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  1. He has to balance out playing high elves in another league.
  2. Change of race and team name: Rama Set Dark Elves The Naggaroth Bloodravens I am -still- of the age of majority in Canada
  3. Rama Set Undead The Deathseers I am of the age of majority in Canada
  4. Damn, I wish I could make the time for organized play, but with my blood bowl leagues, I just can't fit it in.
  5. My Champ ladder team got called up to the big show in OCC Div 2A after one last loss and then promptly followed that with a serious beating to Andy Davo's High Elves. It may have had something to do with the elves fielding a lineup consisting only of blodgers, or the numerous 1/9s, but that is just looking for an excuse. My biggest gaff, was when, after a perfect defense, the elves failed to pick up the ball. A troll throws my blodging goblin from the line and with the use of a RR, gets the ball from their thrower and truck downfield. I decided to try for the score, and hit the tripwire. What I should have done, had I been thinking a little more calmly and not "oh my god I got the ball GOOOO!" was either 1. Not done a GFI and dared the thrower to take down a blodger OR 2. Lightning bolted the thrower and walked in leisurely the next turn. Alas, I did neither... My UKBBL goblins had an interesting match against some orcs. I played poorly in the first half, trying a risky surf instead of making the ball safe, and it turned in to an 8 turn orc grind. Second half was a much more tightly contested affair that turned when an attempted orc pass, following failing to pick up the ball resulted in an INT. This sent my blodgestep pogo downfield with a couple of friends, orcs in angry pursuit. The pogo proved too slippery, and after sending an orc to the injury box, scooped up the ball and bound across the field, screened off by his friends, and stalled out for a T16 TD to seal the draw. I am finding it difficult to resist attempting highly entertaining and highly unlikely plays that the team offers you. My next few matches will be spent trying to curb that impulse. My next OCC match is against dwarves who have a 900 TV advantage; I will be looking to survive that match and to the future. That means trying to prevent all block except blitzes. My UKBBL match is against Amazons. It will be tough going on my block dice, but hopefully the secret weapons can do some damage, and I will arrange all the three dice blocks I can muster. Combined Record: 6-8-10
  6. All extremely good reasons. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Hey powers-that-be, With the fairly widespread use of stadium enhancements, has it been considered to make the divisions with an odd-number of teams? Doing so would give everyone an equal number of home and away games which would level the playing field. (see what I did there? )
  8. Champ Ladder: 5-7-8 UKBBL: 1-0-1taking a lot)Combined Record: 6-7-8 Bribe management is one of the most interesting parts of playing goblins. Trying to play out drives for a long time without taking a lot of attrition; when to field what secret weapons, and in what number, etc... The more I play, the more I love the bomber. Two games running Dribblesnot has absolutely saved my hide by blowing open a cage. In my last match, it was so devastating to my opponent that in his estimation I was nothing more than a lucky n00b. With that kind of power, how can I not roster one? So I did. Maybe I will end up with two bombers in my next match...
  9. One of the teams that I am not looking forward to coaching for that reason. Have you been practicing TTM plays?
  10. Champ Ladder: 5-6-8 UKBBL: 1-0-1 Combined Record: 6-6-8 This weeks lesson: sometimes stunty's lose. Sometimes they lose because everyone gets hurt. Sometimes they lose because you can't make a dodge. Sometimes they lose even though they main the other team. They have a lot more ways to lose than win. Sometimes, they just lose.
  11. See you on the mean streets of Mordheim!
  12. Champ Ladder: 5-5-5 UKBBL: 1-0-0 Combined Record: 6-5-5 Played my first league match with goblins, and it was a 2-0 win thanks to many untimely bloodlust rolls by my vampire opponent and the resulting depitches from them. My chainsaw, although going without a casualty, stuck around until T13 and consistently got me the armor breaks I needed, until the last attempt... I am not sure what to improve on from that match since the dice so consistently went my way. I screened well to minimize hypnotic gaze. I did end up going semi-potato on both my scores and although I was pretty safe, I would rather not be in that position all the time. I find it difficult to get a decent chunk of my team downfield without rolling a bunch of dice. Da Chef, my pogoer got 2 TDs and a casualty from my opponent double-skulling on the second potato attempt. The resulting level up gave him block, which is just about the best first skill I could have asked for.
  13. @Bo Diddly purification is coming for you! I can play any weekday except Tuesday between 14:OO and 19:OO UTC. Let me know if any of those work for you.
  14. You might want to keep a roster spot open for a star player inducement? I'm not sure how lean TV you can run with ogres.
  15. Thanks for the ideas! I am not sure about MB given that trolls already have it. I have been asking around and surehands comes up a lot. I may just do that and have him and my pogo as the backfield tandem. After I get a dirty player goblin (hopefully on my looney) I will go for a wrestler, but that is an awfully ambitious plan for the precarious life of a goblins team.
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