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Found 48 results

  1. It's been a surprisingly rough Season when you look at the numbers... and that's weird because it definitely didn't feel that way while we were playing. No Admin losses, a couple of Draws and even a Win! We even got another Ogre-to-Ogre Pass! Perhaps a look at our players as individuals can shed some more light on how Season 9 went? *Booo~p* Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 280K Level 6 119/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle, +AG. 6 MVP 53 Matches 1 Pass 1 Catch 5 Touchdowns 42 Casualties Inflicted 391 Blocks 4 Kills 1 Crowdsurfs 4 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Ellen, my rock, my hard place. With only 11SPP gained this Season, you can't really say that it's been a great run. But even without hurting as many people as she usually does, Ellen provided great utility throughout all of the games. Block kept her on her feet, Tackle dealt with the dodgy fellas and the extra boost to Agility came in handy several times. Now that Lennifer has taken over as Ogre Ball-Carrier, Ellen is once again free to roam the pitch as she pleases and it's a big improvement for the team, in general. Over 60 Blocks and only 3 Casualties inflicted, but I'm confident that the high number of Blocks will pay off once Nuffle grants us a bit more luck on the injury rolls. It's very noticeable that Ellen has to do a lot less heavy lifting now that we have quite a few developed gals running around but still, none of them come close to Ellen's reliability. Keep on truckin', Ellen, you ARE a future Legend! Bichelle Omaha Value: 230K Level 5 63/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +MV, Break Tackle, Juggernaut. 2 MVP 46 Matches 1 Touchdown 25 Casualties Inflicted 262 Blocks 6 Kills 6 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Piling On, over 60 Blocks, 1 Kill, 6 Casualties, 9 KO's and probably a lot of Stuns. I've been giving Bichelle a lot of priority when it comes to Blitzing, mainly because Juggernaut allows her to ram in to Block/Wrestle guys without being stuck on them afterwards and because Piling On does do a lot of damage. But much like Ellen, actual SPP-earning removals were rare this Season. And pretty much all of Bichelle's SPP comes from Casualties/Kills... so, yeah. I'm really looking forward for the doubles on her next level-up, though, so I can make her a Frenzy-Ogre. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 220K Level 5 57/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On, Juggernaut, Stand Firm. Injuries Sustained: -1 MA. 3 MVP 48 Matches 21 Casualties Inflicted 241 Blocks 1 Kill 1 Crowdsurf 7 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Oh, Dame Juicy, when will you learn? Season 9 saw the Sustained Casualties go from 4 to 7 and as far as I recall, Dame Juicy is the only Ogre who missed a game due to an injury. One Kill, one Crowdsurf and 2 Casualties inflicted net her 6SPP for the Season... that's pretty much half of what Ellen and Bichelle earned... . Again, I haven't found great use in Stand Firm but I'm 100% sure that it's simply because our girls tend to be spread out too much for it to work properly. Yes, Dame Juicy can hang around and hold up a few guys, but it's taking a toll on her health and I'm not sure about how much more punishment she can take. We'll see what Season 10 brings, but I really need Dame Juicy to pull up her socks and kick it in to gear, because her younger counterpart hasn't just caught up to her, she's surpassed her on almost every level. Amy Shawarma Value: 210K Level 4 48/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 3 MVP 37 Matches 1 Catch 5 Touchdowns 9 Casualties Inflicted 198 Blocks 3 Kills 2 Crowdsurfs 6 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Look who's still alive and kicking? Again, Amy has proven she's worth her pay as she continues to be another reliable Blocker and support-trooper. Multiple enemy Blitzers took shots at her because of her -AV but she only sustained 1 Casualty throughout the entire Season. Much like her sisters, it's been a bit of a slow-roll when it comes to earning SPP, but Amy's only 3 points away from another precious level-up. Perhaps another Tackle-Ogre is just on the horizon? Paris Killton Value: 210K Level 4 35/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, +MV. 0 MVP 53 Matches 3 Touchdowns 