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  1. Season 5 Divisions

    Great stuff!
  2. Season 5 Divisions

    I bet you were all waiting patiently. Well, it's time! You will find the divisions for Season 5 posted below! INSTRUCTIONS Find your division in-game and register (there are no tickets, applications are automatically approved). The leagues are called The OCC - Champs & T1 The OCC - T2 etc. To guarantee that you aren't replaced, you need to sign up in-game before Friday, December 15th, 20:00 UTC. Remember: You have to re-join even if you are in the same tier/division as last season! When you have joined, find your division forum on the OCC Boards and post in the participants thread (it will come up in the next few days). (If you can't access those boards, contact @Rymdkejsaren.) Season 5 kicks off Wednesday, December 20th. MD threads will come up on Sunday the 17th, so keep an eye on your division boards. If you weren't seeded, you have been put on the reserve list. There is still a good chance you will get to play. Keep an eye on your forum PMs, especially after the signup deadline. TAKE NOTE: It is obligatory for your forum name to match your BB2 coach name. If this is not the case, contact @Rymdkejsaren.
  3. Season 4 -> Season 5 Timeline

    Please note: In-game signup deadline changed to Friday 15th, 20:00 UTC.
  4. What to do between seasons

    One season ends, another begins It's time for two weeks of downtime, and while the coaches are all taking it easy, it's the busiest time of the season for the admins, as you can see on this 24/7 live feed of my work desk: Awards The new awards have been delayed a bit as we are waiting for the designs and working out how to implement everything smoothly. Rest assured that everyone will receive the awards they are due. People's Choice Awards Meanwhile, make sure to head to the People's Choice Award forum and vote for the MD thread you like the best. Votes will be counted on Wednesday the 13th. While you wait, Brawl! If you have been hiding under a rock and only coming out for your scheduled matches, you might not have realised that the OCC now runs a matchmaking league called the Orca Cola Brawl. You can pick up games on the #brawl channel on Discord. League name: Orca Cola Brawl. There's still plenty of time to beat your way onto the leaderboard. Help wanted! Or you can help us out. We need help both in the administrative and the creative department!
  5. Admin Recruits Wanted

    DON'T BE LEFT OUT! The redsuits are the bravest, most selfless bunch in the OCC. They keep this place running, and without them there would be no league. They are celebrated worldwide and hoisted by raving fans at the end of each season. They are showered with fame, glory, and gold. They are loved by all they meet*. And you could be one of them. Join the OCC redsuits now. Apply by sending your resumé to @Rymdkejsaren. Include vital information like: Previous admin experience (not required, but a plus) Experience with goblin wrangling (not required, but a plus) A Sonnet about your love for the OCC (not required, but a plus) Ankle size (so the chains fit) Most of all, a positive attitude and a willingness to step up and help! Please note that while you can also join the proud creative team (the fluffers!) as a redsuit, it is not a required part of the job. *Individual experiences may vary. The OCC accepts no responsibility for anything we just said. If a redsuit tells you they are not universally celebrated for their work at the OCC, it's fake news.
  6. Pidpad is our Season 4 Champion!

    Has anyone heard of this @Pidpad character? I'm trying to write something clever about him but I have NO IDEA WHO HE IS! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyhow, this random stranger has the great honour of being our Season 4 OCC Champion! *listens to earpiece* Oh. THAT Pidpad! The guy who's been doing the seeding for the OCC since time immemorial, and without whose contribution I would be reduced to a steaming pile of overworked tears by now. Oh, and he did it with brets! Well, in that case, CONGRATULATIONS, PIDPAD! To congratulate him and the others who won prizes, do head to the OCC Prize Pool thread!
  7. And here are our prize winners this season: Championship 1st place - @Pidpad - one game from the Top Pool (or lower) 2nd place - @Oni_Goku - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 3rd place - @zippy75 - one game from the Bottom Pool Division 1A 1st place - @Chora-Cra - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 2nd place - @BallztotheWalla - one game from the Bottom Pool Division 1A 1st place - @TheSpydyr - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 2nd place - @Fantus - one game from the Bottom Pool Congratulations to everyone! Winners, please answer this topic with the game you want from the OCC prize pool.
  8. 2 - Donating Games

    Updated to reflect Steam's new policy on gifts.
  9. Got Brawl?

    Got brawl? As season 4 is winding down, don't forget that you have the brawl to keep you playing in the OCC downtime! Come challenge us on Discord!
  10. OCC Season 4 signups

    If you want to be a reserve for Season 4, you need to enter the full details as per the instructions in the first post (and create the team in-game). Sign-ups for Season 5 are separate, and you will have to sign up for that when that thread opens (should be in a couple of weeks).
  11. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    If you want to join in as a reserve, post coach name, team name, and race in this topic:
  12. 2 - Donating Games

    This will be updated pending investigation, as Steam has changed their policy on gifting games, making it impossible to donate by buying and gifting games for me to hold. Screw them.
  13. OCC Season 4 signups

    That is likely fine most of the time. But sometimes you will need to offer some other time or day. For example, you may need to meet a non-Euro coach or a coach who doesn't work regular hours half-way. If your opponent can offer a variety of kick-off times and you can only offer the same one repeatedly, you may end up being ruled against if it comes down to an admin decision. Let me know if you want me to put you on the reserve list.
  14. S4 - Replacements Wanted

    You can pick any race.