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Orca Cola Championship
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james cook

LFBB Ligue Française de Blood Bowl

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I've played in that league.


I have to say, it's an excellent league: the players are good/ friendly and it's very well-run.


Just a shame I joined by accident (sort of - I joined the top 10 or so leagues and just spun with each team to get a game that wasn't open *before CCL*)  - my French is 'merde' so I left before embarrassing myself further!


This said, some of the best games I've played have been there; they are supportive and generally pretty cool.

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hey Snot, 


I'm not in the OCC this season - I had a hissy-fit after rolling more skulls than anything (even pushes) in my final match of last season...


To be fair, a good win would've won me the league; Pidpad's Bretonninans rightfully, and skilfully, won it though!


But I'll be back soon!!



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