13 Casualties Inflicted 208 Blocks 3 Crowdsurfs 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Back to the usual routine for Paris; unreliable Blocks and very little SPP to speak of. I feel like it's become some sort of achievement, Paris has been with us since the very beginning and she is so far behind all of the others. It's a good thing she got a little faster on the last level-up because that did come in handy a few times. As always, I don't have that much to say here, Paris gets in, provides Guard and that's pretty much it. I feel like my encouraging words haven't really had any impact so I won't even bother this time around... . Lennifer Jaw-Rends Value: 200K Level 3 22/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, +AG. 2 MVP 12 Matches 2 Casualties Inflicted 28 Blocks 1 Crowdsurf 1 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Well, someone really didn't want to be on the Line of Scrimmage anymore, so she decided to become our Number One Ball-Carrier! Getting a secondary +AG Ogre on the roster definitely feels amazing and because it came so early in her career, Lennifer is on the way to become the fabled Passing-Ogre that Yarrick's always fantasising about. Again, few SPP's were earned during the Season, but considering that Lennifer spent most of her time running around with the Ball, I'd say that's not too bad for her. A Pass, a touchdown and 3 Casualties inflicted... not too shabby. I have high hopes for you, Lennifer! Sure Hands, Pass and Strong Arm are in your future! Team Overview We definitely lost quite a few of our valuable Gnoblars this Season. Kandarian Bootfook and Savage Compliment are no more, depriving us of the secondary +AG Gnoblar and our Dirty Player. On the plus-side, Kindness is still hanging around even though he's lacking even more armour than the average Gnoblar. We still have a Kicker and White Dragon remains our ace-in-the-hole. Overall, we have multiple Ogres close to levelling-up, same goes for a few of our more experienced Gnoblars. And who knows, with only 1 high-AV team in our Division for Season 10, we might have a glorious time ahead of us! ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE!
  7. Rescheduled because I suck at planning things. Tuesday 04/12/2018 - 20h00 UTC WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs TYRIA'S REJECTS TWITCH YOUTUBE
  11. Season 9 Overview What a very interesting Division we find ourselves in this Season. Once more, finishing at the bottom of the Leaderboards had very little effect on our overall standings as a team and we get to stick around in Tier 4, which is obviously the best tier. Let's get in to the nitty-gritty, shall we? jrpeart - Bat Losers - Vampire First up is good, old @jrpeart and his Bat Losers. Last time we faced off the ladies lost 1-2 against an underdeveloped and understaffed Vampire team. This time around, Mr.Peart got back up to 1930TV and actually has quite a few developed players going for him. The only advantage we have compared to last time is that we won't be handing out 600k worth of inducements since both of our squads are bloaty as all hell. I'm looking forward to this one for obvious, vengeful reasons. We will punch him. C2MC - Women with Attitude - Ogre It's me and my gals! You know what we're about. Punching dudes and not washing our hands after using the bathroom! Motb - Coon and Friends - Chaos @Motb's got himself a nice South Park-themed squad here. Only two Seasons in, so there's not that much Chaos-shenanigans going on just yet... lucky us. We do have a Claw + Tentacles Minotaur to deal with, the two skills we hate most since Claw deals with Ogres while tentacles makes Gnoblars useless. The Coon does have a Niggling Injury, which we intend to make worse every chance we get. Much punching. Asiemoagelis - Hamse puiten - Lizardman It was only a matter of time before the Belgians were pitted against each other. @Asiemoagelis has a very long name, but a surprisingly small team. I can only assume that his last few matches got a little down and dirty. The AG4 Skink, Perrier, has to die ASAP. So if any of the other coaches would like to take care of that for me, that'd be great. Otherwise, we'll punch him. Bbart - Zaraguz Uprisers - Elven Union @BBart's team motto is "Do not make a brawl guys". Yeah, we are going to have to make a brawl. The Zaraguz Uprisers come only a few developed players, but they're pretty