of no experience) nor do I want to make the scheduling to complicated (for example, usually I can play most days during the week past 20:00 UTC but not that easy on weekends). So the best idea is to just ask beforehand I guess :D

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Hi @dieMaus




1. Almost all the coaches are relatively veteran but you are welcome to join- there's no requirement. You'll be up to speed in no time and plenty of coaches are willing to give help or advice if you want it. 


2. Our match week runs wednesday to tuesday. We do public scheduling in your assigned tier's thread for the match week. Each match is arranged individually by the two coaches. 


3. We do not do extensions, so you are expected to play within the 7 day game week. You are also expected to be available for generally acceptable european time zones. 


We just started a season, so you could wait until next season (9 weeks) and sign up then or join our reserve list now and jump in as soon as a spot is open. 


While you wait, why not play our OCC Brawl league? It's public open league for OCC or affiliated coaches. We schedule on our Discord channel (if you can get a match- not always jumping with activity). That would be great place to get some games in vs. competitive coaches who would be willing to help you out if you want. 


Good luck! 

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Welcome to the league dieMaus. It's always nice to have a fellow ratkin around.


I see bob already answered most of your questions. But I'd just like to say that everyone is welcome here regardless of experience. We were all new once and most of us are just happy to have a new member of the BB community.


And starting out in the lower tiers you'll run into people of all different experience levels playing various races so it's a good place to learn. 

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I was going to add that the admins roll the matchday on Tuesday/Wednesday so you can not play games early/late but then I realized I have no idea how the BB2 client works.  


By saying that "plenty of coaches are willing to give help or advice if you want it" he means that they are willing to give you a good a thorough beating, but as long as you finish all of your games, no one would dare complain.


Playing against teams that have the same number of matches as your team while building your team for the competition you know you will face is much more satisfying than a random game.  And people that play your race will flock together (or scurry like dirty little plague rats) to help you and give you advice in your section.

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