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Orca Cola Championship
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New Awards!

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It's time for the OCC to start running competitions and handing out trophies again!


Below are descriptions the first batch of awards (there will be more), which are focused on community engagement. These have been redesigned from the ground up because unfortunately, the old awards are lost to history.




The graphic designs are not ready and the details are not set in stone, but once everything is done a new award page will open up in the top bar where you can browse all the available trophies!



Fancy Fluff

Anyone can play Blood Bowl. You just punch people, pass the ball, and avoid ones and skulls. Easy peasy! But some people take their game one step further and contribute with content like creative match reports, stories about their teams, imaginary newscasts, and anything else they can think up! At the OCC, we call this type of creative content fluff, because it's something we love to see even though it's not necessary!

Fancy Fluff is awarded to coaches who contribute to the OCC creatively.

(Only content with an award tag and posted in the Team Blogs forum or your division forum will be considered.)

Exceptional Fluff

When Fancy just isn't enough.

Exceptional Fluff is awarded to coaches who create truly amazing fluff.

(Only content with an award tag and posted in the Team Blogs forum or your division forum will be considered.)

OCC Press Pass

There are many coaches who take a technical interest in the game, and some coaches like to write up match reports, performance reports, or predictions that break down the tactics of Blood Bowl and can help others improve their game.
The OCC Press Pass is awarded for engaging and informative technical reporting.

(Only content with an award tag and posted in the Team Blogs forum or your division forum will be considered.)

The Boot

When you can't win, you can at least introduce your opponent's face to your mud cleats. It's all fair game (until the referee spots you). So if the season isn't going well, at least you can chase the boot. And now you know why your opponent insists on that T16 foul.

"Aw, c'mon ref!"

The Boot is awarded to winners of the Dirty Git competition.


Who has time to win when they are collecting heads?

Wanted! is awarded to the winner of the Bounty Hunter competition.

OCC Sponsor

OCC Sponsor is awarded to those who donate to the OCC, be it money for our running costs or games for our prize pool.


Your game may not be the best, but at least everyone will remember how annoying you were.

Loudmouth is awarded to those who can bring their best in the Smack Talk thread (and nowhere else).

Admin Fluff

This is a people's choice award for most creative MD thread.

All coaches can vote for MD threads by upvoting the original post in the People's Choice Award forum (a link will be provided in the MD thread).

The Whip

The Whip is awarded to redsuits who do their job without complaining and don't try to escape the dungeon.

The Barbed Whip

The Barbed Whip is awarded to exceptionally dedicated redsuits.


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We're still ironing out the details of these so I can't guarantee they will be exactly as presented, but here's a summary of the rest of the awards that will be available this season. So now you know what you can chase!




Division Winner & Division Runner-up
These will have some sort of visual representation of the tier they were won in. 

Most Touchdowns, Most Casualties Caused, Most Casualties Sustained
The intention for these is to have a 1st and 2nd place award that is league-wide, and a first place that is per tier (champs and T1 are combined).



There may be more stat-based awards in the future, but these are it for the first batch!

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