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  1. Javelin

    OCC cast?

    I'm still willing to provide the 12 episodes I have stored. Just need to know what to do with them.
  2. Javelin

    OCC cast?

    Oh no, looks like I"m missing episode 13 from my personal library
  3. Javelin

    OCC cast?

    I have episodes 1-12 saved, I think that's all of them. Hearing the DUM DUM Orca, DUM DUM Cola, ??? Cast made my day!
  4. Javelin

    OCC cast?

    I listen to podcasts while driving, so definitely a different niche than videos for me.
  5. Javelin

    OCC cast?

    I think I have all the Xander and Juriel podcasts downloaded on my NAS somewhere. I may even have the cider cast ones.
  6. I assume if you keep two players off the waiver they will take your last two spots the first year, and the two earliest available the next year?
  7. Agreed. Now that the CCL exists a high majority of players who want to play a pick up game that won't likely end in a concede as soon as some bad dice are rolled go there since there are rules in place to discourage concedes.
  8. Oooooh. Undead Quiet have been feeling too quiet.
  9. @Hordemaster The admins updated the division settings, and I resent the ticket. Can you try again please?
  10. @Hordemaster I looked for your Fairest Foulers team to invite, but that current team is at 1200 TV and not build like the team you planned to replace at 1650 TV. Did you want me to invite the 1200 TV team, or do you plan on building a new team?
  11. Everyone loves to play chorfs for a few matches, right?!?!
  12. It depends on the website. But allowing picture uploads requires a lot of storage capacity!
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