good. Especially Savo Milosevic, +MA, Block, Dodge, Sprint, Sure feet. We know what he does. Let's hope he's the first to get brawled on. Players like that make me want to keep my Diving Tackle Gnoblars around even though I should probably fire them for being bloaty. These Elves, we'll punch. Darken - Drachenfels Beasts - Necromantic Goodie, more guys with Claw! Hold up, @Darken is missing a Wolf. that's nice,... for us. Again, a rather small team, especially for Necromantic but the players are starting to evelop nicely. both Wights have Guard and the Golems got their Block on, same goes for the Ghouls. The one Wolf remaining did get his paws on Mighty Blow, so he's threat Numéro Uno. Since the baseline is set but not yet overdeveloped, I think our chances increase the earlier we play the Drachenfels Beasts. We gonna punch 'em. Forsete - Flamboyant Swashbucklers - Elven Union Nuffle, damn it, more Elves. Since we usually lose 5-0 to any Elf-team, I'm not happy about @Forsete bringing in some more. However, both teams are the least annoying of the 4 choices available, so there's that. These guys come with 2 surprisingly developed Throwers and a Catcher with Strip Ball, which is a nightmare for a team with no normal access to "General" skills. Oh well, maybe a few of 'em will die before our match and we'll be fine and dandy. These Elves, also, we shall punch. Burner - Duskfell Wardens - Lizardman More Lizards. What is this Division, a terrarium? @Burner got sent up to T4 after only one Season which means he's either really, really good or that he got very unlucky. Most of the Saurii have Block and most of the Skinks have Side Step, but this team is still young so there's not that much more to say about them. Except for the fact that they will be punched. FalconMerc - Tyria's Rejects - Chaos Dwarf Fark... @FalconMerc's already got a Claw-guy. Chaos dwarfs are tough for any team since they're just so versatile while having very little added on top of their TV. That means we will be facing a nice and well-rounded team with access to 600k Inducement money. Unless they bleed to death in the locker room, this probably won't end well for us. Still, we'll try to punch them. Sampittu - Birra del Borgo - Dwarf @Sampittu is the first Dwarf coach we face in 6 Seasons! I've always been a "covert" fan of Dwarfs, since they're essentially tiny, S3 ogres. Except for this guy, because he's got 2 S4 Runner son his team. I guess it won't make THAT much of a difference for us but as soon as Birra del Borgo gets themselves some more Guard-pieces, those Runners are going to be safe from an Ogre cage-dive no problem. On the flip-side, Dwarfs are the only team we can theoretically outrun. But we'll probably just punch 'em.
  12. Season 8 marks the first time I've had to give Admin Wins to any opponent, mainly due to illness. However, the games our girls did play were usually pretty great. Hard-fought, relatively close and with maybe one exception, I think we did pretty well. Since most of the ladies are pretty levelled-up it's hard to point out too many new developments, but we definitely have some good ones in there. All-in-all, I'd consider Season 8 a success, especially when compared to the previous few. But how did our lasses perform as individuals? TIME FOR WORDS! Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 280K Level 6 119/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle, +AG. 5 MVP 44 Matches 1 Pass 5 Touchdowns 39 Casualties Inflicted 327 Blocks 4 Kills 1 Crowdsurf 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: So my pixel-hugging ways have come back to bite me in the ass a little... . Ellen mainly served as a Safety and Ball-Carrier during the Season, meaning she spent a lot of time in the back-field.Not only that, now that the other gals are stepping up, she just flat-out doesn't have to carry the whole game on her own anymore. I'm often scared to send her in to the thick of things since she's so valuable but every time she bullies her way towards the opposing Ball-Carrier I'm reminded of how amazing she is. Season 8 saw her perform multiple cage-dives and sacks and she even ended up getting away with an actual steal in to a touchdown a few times. Thanks, +AG roll! As per usual, I have nothing bad to say about her performance. Her skill-set simply makes her the most reliable Ogre we have by a long shot. