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  1. Don’t know why they don’t give anything for getting a class to 1000 wins by now. Not many incentives left once you get everything to 500...
  2. I try and solve everything without looking up the answers unless hopelessly stuck. Agree that the card back does not mean much if anything compared to the previous single player content though. I don’t tend to replay any of the single player content generally speaking once I’ve got the card back, so at least like that they’ve done someyhing different this time.
  3. Nice! Getting to Legend is not that hard, especially if you start the season at rank 5 or close to it. Just try and stick to one or two strong decks that do well in the meta and you can get there playing for an hour or so per day.
  4. Puzzle Labs is a real breath of fresh air compared to the single player content from the last three expansions. It’s great how they ramp up the difficulty and the four categories of puzzles bring plenty of variety. Anyone else trying it out?
  5. Mage decks

    Looks like fun. Combo decks probably tough to beat though. I don’t have Luna or her galaxy yet, so unable yo try at the moment.
  6. Crafting Whizzbang is a great budget option because it’s 18 decks in one card and will be updated with every expansion. Great option for casual players.
  7. Nice - I did craft him too, but am still too busy trying other stuff out.
  8. Expansion is out! How did you guys do with your pack openings? I managed to get 6 Legendaries from my first 83 packs on top of the two that came with the pre-purchase (golden one was shitty too so swapped that for dust). Then bought 50 more packs with gold and pulled three more Legendaries. Ended up with over 11000 dust and crafted another four Legendaries from that. Will hold off with the remaining dust for now. Quite happy with the haul of cards and already have almost as many as I pulled from the previous expansion altogether! What new decks are you guys trying out?
  9. New expansion announced earlier this week: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/expansions-adventures/the-boomsday-project/ Looks like fun - Mechs are coming back in a big way, which should also have an impact in Wild. I bought the 80 card pre-purchase, because it’s less than half the price in my country store. Launch date is 7th August. Is anyone else hyped fof it? At the very least it should hopefully drastically shake up fhe meta!
  10. The Witchwood

    Playing both Standard and Wild at the same time definitely makes it more of a grind lol! If you stick to one or the other it should be a lot easier, especially if you start the season around rank 5. Finding a deck that has few weak match-ups helps a lot and Big Spell Mage feels like a good deck to ladder with at the moment.
  11. The Witchwood

    Managed to hit Legend for the second time playing mostly big spell mage. Starting the season at rank 5 makes it so much less of a grind, especially considering that I spend a lot less time playing in general nowadays.
  12. The Witchwood

    I got a golden Nat Pagle, which I promptly dusted. Thinking of crafting Togglewaggle, as ridiculous as that sounds! Also pulled a regular Millhouse from my Tavern Brawl pack, but will be keeping him as there are only a handful of classic legendaries that I don’t yet have.
  13. Arena

    New Arena event spices things up a bit, which makes a welcome change. Some of the new cards are a lot better than others, but overall I like it when they do things like this.
  14. The Witchwood

    I never opened a copy either. Not saying it’s a good deck, but I would try it if I had them.
  15. The Witchwood

    Nice! It’s a very aggressive deck, which works quite well in today’s meta. I’m mostly playing Druid decks at the moment (taunt, token and Malygos) as well as some Quest Warrior, Miracle Rogue, Spell Hunter and Even Warlock. Started the month at rank 5 again, which weirdly feels like more of a grind than starting at rank 16 ?!