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Orca Cola Championship
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The OCC Needs YOU

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Would you like to experience PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER*?




Then apply NOW to become a redsuit!


You'll be helping out admin a tier. Highlights include:


  • Turning the MD
  • Posting MD threads
  • Dealing with delinquent coaches
  • Itty bitty living space
  • Obeying the fickle whims of the greensuits
  • The possibility of admin awards


Please note that the creative part of MD threads is separate from the redsuit admin tasks. If you want to participate creatively, apply to the Fluff Team. (You can do both!)


Contact @Rymdkejsaren now and we'll fit you with a nice red suit and matching manacles.


CUFFLINKS! I mean cufflinks!


*Yeah okay so it won't be phenomenal. Or cosmic. But you'll have power**.

**Though if you abuse it we'll nail your butt to your face***.

***Yeah, that's possible. Do you want to find out how? Probably not. But apply for the job. It looks great on your CV****.

****Okay, no it doesn't.

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You get to work alongside your favourite Red and Green Suits! You know, the ones that you have on posters on your walls? :D

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