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 220K Level 5 51/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On, Juggernaut, Stand Firm. Injuries Sustained: -1 MA. 3 MVP 40 Matches 18 Casualties Inflicted 197 Blocks 4 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Season 7 saw the rise of Dame Juicy as a surprisingly effective MV4 Blitzer and Season 8 still saw her make use of Juggernaut very often, but Bichelle simply outperformed her overall. Stand Firm had its moments and certainly helped keep her close to squishy guys. There's not that much to say, unfortunately. Over 40 Blocks with very little results, Dame Juicy simply couldn't get through anyone's armour this Season. Bichelle Omaha Value: 230K Level 5 51/76 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +MV, Break Tackle, Juggernaut. 2 MVP 37 Matches 1 Touchdown 19 Casualties Inflicted 199 Blocks 5 Kills 5 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Look who caught up to her counter-part this Season! 2 Kills, 7 Casualties and 2 Crowdsurfs in 7 games sounds pretty good so Bichelle has certainly done her job. The extra point of Movement still feels so great and now that she's also acquired Juggernaut, her Blitzes have only become more reliable. It's her job to run in to opposing idiots while the gals with Guard keep the chaff busy and she's getting better and better at it. Keep it up, Bichelle! Amy Shawarma Value: 210K Level 4 40/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 3 MVP 28 Matches 1 Catch 5 Touchdown 5 Casualties Inflicted 141 Blocks 2 Kills 2 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Amy's career was on the line last Season. Her -AV saw her rely on the Apothecary a lot more then I'd like, but during Season 8 she was surprisingly reliable and left unharmed. Essentially performing as a "mini-Ellen". "Ellen Light" if you will. Her Blocks are reliable, she provides good support with Guard and let's be honest, she is adorable. After a Season like this, Amy is definitely sticking around for as long as possible. Paris Killton Value: 210K Level 4 31/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, +MV. 0 MVP 44 Matches 3 Touchdowns 11 Casualties Inflicted 179 Blocks 3 Crowdsurfs 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Hold up! PARIS ACTUALLY GAINED SPP THIS SEASON! Not only that, the level-up got her a fancy-schmansy +MV too! She's still sitting at 0 MVPs, so the crowd is still not on her side, but she definitely became a lot more useful all of a sudden. As usual, she gained very little SPP but being MV6, Break Tackle and Guard allows her to be that valuable support-piece where necessary. Come on, Paris, I believe in you! Lennifer Jaw-Rends Value: 160K Level 2 14/16 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle. 2 MVP 12 Matches 2 Casualties Inflicted 28 Blocks 1 Crowdsurf 1 Casualty Sustained Coach's Notes: Still fairly new to the team, but progressing pretty quickly thanks to a couple of MVP awards. Lennifer already got her hands on that sweet, sweet Break tackle and she's only 2 SPP away from her next level-up. Since she's the newbie, she often finds herself on the Line of Scrimmage, getting pounded and fouled but she's been EXTREMELY resilient. Luck or skill, who knows? ... Probably luck. I suppose I'll consider it as an additional defensive skill, like Thick Skull. Hopefully she'll blossom in to another grand part of the Women with Attitude. Keep it up, Lennifer! Team Overview Are you seeing this? LOOK AT ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL GNOBLARS! This all happened in one single Season! Both Savage Compliment and White Dragon got a lot more Agile than they were before. Kandarian Bootfook is still our prime Dirty Player. And after our last game (read: admin loss), Cleveland Steamer got himself Kick! I considered Leader on him, so he could replace Kindness, but I can not get myself to fire that one since he's been with the team for so long, providing that wonderful extra re-roll (and he has Wrestle, come on!). Backhand II and Donkey Punch are on the verge at the moment. If our next Season doesn't involve a lot of Dodgy dudes, they'll probably get axed to reduce our juicy 2000TV+ a little bit. So... no permanent injuries, no dead Ogres... an actual win and a few close games. Season 8 was surprisingly good for us. Yay! ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE! Playlist with all Season 8 games can be found HERE!
