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  1. Yep, definitely makes sense for Priest. Will probably try it with a slow control list at some stage.
  2. I also stuffed him in a Control Paladin deck - played a couple of games with it and lost the only game where I actually drew it and broke the chest (opponent was a Druid who also ran it). Went straight back to Tempo Rogue (less than 100 wins to go until I have all golden heroes)!
  3. New patch is live with free Legendary. It's a really slow card though - perfect for Pidpad!
  4. So, the next expansion has been announced and should be coming out in early December. The main theme is old school dungeon runs and treasure / loot. There will be 135 new cards and each class will be getting 2 Legendaries again. The second Legendary will be a weapon / magical item and there will be other items that can be upgraded while in your hand if certain conditions are met. Also a new key word - Recruit - that basically summons a minion from your deck on to the board. Everyone gets a new neutral Legendary in advance tomorrow and one of the Legendary weapons when the expansion hits. The single player experience looks like fun, as it will change every time you play it with random bosses and encounters. You will build up your deck with found "loot" as you progress and it will also force you to restart from the beginning when you lose. That should provide a lot of replayability, but there won't be any rewards unfortunately except for a card back for completing it with all classes. Arena will also see some changes. There will be one class specific card added for each class for a time (the cards were voted on at Blizzcon from a pool of 3 for each class). Not sure how much impact that will have. Thoughts?
  5. Arena

    I also had a decent run with Paladin /Hunter (6 wins I think), but Mage / Warlock only got me 3.
  6. Arena

    New Arena mode went live today and will be active for 2 weeks I believe. You get 1 free Arena ticket each week and can combine two classes (you pick one main class and a hero power from a different class and can then draft cards from both classes). You also get a couple of Old Gods card packs after you complete a run. I managed to go 9-3 with a decent Druid / Mage combination. Annoyingly though I had a really good Druid deck that was on 4-0 which got retired due to the new mode (I thought it was supposed to start tomorrow), so I missed out on taking that deck further. Anyone else had a go at the new mode? Certainly makes a nice change to Arena for the time-being anyway!
  7. It's understandanly quiet here, as the meta is quite stale at the moment. Most people at high ranks are playing Highlander Priest, Jade Druid or a Keleseth deck (mainly Rogue, Warlock and Paladin). I'm mostly playing Keleseth Rogue, as it's still my only non-golden class and the only meaningful "achievement" left for me to get (apart from trying to go for a high legend rank, which is way too time consuming). Fun fact, the Argentine guy who made it to the HCT Summer Championship finals last weekend was the same player that beat me in the semis of a Fireside Gathering tournament I played in a while ago! Info on the next expansion should be coming out at Blizzcon in a couple of weeks, so am looking forward to that at least!
  8. Warlock decks

    You know what I meant!
  9. Warlock decks

    Gnomeferatu is the typical epic that looks like fun, but that I am never going to craft if it doesn't appear in a pack!
  10. Warrior decks

    Seems a lot weaker than the pre-nerf version of Pirate Warrior, while Jade Druid hasn't lost a great deal. Innervate was more broken in the aggro decks and there are plenty of strong cards that can replace it. Spreading Plague is still very good for 6 mana, because it still gives Druid time to play its expensive late game cards.
  11. Rogue decks

    I can see situations where he can be good in this deck, but I prefer to run him in decks that are more combo than tempo. I made a couple of changes to the list I am running above and am quite liking them: removed Xaril and both Servants of Kalimos and added second Grave Shambler, Tol'vir and Lich King. Shambler is decent in this list cos it's an elemental and you can often play it as a 5/5 thanks to Rogue's hero power.
  12. Rogue decks

    I have been trying a similar list to that. ### Elementally # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (0) Backstab # 2x (1) Fire Fly # 1x (1) Patches the Pirate # 1x (1) Southsea Deckhand # 2x (1) Swashburglar # 1x (2) Prince Keleseth # 1x (3) Plague Scientist # 2x (3) SI:7 Agent # 2x (3) Tar Creeper # 2x (4) Fire Plume Phoenix # 1x (4) Grave Shambler # 1x (4) Tol'vir Stoneshaper # 1x (4) Xaril, Poisoned Mind # 2x (5) Servant of Kalimos # 2x (5) Shadowcaster # 2x (5) Vilespine Slayer # 1x (6) The Black Knight # 2x (7) Blazecaller # 2x (7) Bonemare # AAECAYO6AgjUBfgMg6wCkbwCmcICnM4ClNACnOICC7QB3QjcrwKStgKBwgKswgLrwgLCwwLKwwLIxwKmzgIA Don't really like the idea of Van Cleef in this type of deck, but will try adding in the Lich King.
  13. Jade druid will be slightly reduced in power level, but will still be very strong. Aggro Druid will be the deck most affected as it is the most reliant on explosive openings with Innervate. Warrior will need some good 2 drops in the future to be viable again, because all Warrior decks heavily rely on having a 2 mana FWA.
  14. That's true enough. Druid will still be strong and the nerfs will hit aggro and midrange more than jade decks. I have a feeling that people will be complaining a lot about Priest soon too. Big Priest is a very strong deck (especially in Wild) and Raza / Kazakus / Velen is too.
  15. FWA has always been too strong for a basic card I think. Now it becomes a vanilla weapon, which is more inline with the power level that basic cards should have. Hex now has the same power level as poly which means you don't auto include two copies in every control shaman deck. Still a good card.