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Clubs? Clubs. CLUBS!

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You may have noticed that there is a new tab next to the leaderboards called Clubs.




The feature gives forum members the ability to create their own sub-communities to the OCC, complete with their own forums and moderation rights, all with the click of a button! This takes a bit of burden away from admin shoulders and removes clutter in the forum feed from particularly active sub-communities (looking at you, Hearthstone thread).


So if you have an interest and want a place to organise it within the OCC, there is now an easy option. Want to manage a gambling den? Start a club. Want to revive the OCC Gazette? Start a club. Want to do a secret Santa exchange? Start a club. Interested in etymology? Start a club!  Wooo, clubs!




Below is a list of current clubs.



TheSpydyr's OCC Game Videos

AndyDavo & Zunk on Twitch

the Sage OCC content



Online Mordheim

Hearthstone Club

NFL Fantasy

Premier League Fantasy



The Marienburg Library (fanfiction!)


Woo, clubs!


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