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  1. Coach Name: dionysian Team Name: Team Wales Race: Chaos Dwarf
  2. this sounds amazing. christmas come early amazing. curious what the 'limited amount of completed runs' will end up being. plan to play 3 and re-evaluate.
  3. im pretty sad that they killed yogg, tuskarr needed a change, but suprised they hit it so hard and made it super niche
  4. the really nice thing about xixo's totem shammy for a new player is that it only uses cards from one adventure - the latest, and only 360 dust of TGT cards that you can just craft instead of wasting gold opening TGT when you really want to be opening classic or grinding arena for wog/dust.
  5. http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/xixos-totem-shaman-ft-spirit-claws-wicked-witchdoctor-september-2016-season-30/ that pretty much. experimented some but no changes stuck. the 2nd valiant feels like the weakest card, but I couldn't find anything i liked better. 2nd squire is lacklustre and barnes isn't quite good enough. the clunky double valiant games are still pretty winnable, so shrug.
  6. totem shammy from 5-legend. hit golden druid as I hit 5 so reluctantly switched away from yogg token druid. yogg druid feels stronger overall, but totem shammy is quite a lot of fun too. totemic might has become one of my favourite cards. I quite like yogg, we know the range of his effects and the count so it adds to the skill in the game imo. I see a lot of people mistime it or set it up slightly wrong wasting some of their win%. defending against it is tougher, but we can still mitigate to some degree, such as rationing resources. And it's another thing we have to consider when striking a balance between board control and face damage. High variance card, but who cares? long term average outcomes are all that matters. im variance-blind at this point so i imagine mine is a minority-view Yogg certainly seems much better designed than things like undercity huckster tho!
  7. pleasant start to my day golng 8-0 to reach legend @chubbs welcome! Stumbled across this the other day that I imagine most of you are aware of, but seems pretty useful for anyone struggling with arena
  8. oh well, even ~1400 dust and 25% into your Classic Pity Counter is pretty good for 4 quid should have probably spent some gold to reset it before buying the bundle actually JIC the free legendary resets the count (pretty sure it shouldn't tho)
  9. if you intend to play f2p/adventure-only getting good at arena is well worth the time investment - once mastered you'll complete your collection of standard-viable cards very quickly f2p without arena is perfectly fine for laddering, you can build a legend worthy zoo deck easily with starter gold/dust, but getting the extra cards you need for tournaments will take a fair while longer missed my 2/9 on the welcome bundle, but snagged onyxia in the 10 packs - havent heard of anyone failing to get a bonus legend in the packs yet either
  10. starting my season very late so couple of quick questions a) does anyone here play tempo mage and have a strong opinion either way on yogg? it's feeling pretty marginal b ) arena still the traditional rogue > paladin/mage > remainder?
  11. They're also claiming to have fixed the enrage bug with this patch
  12. very late start for me this season, just catching up on the changes. where do you guys come down on keeping gvg/naxx cards vs taking the 13k dust instead?
  13. smashed through my 'reach top 100 goal' and currently sitting at legend rank 25. Legend ladder is easily the most fun I've had in hearthstone. Got to play Sjow and Senfglas, losing to sjow's renolock predictably and senf's freeze mage only due to rag twice hitting face rather than antonidas while loatheb hid in the deck. Welsh Open at end of month is unfortunately timed with regards to sticking in top 50 for season end tho, sadly.
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