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  1. Legal concession = cannot field a minimum of 3 players. This is the only time a concession is acceptable.
  2. From the rulebook, it's pretty clear that skipping matches means you won't stay in OCC for long, so any short term gain is useless. 3. Unplayed matches i. If no information on either of the coaches' scheduling is available, a draw will be issued. ii. If both coaches offered acceptable scheduling windows but were still unable to find a time to play, a draw will be issued. ii. When a match remains unplayed at the end of the MD, and one of the coaches has failed to communicate availability in a timely manner or has offered a scheduling window that the tier admins deem insufficient, the opposing coach will be issued a win. iv. Failing to schedule your matches will result in a warning, and may lead to a ban. C. Match Dodging 1. Coaches are monitored for behaviour that suggests they are evading challenging or risky matches. Such behaviour will not be tolerated, and repeat offenders will be banned.
  3. 7 kills in the last 2 games.... More than the last half dozen seasons combined

    1. PaloLV


      High Elves and Chaos, correct? You're doing Gork's work.

    2. Bantha


      Get the hint, switch team :)