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  1. Flash: Skaven/DE the best options, because plenty of starting skills Flex: Humans might be better here than Brets (because as T2 they get bonus skills) Power: Undead is so much better early than the rest that we'll be seeing a lot of them Smash: Khemri is in (yay!), our other choice should be Dorfs/Chorfs/Orcs, they all do a similar job Oddball: Larkstar, you beautiful person, you
  2. You mean we could pick Orcs AND Dwarves, and just swarm people with starting skills? :p
  3. That's interesting.. I like that they're giving bonuses to worse-at-low-TV teams (minor as they are). Would be hilarious to make up a warband of just the lower tiers.. I wonder if there should be a dwarf team of some sort, just in case an opponent picks Amazons/Woodies (seeing how much more weight there is on Flash/Flex teams). That is dependant on you getting the first pick of match-ups, so maybe not. I have two moves coming up within the month, so I don't think I need the extra hassle, but I'll keep this in mind if for some reason we don't get 6 coaches otherwise.
  4. Nah, if I kept track, it wouldn't be fun. From classes, I just pick whatever I have a quest for, or if nothing's up, then Rogue/Hunter because I like them. And never Paladin without a quest, because that whole class is so lame. Really unhappy about them giving Mage Conjurer's Calling, that just means you have to finish them off by t8 or you're screwed. Mages really didn't need any more unfair cards.
  5. Had my most fun arena run in a long while with a control Hunter. 12-2, just a whole lot of Marked Shots that remove something and give you another spell (sometimes another Marked Shot). Was funny to be the one dropping early minions on the board, then just... clearing every single thing the opponent put out. Wasn't completely ridiculous like my 3 x blink fox, 3 x huckster, 3 x evil miscreant Rogue deck, but you know, at least they had a chance vs the Hunter.
  6. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    Until Grumblekins works his magic and makes it available, THAT EPISODE IS LOST IN TIME AND SPACE Well, I'm glad we covered that!
  7. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    I remember that in ep13, we say 'and next, we'll cover Underworld' AND THEN WE NEVER DID So let me fix that mistake now: everyone should play them, but two headed gobbos are just ugly now, so I totally understand why you wouldn't. It's the main reason I didn't pick them.
  8. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    We did a Nurgle episode? Whoa.
  9. Coach name: Juriel Team name: Bearly Competitive Race: KISLEV BABY
  10. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    So, if anyone does manage to host the episodes, let me know. ...the Orca-Cola Cast Facebook page is still getting views. You can be a hero to a handful, perhaps even a dozen people!
  11. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    Skaven are love.
  12. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    I am now looking at gaming laptops to play BB2 on, so there is that.
  13. Juriel

    OCC cast?

    Yo yo yo. If someone has the files, and someone can host them, please do so, so I can link them on our Facebook page. People keep asking for them, I don't have them, and Xander's too distracted to upload them to Google drive.
  14. I just played a 5/20 Ozruk in arena. And it lived, not polyed or hexed right away! No, it got Deathwinged one turn later. I still won that game, because my deck has 4 Servants of Kalimos in it + 5 other elementals. (previous game, me and my opponent played a total of 7 legendaries, and 4 of those were Al'Akir..)
  15. Well, arena is funnier with dinosaurs, but also deeply stupider. I'm still playing, three years in, but good heavens, it's just a carnival ride now.
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