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  1. Division Alignment

    All extremely good reasons. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Division Alignment

    Hey powers-that-be, With the fairly widespread use of stadium enhancements, has it been considered to make the divisions with an odd-number of teams? Doing so would give everyone an equal number of home and away games which would level the playing field. (see what I did there? )
  3. Season 3

    See you on the mean streets of Mordheim!
  4. Season 3

    @Bo Diddly purification is coming for you! I can play any weekday except Tuesday between 14:OO and 19:OO UTC. Let me know if any of those work for you.
  5. Season 3

    The sisters tried to infect us with their wicked heresy, but we cleansed Mordheim of their taint. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138396732
  6. Season 3

    Lets try Monday at 19:00UTC then
  7. Season 3

    Same mistake here. My 1st AI match was a mirror match battleground victory where 1 zealot and 1 flagellant went OOA. Gerhardt the Elder received a light wound and as he convalesced his son, Gerhardt the Younger joined the warband to fulfill his father's pledge. The Flagellant was found to be unworthy; his name was struck from their minds, and he was left to succumb to his injuries. My 2nd AI match was a tactical victory wyrdstone rush against skaven. No one went OOA and the warband is hale and hearty. I will take screenies from now on. @jrpeart what is your schedule like?
  8. Season 3

    And like toddlers, we certainly wandered around not achieving the goal of the game
  9. Season 3

    Here is muh own screenie. https://imgur.com/a/pZqmX
  10. Season 3

    @Doomy I am away until Sept 5. Let me know when we can purge the fallen city of your taint.
  11. What was the name of the youtube upload Zunk mentioned last night? The one where Griff was surfed? I am keen to see that. EDIT: Found it!
  12. Season 3 Question(s)

    I will try out Witch Hunters I think. Probably be a gong show since I've only played Skaven so far. Player name: Gilshem Warband Name: Ordo Purificanus Race: Witch Hunter
  13. 'Allo

    Daaaaam. That's a beautiful thing. Do you run a Rogre in that band? 3 extra impressive attacks is pretty incredible.
  14. Season 3 Question(s)

    Newbie says, "I'm fine with whatever." are there any rules or restrictions around veteran skills?
  15. 'Allo

    What else is your doom weaver built to do?