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  1. Season 3

    The sisters tried to infect us with their wicked heresy, but we cleansed Mordheim of their taint. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138396732
  2. Season 3

    Lets try Monday at 19:00UTC then
  3. Season 3

    Same mistake here. My 1st AI match was a mirror match battleground victory where 1 zealot and 1 flagellant went OOA. Gerhardt the Elder received a light wound and as he convalesced his son, Gerhardt the Younger joined the warband to fulfill his father's pledge. The Flagellant was found to be unworthy; his name was struck from their minds, and he was left to succumb to his injuries. My 2nd AI match was a tactical victory wyrdstone rush against skaven. No one went OOA and the warband is hale and hearty. I will take screenies from now on. @jrpeart what is your schedule like?
  4. Season 3

    And like toddlers, we certainly wandered around not achieving the goal of the game
  5. Season 3

    Here is muh own screenie. https://imgur.com/a/pZqmX
  6. Season 3

    @Doomy I am away until Sept 5. Let me know when we can purge the fallen city of your taint.
  7. What was the name of the youtube upload Zunk mentioned last night? The one where Griff was surfed? I am keen to see that. EDIT: Found it!
  8. Season 3 Question(s)

    I will try out Witch Hunters I think. Probably be a gong show since I've only played Skaven so far. Player name: Gilshem Warband Name: Ordo Purificanus Race: Witch Hunter
  9. 'Allo

    Daaaaam. That's a beautiful thing. Do you run a Rogre in that band? 3 extra impressive attacks is pretty incredible.
  10. Season 3 Question(s)

    Newbie says, "I'm fine with whatever." are there any rules or restrictions around veteran skills?
  11. 'Allo

    What else is your doom weaver built to do?
  12. 'Allo

    It was Markus Kain (sp?) that beat Talon. He did a nice job of neutralizing his marksmen and then, yeah, lifestealer spam spam. For your warp lightning seer, how do you get that kind of damage? Do you just master the spell get your INT to 24 and put a rune of pain on your headgear?
  13. 'Allo

    The curse of the Black Skaven continues. Facing Witch Hunters, my Black Skaven completed a successful hit and run and retreated to what I thought was a safe place, after a bit of scouting. No place is ever safe in Mordheim though and the Witch Hunter Captain appeared, seemingly from nowhere and took him down in about 5 hits. Apparently he focused on the cranial area as he savaged my poor hero, as the result was a broken jaw and a fractured skull. Second time a Black Skaven has been savaged as he closed in on Level 9. I'm keeping him for the time being and he will become the pet of my sorcerer. A future build will get Mighty Charge, Strider and Black Hunger and the also pick up a few defensive skills to boot. Speaking of sorcerers, I am loving mine more and more every day. I have mastered channeling and a purple staff now, which makes him able to cast two spells a round pretty reliably. The combo of curse and mists can really swing a battle. I also picked up Hold Ground to bolster my must fighters. I I watched some battles with Talon, Marond and a few other top players. I never realized how useful adrenaline rush is in that environment. I don't think they play with consequences though and I'm not sure how good it is when the potential for permanent injury is there. My biggest takeaway was the value of the mini-map for positioning, the value of oil bombs to shape engagements and the power of ranged combat. My Nightrunner sniper has become a huge asset when he finds a good nest. Dealing 50 dmg/attack, reducing melee resistance, and taking away blue pills on advancing troops. Watching a a necromancer kitted out to max lifestealer made me want to play undead. The guy who beat up on Talon recently, causing Talon to rage quit without a word to his worthy opponent, did most of the heavy lifting with that spell.
  14. 'Allo

    All very interesting. I haven't taken the plunge and played against a human opponent yet, but I play similarly against the AI. Because my henchmen are all meleeers to some degree or another I can engage a little more broadly. I try to engage the AI with my warpguard after I have sent my ninja Nightrunner and Adept up high to scout. My sniper Nightrunner finds a nest of some description and my Seer and Black Skaven trail behind my warpguard. My verminkin I treat like mini-nightrunners, finding places to ambush, overwatech or outflank. Once my warpguard have engaged my seer enshrouds and my black skaven will mighty charge and without any mastered skills, black hunger or daredevil still hits for 70-100 damage which currently is pretty nasty against my opponents. My sniper and verminkin control who enters the fray against the warpguard and with 95%+ dodge can currently handle anyone 1 on 1 solo until help arrives. The adept and Nightrunner ninja hit and run wherever they are needed and are getting good at delivering nasty quick strikes. The combo of fleet-footed, wall runner and swift jump is pretty amazing, and when combined with bull charge, allows extreme mobility that I am relishing now. My adept with warp poison, weeping blades, poison expert and vital strike can cripple an opponent pretty easily. Knowledge: Mordheim has made very maneuverable too. I can handle hard missions pretty well now, but after some early devastation I haven't done much in the way of brutal or deadly. Once I have more bank I will hire an Eshin to make my leader and a Rogre, see how that goes. How is do you build your verminkin? I am going to need to train a couple more and the build I'm currently entertaining has head shot, warp poison, avoid, side step, demoralize, overhead and maybe swarm or shield specialist.
  15. 'Allo

    I read some of your thoughts on Skaven vs Mercs on another forum, but I have some questions: -Have you tried a Nightrunner with Careful Approach, Concealment, Resist Magic and Jaw Strike? Max Toughness and Intelligence and equip with purple Amulet, Mace and Shield with a couple of Talismans and he can easily hit over 80% Magic and Ranged Resist. If you can engage their melee somehow would that be a decent strategy against marksman and lightning spam? What has been your best success in that environment?