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Orca Cola Championship
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Admin Recruits Wanted

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The redsuits are the bravest, most selfless bunch in the OCC. They keep this place running, and without them there would be no league. They are celebrated worldwide and hoisted by raving fans at the end of each season. They are showered with fame, glory, and gold. They are loved by all they meet*.


And you could be one of them.


Join the OCC redsuits now. Apply by sending your resumé to @Rymdkejsaren. Include vital information like:


  • Previous admin experience (not required, but a plus)
  • Experience with goblin wrangling (not required, but a plus)
  • A Sonnet about your love for the OCC (not required, but a plus)
  • Ankle size (so the chains fit)
  • Most of all, a positive attitude and a willingness to step up and help!


Please note that while you can also join the proud creative team (the fluffers!) as a redsuit, it is not a required part of the job.

*Individual experiences may vary. The OCC accepts no responsibility for anything we just said. If a redsuit tells you they are not universally celebrated for their work at the OCC, it's fake news.

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