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  1. @Barristan tried to send you a pm but it says you can’t receive pms for some reason. Maybe your inbox is full?
  2. Lol nice to hear you have put it behind you! New expansion drops next week and all cards have been revealed now. Looks like being the most OP expansion they have made so far!
  3. Anyone dipped their toe into the new Battlegrounds game mode? It's actually decent fun and requires no gold or money to play either.
  4. Next expansion looks promising so far, but we've only seen a few cards at this stage. 1000 win portraits at least give me a reason to keep plugging away at this Only have 1000 wins with Shaman so far, but Paladin is within about 50. Pity it's crap in the current meta...
  5. Finally it looks like we are getting new hero portraits for reaching 1000 wins for each class! Nice to have an objective to go for again!
  6. Nice to see someone is still playing! Yeah, there are some interesting new decks, but I think that the Standard Meta is too polarised around Warrior and Mage still. Would be good if they gave the Dr Boom Hero card a slight nerf and also recognise that they made a mistake moving Pocket Galaxy to 5 mana! 6 might be ok, but 5 feels broken to me.
  7. It's that time of year - another Hearthstone expansion rumbles into view. Thoughts? Does anyone else still play or care about this game anymore?
  8. Dalaran Heist came out a few days ago. Have completed the first wing and it looks promising so far. First time in a while that they've done a more in-depth single player experience with multiple wings.
  9. Paladin has been written off by many this expansion, but I already hit rank 5 with it this month without losing a single game with this Mech Secrets deck: ### Mech Secrets # Class: Paladin # Format: Standard # Year of the Dragon # # 1x (1) Autodefense Matrix # 1x (1) Hidden Wisdom # 2x (1) Never Surrender! # 2x (1) Redemption # 1x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze # 2x (2) Mysterious Blade # 2x (2) Sunreaver Spy # 1x (3) Commander Rhyssa # 2x (4) Annoy-o-Module # 2x (4) Bellringer Sentry # 2x (4) Blessing of Kings # 2x (4) Consecration # 1x (4) Prismatic Lens # 2x (5) Mechano-Egg # 2x (5) Wargear # 1x (5) Zilliax # 2x (6) Mechanical Whelp # 1x (7) Kangor's Endless Army # 1x (8) Tirion Fordring # AAECAZ8FCPoGigf8/ALA/QLY/gLx/gKggAOUmgMLjAHcA68HrfICtPYC4f4CkYADzIEDvpgDjpoDkJoDAA==
  10. Warlock seems like it´s the nuts at the moment. Went 12-2 with this deck yesterday: https://www.heartharena.com/arena-run/lx7l7d Abyssal Enforcer is just OP! Only lost to 2 Rogues with insane tempo decks.
  11. Sounds nice! Do you track your runs anywhere like Hearth Arena and do you always pick the stongest option of the 3 classes? I feel compelled to play all classes equally, cos you know stats!
  12. Arena is a lot fun at the moment. The drafting pool is made up of cards from: Basic. Classic. Naxxramas. Whispers of the Old Gods. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The Witchwood. Rise of Shadows. It's a nice mix of old and new cards and changes the Meta entirely. The card pool is also set to rotate quite frequently, which should keep things fresh. It's a great way to get back into HS without having to fork out a lot for new cards.
  13. Went ahead and crafted Legendaries that seem obviously good: Keeper Steladris, Khadgar, Commander Rhyssa, Toggwaggle and Rafaam. Will wait and see with the rest of the dust. So far have tried Mech Deathrattle Hunter, Thief Rogue, Tempo Mage and a control Shaman that has the Mega Windfury card as a finisher that seems to work quite well! Lot’s of decks that I still need to try!
  14. Opened 131 packs and got 8 Legendaries including 3 golden! Have around 18,000 dust, so will most likely craft 4 or 5 of the obviously good Legendaries and then wait and see what other ones are worth crafting. How did everyone else's pack openings go?
  15. Expansion comes out on Tuesday. It’s looking very interesting after seeing all of the cards. A much higher density of useful and powerful cards than normal for an expansion, so looking forward to doing some experimenting soon!
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