  22. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Once again, the Women with Attitude dodged relegation, probably thanks to the coaches who decided to take a break during August. Our beloved Tier 4 is where we stay for another 9 weeks of gory glory, tossin' Gnoblars and maybe even winning a game! That's right, we aren't exactly on a losing streak (not a very big one, anyways) but we haven't won a game ever since we were mysteriously promoted to tier 4. Will the girls finally break the cycle or will incompetence reign supreme for yet another Season? Find out on the next episode of Ogreball Z! ----- @Endalos - Sons of Jotunn - Orc - 8/7/3 Endalos has a pretty solid Orc team going, with a few funky twists. 2 Goblins, I love that bit. A Black Orc with AV10... alright, sure. The best news for us is that 2 of the Black Orcs don't have Block and there's only 2 Blizers that have really developed. On the other hand, Ogres are absolutely terrible against Orcs unless I get a lot of breaks on the omnipresent AV9. I guess we did do pretty well against Sidley earlier in Season 7, ... maybe it won't be terrible. @Cereal Killar - My Ball Zach Urts - Chaos Dwarf - 8/6/4 After being able to dodge the Chaos Dwarf incursion for several Seasons, we are finally brought back to reality. Cereal Killar doesn't just come with great puns, he also bring the pain. Mighty Blow and Guard all over, +Strength pieces out the wazoo and a Minotaur with Block. This looks like an insta-loss, pretty much. Sure, we'll give it our best shot, but it's going to take some Grade-A incompetence from our opponent for us to win this one. @bloodcurse - Black hammers of Hashut - Chaos Dwarf - 8/5/10 The Black Hammers took a slightly more subtle approach than the previous C-Dorfs, they did go for Guard before Mighty Blow on literally everything. However, the end result is still the same. I'd say this one is slightly less deadly than his predecessor, but that doesn't make him harmless, far from it. Lots of bulky little men, running around, standing in the way... I'm not a fan. @hammersholt- USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!! - Halfling - 5/6/7 Speaking of little, annoying dudes... . Literally and figuratively a joke-team, replacing players at the same rate as the actual White House, I'm betting. Hammersholt managed to get his hands on 2 +Agility Halflings and a Jump-Up Treeman. Honestly, that's probably all he needs to win. The girls don't have a great history against Halflings. They killed our precious Queef Latina and we will never forgive their kind for that atrocity. ALL HALFLINGS MUST PAY THE BLOOD PRICE! @gaiasekker - Ataraxia's Black Crows - High Elf - 7/11/9 I don't think we've played this variant of the most delicious race in the Olde World yet. But in the end, it all plays out the same. If the ladies hit hard, we might manage a victory. If the Elves are too dodgy and their armour holds, we probably lose. Wait, what? Double Dauntless on the Blitzers? I CALL SHENANIGANS! It's almost like he was anticipating playing Ogres at some point... . @C2MC - Women with Attitude - Ogre - 6/7/23 The fluffiest and most adorable Ogre team in the League. We might not win games, but we'll win over your love and affection for sure! @Wrekd - Chaqua Suns - Lizardman - 7/0/2 A promotion straight out of Tier 6. Normally I'd take this opportunity to talk some smack about how new this team is, but these guys come with a Bloxigor called "Hulk", so I'm not messing around. The Skinks are rather underdeveloped, which plays in our favor. It looks like Wrekd has gotten a few Saurii wrekt during their first Season too... we might actually win this match-up. @BallztotheWalla - The DELFonics - Dark Elf - 6/2/1 I used to respect BallzToTheWalla, but then he switched to Dark Elves. Obviously, he's gone completely insane... either that or he's going for the late-game, High TV "Wizard Stadium" just to prove a point. An Agility 5 Witch and lots of guys with Dodge is probably all he needs to humiliate us. I mean, we lost to a team with 7 Loners last Season so I'm pretty low on confidence when it comes to playing against Dark Elves. I guess I'll punch them and see what happens. @Jakerbeef- It Smells Like Team Spirit - Nurgle - 5/1/3 Good news, this team is fresh. Bad news, it's Nurgle. Ogres are notoriously bad against Nurgle teams but there's hope on this one. Jakerbeef went Mighty Blow first on his Warriors, probably to speed up team development, but that means he lacks the best skill in the game: BLOCK. All I need is for him to roll a fazillion Both-Downs and this game will be easy as pie. Play them early and get lucky, that's the master-plan. @Bicius73- Ministero delle Finanze - Vampire - 4/3/2 The third and last team to get promoted straight out of T6. It seems like Vampires are all the rage these last few Seasons, as we've run in to 4 different teams so far. Usually we're able to put up a good fight and I think we have a fair shot against an underdeveloped team. However, Hypnotic Gaze is absolutely horrible to play against when you essentially only have 6 players on the field so anything can happen. Still, I enjoy this match-up, looking forward to it! --- --- --- Overall, a very deadly tier compared to the last one we were in. But maybe that's exactly what the girls need to awaken their own Killer Instinct once more. Will we forever roam the bottom of the League, eating whatever scraps the Red Suits throw our way? Who knows! As usual, reports after every game are to come and I hope you'll enjoy reading them. Wish us luck, Ogre-fans.
