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Orca Cola Championship
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RPS Season 10

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We've just finished Season 9 so this thread is for interest in Season 8 and reserves.

Season 10 is due to start mid Feb

We use the world famous Rock Paper Shotgun site as our base and use the forum to organise games, so please follow the link to sign up to our league using this new fangled Google forms which can be found here:-


Or via the RPS website


Please join our new Steam Group in addition to posting here.


Please register using only the google form - no registration and you will not be seeded.

Please also make sure you are checking for announcements in client or on the Steam group around the 10th Feb for your division ticket.

League Structure

Tier 1 Divisions A & B 
Tier 2 Divisions A & B 
Tier 3 Divisions A & B 
Tier 4 Divisions A & B
Tier 5 Divisions A & B

We play in a round-robin format where the winner of each division is promoted, and last place is relegated.

This is the best format for Bloodbowl - a long term persistent league!

Commitment and Playing time

The league will be approx 1 month long 
Each Matchday will be 10 days long.
We're a euro based league open worldwide, so expect to play games at typical Euro times (e.g. 1900 - 0000 GMT)

New teams must be new - e.g. no games played anywhere else.

Full rules https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/forums/showthread.php?26489-DoD-Bloodbowl-2-Rules-Please-read!

Please ask any questions here - tickets will only be sent to registered teams once I have seeded the divisions. 

Important announcements will be made on the RPS group page, hence why it is essential to join.


Q. Are their race limits?
A. No

Q. Turn time length?
A. 4 mins (not all turns last that long obvs)

Q. Do you allow T16 Fouls/surfs/stalling?
A. Yes, anything in the rules goes

Q. How about ageing and stadium enhancements?
A. Yes, we want to see how these work, long term.

Q. How many coaches play in the league?
A. About 50.

Q. What's the playing standard?
A. We have some experienced coaches who started playing when Jesus was a boy, along with brand new coaches who started with BB2. All are welcome! Due to the league structure it's very likely that new coaches will be grouped together.

Q. Are you a chatty bunch?
A. We can be - some of us stream games and we have a Discord server for VOIP. Coaches are friendly and can give you tips to improve your game - if you want.

Q. How many teams in a div?
A. 4

Q. Do you win an actual cup for winning the league?
A. Yes!

Q. Does it have any monetary value?
A. No.

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