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  1. Are there any stupid questions?

    What are people using to take screen shots in BB2 for match reports these days?? Is there a steam thingy we can use?
  2. Best fireball ever?

    I had it on silent ended up laughing at Sage' increasing amusement. Great fireball!
  3. Hearthstone?

    Great game, don't get me wrong, but its too grindy for me as a newcomer.
  4. Hearthstone?

    The warrior quest deck is pretty screwed too. No way am I forking out for UnGoro, unfortunately it is kinda hard to stay competitive unless you get new cards. Its here my hearthstone adventures come to an end. Last season I took Velen Priest fairly basic deck to 13 but it was a grind. Too much $$ and effort for reward for me. Fun and addictive but not for the price they charge. Rip off.
  5. Hearthstone?

    I'll get a shot up later. Cheers!
  6. Hearthstone?

    I crafted my priest deck with all the standard filters on but still can't use it in standard, wtf is going on? Do I have to play rogue first or some shit that i'm missing??
  7. Hearthstone?

    I just cashed in a golden volcanosaur so i could craft embrace the shadow for my priest.
  8. I think that helps develop the admin persona and adds color to the kalaidescope of variety here!
  9. Thankyou for letting me on-site Cap, I'll try not to destroy the pIace. I remember long ago, about 20 seasons to be precise. Waltzing into the OCC as a rookie and thinking, 'Holy crow bar! What a fine place!". The first match day thread of my SSC (Snotling Soda Cup) season was done by 'Humbe' if I recall correctly and I was just blown away with the imagination and humor that went into these creations. After I moved up to tier 5, I had the pleasure of reading 'Vedholm's' match day threads (which were completely awesome and fairly pornographic) and was continually impressed with the effort and commitment of people around the place. I honestly was just blown away with some of the fiction so when it was my turn to put some effort back into the place I happily obliged. For me, I have gravitated toward what I enjoy the most, limericky kinda rhyming thingo's which, relative to my lame short novel writing fluff, is a strength. Writing a MD thread for me is about trying to re-create that 'woohoo!' for another person. So this opportunity came when I opened with the MD1 post of the first OCC2 seeder. It was honestly pretty easy, I had one of those moments when it is easy to rhyme so seized the moment. Rather than try to force it and come up with something that I wasn't happy with. Everybody loves Halflings, so that was the opening theme along with something else everyone here loves, beer and of course, Bloodbowl! Trying to include a little about all the races and the way the place operated was also important to me and finally, putting turn 16 foul kills into a context that made the reader aware that, yes, this shit happens and we think it is pretty fuckin funny.........most of the time, had to be a consideration. By the end of the 40 minutes it took, I was fairly happy to sit back, post my thread, and hope it brought that same warm fuzzy feeling to the 'rookies', that I had when I first strolled dandily in this place 20 seasons ago. Much akin to a freshly built fireplace roaring with flame and hot coals. Thanks again Cap for letting me on-site and I look forward to following another of your fine creations!! For those that didn't see it. See below. Cheers!! "HO there young traveller!! You must have walked many a mile, sit down and drink a frothy with this Halfling and his smile." "I welcome thee player with open arms, the new seeder has begun. Your just in time to sign up, arrange a match and have some fun." "We use UTC to schedule weekly, no time for us to be bored. Converse with all the other victims players, for that, you'll need Discord." "Don't mind the Wyrdstone barrels, or all the 8 pointed stars, the Humans or the Dwarves who should be behind bars," "we've elves of all kinds with crazy skills and eyes like hungry Hawks, giant smelly lizards and violent cunning orcs." "The competitors are getting edgy, full of greed and glee, It's not that rough out there young player, I'm sure that you will see." "The locker rooms are clean and tidy, our best security on the prowl, I've never seen on turn sixteen, a player killed in a foul........." "So pick out your best kit, shine it up and find some glory, return for a frothy and I'll happily tell your story," "To the others that will follow, seeking that elusive start, recess to your room young player, avoid the body cart." "Best wishes young player now I'll hush, leave the rest a mystery, perhaps in time, you yourself will become part of OCC history."
  10. Hearthstone?

    The trouble is, we think we can craft our own nice little decks in the hope we can outsmart the archetype legendary decks (which I love to try) but the cards would all have been put through some pretty hardcore mathematical equations I'm guessing to measure damage output and so forth, so the best players who make those decks, may be pretty smart and mathematically inclined. Pity for a scrub like myself!
  11. Hearthstone?

  12. Hearthstone?

    Getting good cards takes a while if you just do the quests, bloody hell you lads should have said how grindy it is! Resurrect pushed my priest deck up to 15 with the emperor as my legendary. Sure is a grind this game. After testing most of the heroes fairly thoroughly I must say Preist is my favorite. Saving up another 700 to start the second Blackrock Mountain quest after finising all the previous ones. Glad they nerfed the pirate, my god what a pita all those warrior decks were!!
  13. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    I played him too in my first Mordhiem game, always a fun time to play Crimson. He's super good with explaining stuff too. I love the game but dont like the UI. Tatyana could get raised from the dead
  14. Hearthstone?

    Well, all this Jade stuff is interesting to play against. I had to cash in my Nat Darkfisher for dust so I could get a few priest cards that looked really fun and finish this deck I've kinda mashed together. Bearing in mind I'm pretty bad at this game still, I did make this Priest deck after a trying a few I made (bad) and then a few random Internet builds, I still don't have many cards. I am thinking to ditch the Spawn of Nzoth but not sure. What do you vets think of this?? I know it's probably not that good a build but it was awesome hanging in to the end one game against shaman who had a loaded board and great cards with no taunt vs my lone Snapjaw, word shield, divine spirit x 2 and inner fire later, one hit insta kill 36 damage, had to laugh. 0 Circle of life x 2 1 Inner Fire x 2 1 Northshire Cleric x 2 1 Power Word: Shield x 2 2 Divine Spirit x 2 2 Master Swordsman x 2 2 River Crocolisk x 2 3 Shadow Death x 2 3 Squirming Tentacle x 2 4 Auchenai Darksoul Priest x 2 4 Oasis Snapjaw x 2 5 Darkshire Alchemist x 2 6 Temple Enforcer x 2 10 Mind Control x 2
  15. Lego Occ Hooligans!

    Id read a few without commenting, then the photo's stopped. I particularly liked the one with the virgin daemonettes side article.