  23. After a fairly terrible Season 6, it was hard to see it go even worse for the Women with Attitude. We still haven't won a game (that's 18 draws/losses in a row for those of you counting) but I do feel like our "game" has gotten a bit better. We've gotten a few touchdowns under our gutplate, a lot more casualties inflicted than last Season and we've come close to that precious win a lot more often than we did during Season 6. But what about the players' individual performances? Well, let's see: Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley Value: 280K Level 6 100/176 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Tackle, +AG. 4 MVPs 35 Matches 1 Pass 3 Touchdowns 35 Casualties Inflicted 293 Blocks Succeeded 4 Kills 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Oh, Nuffle, God of Dice. You have blessed me with a Super Star. Ever wonder how Ellen gets so buff? It's because she's been carrying this whole team on her back since Season 6. Season 7 has been GLORIOUS for Ellen. 28 SPP earned (13 in 1 game versus 100% Applejuice), 3 kills, 11 casualties inflicted and 2 touchdowns scored. She even missed a game after sneaky @Sidley's Troll tweaked one of her nipples. I don't know how much praise is too much, but damnit Ellen, you are a beautiful beast. Go forth and bring us glory! My dear, sweet Ellen, you ARE the team. Dame Juicy Drenched Value: 200K Level 4 47/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Piling On, Juggernaut. Injuries Sustained: -1 MA. 3 MVPs 31 Matches 16 Casualties Inflicted 155 Blocks Succeeded 4 Kills 3 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: For a while, Bichelle was a contender for the title of "deadliest Ogre Blitzer" but Dame Juicy's overtaken her completely. 2 MVPs and a few casualties have helped her reach new heights/girths and Juggernaut has proven very valuable when trying to take the riskier Blitzes against Blocky-dudes. Dame Juicy hasn't been demoralised by her broken leg in the slightest, in fact, I think it's made her even stronger. She still trucks across the field, ploughing in to any idiot that's stupid enough to stand in her path. And if that specific idiot doesn't have a broken spine on the first go, there's always Piling On to make sure he won't be back for seconds. Rock on, Dame Juicy! Bichelle Omaha Value: 210K Level 4 32/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Piling On, +1 MA, Break Tackle. 1 MVP 29 Matches 1 Touchdown 12 Casualties Inflicted 163 Blocks Succeeded 3 Kills 3 Crowdsurfs 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Bichelle hasn't had the best performance this Season. She's only managed 3 additional casualties and 1 kill and she's out for the first game of Season 8 due to a serious injury. However, her extra movement has been a great boon to the team, granting the ladies more of a fighting chance when it comes to the positioning-game. There's been many times when Bichelle was the only Ogre fast enough to put a Tackle Zone on the ball or mark an opposing player. Also, the acquisition of Break Tackle has allowed her to be much more valuable in general. Find your inner beast again, Bichelle, and I'm sure you'll do great next Season! Paris Killton Value: 180K Level 3 29/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle. 0 MVP 35 Matches 3 Touchdowns 10 Casualties Inflicted 159 Blocks Succeeded 2 Crowdsurfs 2 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Still lingering in the shadows, Paris has only managed to scrape together a measly 6 SPP throughout the whole of Season 7 (3 Casualties, 2 of them in the last game of the Season!). I was hopeful after her progression had improved a bit from Season 5 to 6, but once more she's been left in the dust compared to her sisters. Besides Ellen, Paris is the only remaining member of the Original 4, yet... it doesn't show. 35 matches played means that she's hardly earned 0.8 SPP per game. The only thing setting her apart from the others were her 3 Touchdowns, that's no longer the case. Once again, I hope you pick up the pace and turn it up to 11, Paris. With our waning treasury and the rotation of Ogres during Season 7, we cannot afford to have one of the veterans slacking off. Amy Shawarma Value: 190K Level 3 28/31 SPP Skills Acquired: Break Tackle, Block. Injuries Sustained: -AV. 2 MVPs 19 Matches 4 Touchdowns 3 Casualties Inflicted 92 Blocks Succeeded 2 Kills 5 Casualties Sustained Coach's Notes: Ah, Amy, I just can't figure out what to do with you. Such a great player, abundant potential, excellent ball-handling skills and Block! But ever since she got injured and lost a point of armour, things haven't been the same. Her game is still great, but she's an easy target for any hard-hitting/fouling