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  1. And now for the last change, I revert my cancellation and will be taking part in OCC season 11 with my human team. Had to chance the team name as already entered the Mountaineers to OCB. So here is the final entry: Coach name (ingame): JuxuR Team name: Famous Finns Race: Human Sorry for the back and forth. PS. Edited for spelling errors only.
  2. Alas. As soon as I decided to get back to OCC, life finds a way to mess my plans. So unfortunately I have to cancel the registeration but I did join the Brawl with the team for random games.
  3. Coach name (ingame): JuxuR Team name: Masterful Mountaineers Race: Human Returning coach, new team
  4. Not moot in that one of the reasons that I play more Arena is that I´m missing so many of the classic cards and can only get them by crafting or buying packs. And because I´ll rather use my gold in arena, I get classic cards very slowly by gathering dust from my Arena games and the GvG packs. So my argument is that giving out classic packs as rewards, the developers could get more people to play constructed instead of just Arena.
  5. But that would be the same as saying that we shouldn´t complain about the new retirement-rule in BB2 because we can play exhibition matches, which the new rule doesn´t affect. Personally I like Arena better and even thought I could play other modes, I think Arena rewards could be better with random packs between GvG and Classic.
  6. No one forces us to play Blood Bowl, but still we are eager to let everyone know if we disagree with the developers .
  7. I really don´t understand the rationale behind this. Now all but the most experienced players are getting saturated with GvG cards, while having to craft all the basic cards.
  8. As some who started in the middle of the season before GvsG, the change would be much appreciated. Now all the packs go towards my mana for crafting. I´m a below-average player, so my winnings go towards arena runs, rather than buying classic packs anyway.
  9. Any idea if they are going to go back to giving classic packs from arena in the near future? Or possibly even random between classic/GvsG? Can´t remember the last time I actually got cards from arena that I didn´t already have two of.
  10. Is the 3-mana summon a random beast -card flawed? 9 times out 10 I get Misha (the 4/4 taunt bear) with that card.
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