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  1. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Should be doable, yes
  2. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Hi bud, sorry not been around most of last week. Can you do 2030 UK time (GMT+1) tonight or tomorrow?
  3. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Ah, too late for me, 2230 local time and starting work at 0600. I'm away Fri - Sun, Mon is an option as am on holiday.
  4. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Weds 1800 utc
  5. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Sorry, I am busy today with family. I am away Tues, but can do Mon/Weds/Thurs evening UTC, ideally around 1800
  6. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    @captpir8 When is good. Most days around 1800-1900 UTC work for me.
  7. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Played my bye game, embarrassingly I lost, resulting in replacing my leader and a henchman. Forgot to get a screenshot I was so annoyed with myself (made some stupid errors) but I have this one. Warband levelled up to rank 1
  8. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    Which one of these?
  9. OCC Mordheim Season 1

    So I don't play the game and then be unable to take a screenshot, what button is it to take one?
  10. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    Oh, and is there a "downtime/recovery" game day between each match vs the computer or did you decide not to do that?
  11. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    1 min and backtracking 1 would be better imo, not that 30 secs and backtrack unlimited is a disaster. With unlimited backtracking it means you can scout for the enemy and then back off is my main concern, making tactical hiding of your bods less useful.
  12. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    I don't think you can not use them afaik...
  13. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    Worth a post in the dugouts to direct people here as possibly not all read this bit?
  14. You Guys Still Up For A Mordheim League?

    YaratMx01 Purgers of Heresy Witch Hunters Level 0 or 5, have no preference so whatever fits best.
  15. Legal concession = cannot field a minimum of 3 players. This is the only time a concession is acceptable.