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  1. Hah, finally have a proper boomstick... watch yer backs boys!
  2. There might have been severe eye exploding infection brewing in it... you might have lost your entire forehead and half of your face.
  3. Yay for a great start, Pablo Escobar lookalike seems to be marked for greatness indeed. He will probably lose an arm in his next battle now that i´ve properly jinxed him.
  4. Nice, ill be looking forward to reading of "my" heroic/boneheaded deeds.
  5. Marksman sounds good to me, and no need to fiddle with the fig unless you deem it necessary.
  6. If you still need names for your mercs, you can use mine....its my only chance at glory
  7. All Brians beware, season 30 is at hand!

    1. Chubberson


      I did wonder if that was a misprint but now ive seen it twice. Next catcher going to be calld Brian.

    2. Mikko


      He will be classified as fast food. ;)

  8. All Brians beware!

  9. Second niggle for my MB,block,dodge,sidestep,tackle wolf with broken neck....sack time?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. jounisii


      There's still a bitch around here yapping - called Mikko ;-)

    3. Mikko


      Dont waste your (stinking) breath, insult from the likes of you are beneath notice. ;)

    4. GCar


      Sack it. Happy birthday.

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