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  1. Chubberson

    How does the meta look like currently?

    Greybeard had the HMP DC combo iirc and he played a very flamboyant style of Dorf. A true dwarf. The other legend was Prisoner #666. Legendary runner of S26 championship runners up, Pit Machine. Born from the union of a dwarven bloodbowler and an elven escort with an ample set of personality. Killed by the crowd after being surfed by a wolf. 7358 Block Tackle KOR Sure Hands. RIP.
  2. Chubberson

    What the Fluff??

    I was just about to edit that to imply, 'is not an application' but you beat me!. How many MD's would this likely involve Wis and what r u guys storing your pics on?, my photo bucket is no good. I could do a couple, I have a little time. Would be fun.
  3. Chubberson

    What the Fluff??

    Good initiative this! I'm having deja vu
  4. Chubberson

    Are there any stupid questions?

    What are people using to take screen shots in BB2 for match reports these days?? Is there a steam thingy we can use?
  5. Chubberson

    Best fireball ever?

    I had it on silent ended up laughing at Sage' increasing amusement. Great fireball!
  6. Chubberson


    Great game, don't get me wrong, but its too grindy for me as a newcomer.
  7. Chubberson


    The warrior quest deck is pretty screwed too. No way am I forking out for UnGoro, unfortunately it is kinda hard to stay competitive unless you get new cards. Its here my hearthstone adventures come to an end. Last season I took Velen Priest fairly basic deck to 13 but it was a grind. Too much $$ and effort for reward for me. Fun and addictive but not for the price they charge. Rip off.
  8. Chubberson


    I'll get a shot up later. Cheers!
  9. Chubberson


    I crafted my priest deck with all the standard filters on but still can't use it in standard, wtf is going on? Do I have to play rogue first or some shit that i'm missing??
  10. Chubberson


    I just cashed in a golden volcanosaur so i could craft embrace the shadow for my priest.
  11. Chubberson


    The trouble is, we think we can craft our own nice little decks in the hope we can outsmart the archetype legendary decks (which I love to try) but the cards would all have been put through some pretty hardcore mathematical equations I'm guessing to measure damage output and so forth, so the best players who make those decks, may be pretty smart and mathematically inclined. Pity for a scrub like myself!
  12. Chubberson


  13. Chubberson


    Getting good cards takes a while if you just do the quests, bloody hell you lads should have said how grindy it is! Resurrect pushed my priest deck up to 15 with the emperor as my legendary. Sure is a grind this game. After testing most of the heroes fairly thoroughly I must say Preist is my favorite. Saving up another 700 to start the second Blackrock Mountain quest after finising all the previous ones. Glad they nerfed the pirate, my god what a pita all those warrior decks were!!
  14. Chubberson

    You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    I played him too in my first Mordhiem game, always a fun time to play Crimson. He's super good with explaining stuff too. I love the game but dont like the UI. Tatyana could get raised from the dead
  15. Chubberson


    Well, all this Jade stuff is interesting to play against. I had to cash in my Nat Darkfisher for dust so I could get a few priest cards that looked really fun and finish this deck I've kinda mashed together. Bearing in mind I'm pretty bad at this game still, I did make this Priest deck after a trying a few I made (bad) and then a few random Internet builds, I still don't have many cards. I am thinking to ditch the Spawn of Nzoth but not sure. What do you vets think of this?? I know it's probably not that good a build but it was awesome hanging in to the end one game against shaman who had a loaded board and great cards with no taunt vs my lone Snapjaw, word shield, divine spirit x 2 and inner fire later, one hit insta kill 36 damage, had to laugh. 0 Circle of life x 2 1 Inner Fire x 2 1 Northshire Cleric x 2 1 Power Word: Shield x 2 2 Divine Spirit x 2 2 Master Swordsman x 2 2 River Crocolisk x 2 3 Shadow Death x 2 3 Squirming Tentacle x 2 4 Auchenai Darksoul Priest x 2 4 Oasis Snapjaw x 2 5 Darkshire Alchemist x 2 6 Temple Enforcer x 2 10 Mind Control x 2