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Orca Cola Championship
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Introducing Orca Coins!

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You may have noticed there was no prize pool announcement this season. That's because we're going to giving coaches who rank high in the OCC something MUCH BETTER.


In accordance with the times, we've created our own make-believe currency: Orca Coins



Orca Coins are created from only the finest bits of rock, mined by diligent orcs called bit miners.




"But you used to reward us with games!" I hear you cry. You can still cash out games from the prize pool, you just have to make enough Orca Coins first! May the best coach win!


Ranking coaches in Season 6 have been given their coins according to this list:



1st - 200 Orca Coins

2nd - 100 Orca Coins

3rd - 50 Orca Coins


Tier 1

1st - 60 Orca Coins

2nd - 40 Orca Coins

3rd - 20 Orca Coins


Tier 2 & 3

1st - 20 Orca Coins

2nd - 10 Orca Coins


Tier 4 & 5

1st - 10 Orca Coins


You can find your Orca Coin status in your economy dashboard.


And you can learn how to spend your Orca Coins in our Help Section. If you have questions or comments, check out this topic.




Please consider supporting the OCC Prize Pool by DONATING SPARE GAMES.

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A few updates:


All Orca Coin values have been (or will be) multiplied by 10. (I'll update balances tonight, so don't fret if you suddenly feel poor).


All members with 25 or more forum rep are eligible for a one-time handout of 10 Orca Coins. (Claim it here).


Winners in the Orca Cola Brawl are now awarded a small coin prize.



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I think 2nd and 3rd in the Championship still need updating in the original post.

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