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Found 6 results

  1. If you haven't yet watched my OCC WCQ wood elf mirror vs @brocCooLi, you should! (playoff round 2): Also, if you want to watch these woodies' other exploits, they can be found in this playlist:
  2. Match 1 of the new season against a Chaos team and a coach that I have never played and no nothing about. Come and see how it turns out!
  3. There wasn't a video for week 1 of the new season, as that match was adminned. Here is the video for week 2 for the new season. I was promoted to Tier 2C for this new season and ready for a new run at another promotion hopefully. This one pits my Lizards against Da Coaches High Elves. A fun and well played match by both coaches. Although I think I was out-played by a touch, as I had 2 terrible blitz mistakes twice in the 1st half. Still it was a great match and my opponent positioned very well and played the high elves extremely well. (sorry for the voice sounding faint...I realized afterwards that my headset mic wasn't working and it was my webcam mic...that's why I thought I was muted when I coughed each time...and I wasn't...hahaha)
  4. Season 1 MD1. My Lizards vs TheBaron's Humans.
  5. Hi all, All the past games from my OCC wood elf team 'Mourning Wood' are available in this youtube playlist: I'll post here whenever a new video goes online as well.
  6. OCC2 Seeder Round 2 MD7: Lizards v all Zombie Undead roster.
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