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  1. Kazman29 Mighty High! High Elves 18+? LOLOLOLOL got that covered by 30 years
  2. My Samsung S5 is sometimes a bit wonky but I usually play on the PC. Sometimes it seems worse on WiFi but that could just be coincidence. I just can't beat this current Mage deck. With all the secrets and cards that pull secrets and 2mana 2/3 deal 3 is too much with any deck I play. Miracle/quest rogue, Murloc/Control Paladin, quest warrior, elemental/evolve Shaman or jade/token Druid. So I got the play 15 demons quest and used the demon recipe for Warlock with a few substitutions and beat Mage. Who knew?
  3. So funny! I watched it and was going to post it here as well. Great minds...
  4. The Pirate Warrior ignored my Priest of the Feast with one PWS on it (a 3/8 he could have killed). So next turn went PWS, Divine Spirit, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire and smashed him in the face for 40. That's the kind of stuff that brings me back to the game when I get frustrated. Now I don't care how many I lose as long as I pull that off every so often
  5. Yeah, I've had the quest done on me earlier as well, it was just that he completed the quest on turn 6 and dealt 30 damage to my face and got through a taunt on turn 7. I just remember how Blizzard said they didn't like huge damage occurring in one turn! Oops. I haven't tried it myself but I have lost to it nearly every game. Firebat's version with the 2/1 murloc + 1/1 ooze with taunt card even beats pirate warrior!
  6. The Rogue quest is just ridiculous. I got taken down from 30 health to 0 on turn 7. They don't like combo decks and they don't like Freeze Mage but this is acceptable to them? This deck is beyond broken. Gotta say though, I do like being at rank 5 and not losing stars so that I can mess around more after some serious laddering.
  7. Holy Mother I just ran into a Jade Druid using earthen scales on his humongous jades. Unreal. Just destroyed my quest Warrior, would love to see how it does against aggro
  8. That's just about all I've been playing for the last week. I made a silence/purify priest deck similar to one from before the expansion and it's been very successful. I'm trying a different list that other people have put up (net-decking, yuck!) but I have been less successful with it. @danton I'm enjoying the expansion and I like the cards, but I'm just not happy with the way it came out and what money grubbing scum these people are.
  9. So the Rogue quest is the new cancerous deck. The only good way I can see to beat it is with the other cancerous deck Pirate Warrior. What else can I do? I tried handlock for a while but even huge taunts wasn't enough. Maybe the quest mage with all the freeze? Too slow? Quest Warrior? Of course I don't have any of the quests yet. Which brings me to my next point. This is the worst expansion ever. I'm sure people are talking about this on Reddit or the forums but I don't visit either of those sites. It's not bad because of the cards, but because you can't even play the expansion despite spending $50. That's ridiculous! Are we really supposed to spend 14400 dust to craft the nine quests which are a huge part of this expansion? It's ridiculous! On top of all the new legendary minions? I'm pissed. I thought for sure they were going to just give us the quests. I mean, if you spend 50-60 bucks on any other game you actually get the WHOLE game, not just one legendary card. I know card games are different but how the hell much money are you supposed to spend? Then people get pissed that you have to play Jade Druid because you don't have any competitive decks because you still can't make many decks with new cards. I'm tempted to just play Pirate Warrior for the rest of the month and see how fast I can hit legend and I HATE Pirate Warrior. Maybe it's time for a break and time to start playing Blood Bowl again. I used to be pretty good at it but playing just one game a week is taking its toll. I don't ever remember playing this badly! It seems the big season 5 tournament with prize money is a good time to start up again.
  10. Well, I think it's official. If the quest Rogue draws well it's absolutely unstoppable. What about the Lakkari Felhound? That discards two cards and it's a common. Surely you must have gotten 12 of them like I did. Nevermind, you're not talking about the quest Warlock....
  11. Yeah, elemental shaman seems good and the quest shaman absolutely ran me over a couple of times. That one seems crazy to me and might be the first one I try. Don't need any other cards to make that deck work. I actually don't have any of the quests yet. 50 packs from pre-purchase, 3 free packs and 40 packs bought with saved up gold. 93 packs and I got two legendary cards and they were both the Hunter legendary. 2 legendaries in 93 packs and it was a duplicate! Still, I have about 9000 dust and a whole lot of old cards to disenchant. Meanwhile, I'm already at rank 7 with silence/purify priest. The new 3 mana 4/8 can't attack thing is awesome! Gotta try some handlock with it as well.
  12. 33 packs in and I finally got the Hunter legendary. FINALLY. Too bad it's kind of a shitty one
  13. okay, logged in. opened my first 20 packs and got 0 legendaries. I thought there was a mercy rule?
  14. Damn, I can't even log in! And I thought they would just give you the quest cards... you have to craft/open them? That sucks
  15. Yes, Finja is pretty awesome. I've tried him/her in almost every class with decent success. Thijs has been playing a Murlock Paladin which I'm pretty sure he copied from me with curator and such and it's been really good. Finja on turn 5 is sometimes an auto-win.
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