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Orca Cola Championship

The OCC Legendary Invitational Qualifier

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Greetings OCC Coaches!


To properly celebrate the arrival of BB2 Legendary Edition, Cerumol is organizing an invitational tournament, the Legendary Invitational. This tournament will be using the new resurrection tournament rules coming with BB2 LE. For more information on this, as well as the Legendary Invitational in general, have a look at the rules at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCa3hNY1p1df0cP3EKcRF0-HhVcLHfQQs6g3QK1g8_Y/ (note that the rules might be changed slightly still, to accomodate the fact that star players cannot be rostered in BB2 LE).


The Orca Cola Championship has been invited to send 2 sets of 4 coaches to the Legendary Invitational. In order to find the 8 worthy candidates, we have decided to hold a competition, the Orca Cola Championship Legandary Invitational Qualifier (OCC LI Qualifier for short). The competition will be an open ladder, and the 8 coaches to qualify will be those with the highest ranking cumulative score across all the teams that they played in the ladder. This means that coaches can play multiple teams, but all of their results will count towards the final standing. We will be posting weekly standings (because the standings within the BB2 client will only reflect the standings of individual teams). Note also that there will be no minimum requirement of matches played.


So, let's lay down the basic rules first:


Game: BB2 (note: not Legendary Edition, as this qualifier is taking place before Legandary Edition is released)
League name: OCC LI Qualifier
League settings: New teams only, no ageing, no market, stadium enhancements allowed, 3 minute turns


You might have some questions at this moment, and we have thought of some answers in advance, so have a look at the following FAQ.


Who can participate?


Any coach who is currently playing in an OCC league (OCC1 or OCC2), or who has in the past played in an OCC league and has not been banned. Note that coaches who have applied to either OCC1 or OCC2, and who are currently on the reserves list because there wasn't enough room, are also eligible.


How do I get into the competition?


You need to create a new team, apply to the league in game, and then post in this thread and wait for an admin to accept your team.


Can I play in the competition with multiple teams?


Yes. You can of course only qualify once (your highest ranking team will be considered). Additionally, we will punish any attempt to abuse the fact that you can have multiple teams in the competition. On the other hand, we want to give coaches who got very unlucky with their first team the opportunity to attempt again with another team.


How are the matches arranged for this competition?


You will be using the random matchmaking of BB2 to arrange matches. We encourage everyone to use our Discord channel established for this purpose to let other coaches know that you are "spinning". You can also post in this thread to let others know that you will be "spinning" at a specific time.


How long will the competition run?


We expect the competition to run approximately 10 weeks. There is no fixed end date yet, because this depends on when exactly BB2 LE will be published.


One final word: The OCC LI Qualifier is an OCC league. This means that all of the OCC's rules apply, including our Code of Conduct and the fact that concessions are not allowed - if you start a match, you finish it.


Alright, I bet you're all excited now, so head over and apply. If you have any questions, post them here.

Good luck, may Nuffle's gaze avoid you as much as possible!

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Original post updated to reflect two changes we decided upon:


1) Coaches will be ranked based on the cumulative score of all their teams in the ladder combined.

2) There is no minimum number of matches played.

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