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Q: What is the OCC Prize Pool?


A: It is a donation-based system of Steam games you can win if you do well in our leagues.


Prizes will be announced after seeding is completed. Championship winner and runner-up will always receive prizes. But lower tiers may also receive prizes for divisional winners and even runner-ups, depending on the number of participants and the current size of the pool. The intention is to reward roughly 5% of coaches each season.


The prize pool has three levels, and you cannot pick from above the level of your prize (Top/Middle/Bottom). But you are always allowed to pick from levels below it.


Games are placed in pools based mainly on Steam pricing. (Roughly: Bottom €5-10, Middle €11-20, Top €21+). If you want to DONATE GAMES TO THE POOL (PLEASE DO), instructions are below.


These are steam gifts/codes unless marked otherwise.


Top pool

Borderlands 2 GOTY

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Arma 2: Complete Edition

Focus Selection Pack*

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Space Hulk: Ascension

Crusader Kings II


Middle pool

Back to the Future: the Game

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Tropico 5

The Wolf Among Us

Dragon Age: Origins


Mercenary Kings

BattleBlock Theater

Torchlight II

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition

ToyBox Turbos


Ryse: Son of Rome

Steamworld Heist


Project Highrise


System Shock 2 (gog.com gift code)

Space Run Galaxy


Black Mesa

Civilization IV

Offworld Trading Company

The Walking Dead: Season 1

Puzzle Agent 2


Bottom pool

Awesomenauts x2

Poker Night at the Inventory

God Mode





Forced: Slightly Better Edition

Nuclear Dawn



Punch Club


Puzzle Agent


List of donators (T/M/B)

@Rymdkejsaren (3/17/5) - @Ramtut_III (2/4/2) - @dode74 (0/2/8) - @FedtStensDyr (0/2/2) - @straume (1/0/0) @Jester77 (1/0/0) - @The Baron (1/0/0) - @Borke (1/0/0) - @Galenth (0/1/1) - @Arwens Arrows (0/1/1) - @Squirrel (0/0/2) - @Zgagor (0/1/0) - @Sataric (0/1/0) @bjj hero (0/1/0) - @Pidpad (0/1/0) -  @nithon (0/1/0) - @Fantus (0/1/0) - @Patros (0/0/1) - @Dreamy (0/0/1) - @afrostb (0/0/1) - @Borke (0/0/1) - @Bantha (0/0/1) - @Kazman29 (0/0/1)


*For contents of the Focus Selection Pack, see spoiler below.

  • Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
  • Bound By Flame
  • Cities XXL
  • Contrast
  • Etherium
  • Faery - Legends of Avalon
  • Farming Simulator 2013
  • Farming Simulator 2013 - Classics (DLC)
  • Farming Simulator 2013 Official Expansion (DLC)
  • Final Exam
  • Game of Thrones
  • Mars: War Logs
  • Of Orcs And Men
  • Pix the Cat
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2015
  • RAW - Realms of Ancient War
  • Runaway: A Road Adventure
  • Runaway: A Twist of Fate
  • Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle
  • Space Run
  • Styx: Master of Shadows
  • Yesterday


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Instructions for donating
Pro tip: Check out your Humble Bundle account library. Click "Keys" and tick "Hide redeemed keys". You may find out you have more spare games than you thought!
In order to ensure that the prize pool is manageable and that games actually will get picked, I appreciate if donations meet up to most or all of these criteria:
  • The game is a Steam gift or a Humble Bundle gift redeemable on Steam (and not a serial/key)*, or a gog.com gift code.
  • The game needs to have a positive rating on Steam.
  • The game needs to have an (original) price of at least €5 or more.


You must be fine with sending Rymdkejsaren the gift/serial to hold until it is claimed (if the pool ever closes, remaining games will be returned to their donators - assuming they can be reached on these forums).


If enough of these criteria are not met, or if the pool already contains multiple copies of the game you want to donate, I may decide to respectfully decline your donation.


Please contact @Rymdkejsaren to donate!

* Serials/keys will be accepted from trusted members of the community.

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Posted (edited)

OCC1 Prize Pool History


Season 35



1st place  - @PaloLV - Warhammer Quest

2nd place - @Galenth - Joe Denver's Lone Wolf HD Remastered


Tier 1

1st place  - @jounisii - Limbo


Season 36



1st place  - @smoked_g60 - Carmageddon Max Pack

2nd place - @Tys - Dead in Bermuda

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OCC2 Prize Pool History


Season 1



1st place - @twitch.tv/the_Sage_BB - Darkest Dungeon

2nd place -  @Jeliel - A Tale of Two Brothers

3rd place - @Sataric - Talisman: Deluxe Edition


Tier 1

1st place -  @nithon - Invisible Inc.

1st place -   @Antonlunau - Broken Sword 5

2nd place -  @afrostb - PASS (counts as donation)

2nd place - @Borke - PASS (counts as donation)


Tier 2

1st place - @Mongloom - Risen

1st place - @Bantha - PASS (counts as donation)

1st place - @Khuno Tridentis - Hammerwatch


Season 2



1st place - @Drasko - Civilization V

2nd place - @nithon - PASS (counts as donation)

3rd place - @Chora-Cra - Reverse Crawl


Division 1A

1st place - @Francach - The Walking Dead: Season 1

2nd place - @Arwens Arrows - PASS (counts as donation)


Division 1B

1st place - @Fantus - PASS (counts as donation)

2nd place - @Kazman29 - PASS (counts as donation)

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