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  1. It now, confusingly, says "OCC Discord". We kind of figured most everyone coming here knows what Discord is, these days.
  2. Most of the visible changes have been made and should be self-evident, but here are some of the more important ones: Streamers now have a highly visible place to post updates in Streamer Updates The Locker Room is now for general discussion about BB-related things only For off-topic discussions, go to The Water Cooler Everything creative (that's not a team blog), from sigs to stories, now goes in The Creative Corner The racial subforums are gone, replaced by General Tactics and Team Tactics (use team tags to find posts) Team blogs should now always go in their specific forum, not in the tactics section The Resets & Validations forums are gone, and a new routine will be established before the start of S15 We're still working on the host change, and at some point the forums will likely go offline for a while. Just come back later if they don't load properly.
  3. I think Kjelstad means the old in-forum chat. We disabled that after starting a Discord server. If you want to chat, go there. It's considerably more lively than the old forum chat was, which used to have like 2 people idling.
  4. A forum restructure and host change will be under way during this downtime, so things may look wonky, be out of place, or disappear. Please bear with us! When it's done, I'll walk you through the important changes.
  5. As you all know, once you put on a green suit, it doesn't come off. But sometimes the colour fades over time into a fetching Teal colour. Dashingly handsome! And so it has with @wismerhill, who has been diligently greensuiting for many years now (dear me, has it been that long?) You'll still see him around, though, as a fluffmeister and tier admin, so don't you worry. Thank you for your service!
  6. You need to post in the decision thread in your division forum.
  7. If it's a server error I don't think there's much to do but wait for the servers to be ok. I've logged in fine now.
  8. We have a validation forum: http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/forum/547-validations/ Who your tier admins are you can find in your Tier Information forum, which you of course follow diligently like a good coach. And for an admin to be able to validate your match, they need confirmation from your opponent, best given in the above forum. Or, you can just wait until the end of the MD. If your admins haven't responded yet, it's likely because life is keeping them busy. They can't be expected to sort everything out immediately. Don't worry, it will get sorted.
  9. Changing Webhosts We've had a bit too many issues with our current webhost and have decided to bite the bullet and switch to a new one. This will happen in the downtime between S14 and S15, which will be extended by 1 week for the purpose (exact dates will be posted in the usual seasonal timeline topic). If all goes well, the Orca Coins plugin will work again, among other things! The End of Clubs As a part of moving hosts, we will be working on a forum restructure to clean up the clutter around this place. We will be disabling the clubs feature, as it didn't work out quite as hoped and split up the community too much. I will contact any active club owners to chat about the transition, but the intention is to make sure streamers get more visibility in the OrcaVision Broadcast Centre. Updates there will now be visible all over the forums!
  10. It's forbidden because it clutters up the team record, which we sometimes need to go through to make sure you haven't played matches outside the league (that DO give spps), or for other reasons. If you want to test your team out safely outside the league, you can make a copy of it as a custom team. If you're in the bottom three places of your tier you will get demoted, as a rule (though it may vary depending on how many coaches are making new teams or quitting the league).
  11. Just posting here if anyone is dropping by to say that BRAWL IS ALIVE AND FINE, even if these forums aren't. Check it out on our Discord, that's where the brawling happens.
  12. You can congratulate him in this topic in the Locker Room.
  13. Hear ye! The 12th season of the Orca Cola Brawl hath begun! Look for brawl mayhem in the OCC Discord #brawl channel.
  14. Hey there squiblars and gnobbers! This is OR-KAY, Editor-in-Chief at Orca Onion News. This season, we at the Orca Onion need your help! (image credit: sefipolis9 on Drawception) What with everyone getting their less-than-edited news from sources like Chitter ("Not right, but fast!") and Facetome (aka "The Book of Lies") these days, we're falling behind on funding. The noble art of reporting what actually happened is all but lost! And while we do employ an army of snotlings to scout all the OCC matches, those little buggers are more likely to eat their notepads or get eaten by trolls than report the news. So I want you to become an official Orca Onion News Scout! How? By reporting news-worthy items that concern the OCC in this linked thread! Simple enough! Bring us news of fantastic plays and high-tier nail-biters, by all means. But let's face it: we're desperate. We'll turn anything into an article. No matter what tier, no matter how mundane. Help us out here! If you don't, the OON may die! And then it's YOUR FAULT. Do you want it to be YOUR FAULT? No! So let's hear it folks!
  15. You have to clear it with your admins, first and foremost, as per III-B7 of the illustrious OCC Rulebook.
  16. The first requirement for joining is reading and following instructions.
  17. I think the only thing I haven't written a guide for is seeding. The procedure for seeding is basically "keep Pidpad alive".
  18. My first season in OCC BB1 was 14 I believe, though I played Snotling Soda Cup at least one season before that. I played necros and got my ass handed to me because I was a noob and eventually I raged out and didn't play for nearly a year (that was the infamous necro team that had three golems die in two seasons all of them to thrown rocks). Then I rejoined and I've played since, necros again, then underworld, then necros again in BB2. The only season I missed since then was season 11 of OCC BB2 when I needed a break. That was after 2+ pretty intense years of greensuiting and being responsible for bringing the league into BB2 (I was a red before that and I also helped run the Diet Orca Cola Championship, our BB2 test league). Anyway, I retired for the sake of my mental health but I still play. Some day I may return to adminship but right now the others are doing a swell job so I'm quite content to lean back and watch, not without a certain sense of pride for having laid a lot of the groundwork.
  19. Hear ye! Hear ye! His Royal Grace, the bedazzlifying Fimblemunch III, hath announced the opening of the eleventh season of the Orca Cola Brawl! His Royal Grace demands that you, his subjects, do REJOICE at this glorious news. Hear ye! Hear ye! His Royal Grace, the illuminatious Fimblemunch III, hath also announced that all who do not participate in this magnificent event, by his decree shall be named: SCOBBERLOTCHERS, CUMBERWORLDS, NINNYHAMMERS, LOITER-SACKS, WHIFFLE-WAFFLES, FOPDOODLES, &, last but not least, LUBBERWORTS! Ye can join the brawl by signing up with a fresh team in the Orca Cola Brawl, OCB Season 11 competition. Look for matches in the OCC Discord #brawl channel. Hear ye! Hear ye!
  20. It's impossible to sign up without a ticket after the season has started.
  21. We're in Blood Bowl 2, BB3 is but a whisper of a rumour as of yet. We're healthy. Not all parts of the forum are active, but we also have a Discord. This season features 180 coaches, and we've been hovering around the 200 mark since we started in BB2. And yes, the timing is bad because we're on MD1, but you can always sign up as a reserve. As for your forum name, if you're signing up in the league it has to match your BB2 name. Ask a greensuit to change it for you. I'll leave the final question for others to answer so they have something to do this morning!
  22. Returning team: Coach name: Rymdkejsaren Team name: Quantum Sufficit Race: Necromantic
  23. The best tools are forged in the hottest fires! Also, most of the time this game isn't fair. Ending up in a tough division can happen in any tier. Ask my necros they've been demolished twice.
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