opponent and she's been on the verge of death multiple times. I am still torn, ... is she a liability, does Block make up for the reduction in armour value? It'd be with great pain in my soul, but I feel that once we arrive at a point where we can afford a new Ogre, Amy will be the first to get axed off. Unless the casualties get to her first, of course. The Apothecary's been able to keep her around (strange, I know) but that won't last forever. Lennifer Jaw-Rends Value: 140K Level 1 5/6 SPP Skills Acquired: None. 1 MVP 3 Matches 8 Blocks Succeeded Coach's Notes: More fresh meat for the grinder! Lennifer is the latest recruit to join the Women with Attitude and I honestly hope she'll last A LOT longer than her predecessor, Miley Steambus. Unfortunately, still being green behind the ears means that this "coach's notes" section won't be filled with fun stats and comments as Lennifer has yet to prove herself on the pitch. She did win an MVP, which might mean a quick skill-up at the start of next Season. I look forward to the future of the team and Lennifer. May she crunch many skulls! The Hall of Death and Incompetence: Peaches Value: 200K Level 4 48/51 SPP Skills Acquired: Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm. 5 MVPs 28 Matches Coach's Notes: Last Season I mentioned my worries for Peaches' tendency to take brutal amounts of punishment every match. And it finally caught up to her. During the first game, against @Scaron84's K Nation, Peaches was mercilessly fouled in to oblivion by a Skellyman. She will always be remembered as part of the Original 4, the first Ogre to learn "Stand Firm" and the girl with the loveliest voice. Standing in the way was how she played, lived and died. May you block the path to your end-zone on that great pitch in the sky, Peaches. I shall always remember you fondly. Miley Steambus Value: 140K Level 1 2/6 SPP Skills Acquired: None. Injuries Sustained: -MV. 0 MVP 4 Matches Coach's Notes: Some of you might not even remember her name, Miley was Peaches' original replacement after the first game of the Season. She hung around for 4 weeks before suffering a major injury herself. We were lucky enough to have enough cash to replace yet another Ogre on such short notice... . Of course, getting fired after playing only 4 games means that there was no opportunity for this one to blossom in to a better player. There's little to see here except for the crippling damage to our team's treasury. ---------- ---------- ---------- Full gallery with all player cards can be found HERE! Playlist with all Season 7 games can be found HERE!
  24. Hey there, latecomer. Sorry for the lack of stories these past few weeks, but here's the last one to make up for it. Are you ready? Nice and tucked in? Alright,... The girls packed up their things and started drinking the night away, season 7 was over, there were no more games to play. Everyone was invited, Ogres, Humans, Rats and more, to party with the ladies and have food and booze galore. Tiny, baby Ogre isn't old enough to drink, so he got a little juice box, with a straw, in fancy pink. He walks around the room, looking for his pals, to reminisce about last season and their games against the gals. The Glamorous Fashionistas were running 'round and chasing men, Tiny, baby Ogre fondly remembered them. Onyx did show up but they all looked rather sad, Turns out that they decided to skip a Season and move the team instead. Always green and jolly, the Bends were present too, even sneaky Sidley dropped by for a beer or two. The Slime Pit Sluggers were still affected by the Swedish Magic, but that didn't stop most of them from boasting about their win... ic. Vampires joined the party too, and brought their Thralls for drink, They had to suck blood outside, though, 'cause the corpses were starting to stink. Weljamir and his Dark Elves graced everyone with their tales, of how the team with just 5 players made it to and honorable 6th place. The Applejuice mostly kept busy fighting with a yak, brought in by the Mutaniers, it carried all their packs. Happily, the tiny Ogre walks up to the ladies' coach, "Look at all these friends we made!" he laughed as he made his approach. "Yes, you're right" the coach replied with a little grin, "and in a few weeks we get to do it all over again!" Tiny, baby Ogre couldn't wait, just like his lady-friends, to get back to the Blood Bowl pitch, where the fun time never ends. SATURDAY 28/07/2018 - 15h00 UTC. SABRE MOUNTAIN MUTANIERS VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE TWITCH YOUTUBE
  25. No story-time this week. but there's one for MD9! SATURDAY 21/07/2018 - 15h00 UTC. WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE vs 100% APPLE JUICE TWITCH YOUTUBE