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  1. Rogue decks

    Does look like fun. You could maybe cut the Huckster for Umbra. Nice to see that Mad Scientist is now playable in Rogue decks in Wild. Hopefully some interesting new secrets get introduced this year for Rogue in order to widen the pool of secrets and make them harder to predict. Edit I would also probably try and fit an onyx spellstone or two in there.
  2. Shaman decks

    I’d recommend one copy of Bloodlust instead of the Arcanosmith.
  3. Rogue decks

    Looks like fun, but probably not great against aggro / tempo decks. I am missing Sonya too which makes me sad as I don't want to craft her!
  4. Using Malygos with Ixlid and Jungle Giants quest?
  5. Finally reached 500 wins with Rogue - have golden heroes for all 9 classes now! Only things left to do are collect some more cards and maybe go for a high Legend finish some month when I have time on my hands... This game really needs proper achievements to be added!
  6. Priest decks

    Does look like fun! Big spell decks are all the rage at the moment. Mage has a good one too and I imagine a decent Druid one could be made to work thanks to UI. A Hunter deck with CotW as the only spell might too come to think of it... (edit: and Crushing Walls!)
  7. Arena

    How far did you get? Unstable evolution doesn't seem like a bad Arena card. There are obviously a lot more bad evolution outcomes now than before, but the fact that you can keep evolving until you get a good outcome makes it decent I think.
  8. Dungeon runs

    Have only tried it once with Warrior, Rogue, Druid and Paladin so far. Was able to beat it with Paladin thanks to the perma-stealth card.
  9. Meta is still up in the air, but tempo decks still seem to be the norm. Corridor Creeper now being added to tempo decks for nearly every class is a bit dull. Have had some fun with a Healadin type deck using Lynessa, which is quite good at containing tempo decks, but it gets raped by virtually any Priest deck. Warlock does seem to have improved a lot with some of the new cards.
  10. All cards have been revealed now: Should bring a very different meta game this time around.
  11. Expansion is officially out on 7th December! Looking forward to this one - a lot of interesting cards revealed so far should hopefully introduce some new archetypes and move the game away from "curvestone".
  12. Yep, definitely makes sense for Priest. Will probably try it with a slow control list at some stage.
  13. I also stuffed him in a Control Paladin deck - played a couple of games with it and lost the only game where I actually drew it and broke the chest (opponent was a Druid who also ran it). Went straight back to Tempo Rogue (less than 100 wins to go until I have all golden heroes)!
  14. New patch is live with free Legendary. It's a really slow card though - perfect for Pidpad!
  15. So, the next expansion has been announced and should be coming out in early December. The main theme is old school dungeon runs and treasure / loot. There will be 135 new cards and each class will be getting 2 Legendaries again. The second Legendary will be a weapon / magical item and there will be other items that can be upgraded while in your hand if certain conditions are met. Also a new key word - Recruit - that basically summons a minion from your deck on to the board. Everyone gets a new neutral Legendary in advance tomorrow and one of the Legendary weapons when the expansion hits. The single player experience looks like fun, as it will change every time you play it with random bosses and encounters. You will build up your deck with found "loot" as you progress and it will also force you to restart from the beginning when you lose. That should provide a lot of replayability, but there won't be any rewards unfortunately except for a card back for completing it with all classes. Arena will also see some changes. There will be one class specific card added for each class for a time (the cards were voted on at Blizzcon from a pool of 3 for each class). Not sure how much impact that will have. Thoughts?