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  1. We will likely need a couple more admins going into Season 3. Contact me if you are interested. Duties include: Taking responsibility. Finding your own butt when given a map. Possibly more.
  2. I totally forgot about that. :| @Tys and @smoked_g60 please let me know what games you want from the pool.
  3. Hope doesn't do a lot of good in either Blood Bowl or the OCC! Signups for Season 3 will come up in about a week, in this forum.
  4. You'll be contacted shortly.
  5. OCC 2 Season 2 prizes are: Championship 1st place - one game from the Top Pool (or lower) 2nd place - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 3rd place - one game from the Bottom Pool Tier 1 1st place - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 2nd place - one game from the Bottom Pool
  6. OCC1 Season 36 prizes are: Championship 1st place - one game from the Middle Pool (or lower) 2nd place - one game from the Bottom Pool
  7. We are currently looking for ~1600 Necromantic team in 4B
  8. My opponent Baron can not play today for connection problems, he won me the game, thanks you can validate
    1. Rymdkejsaren


      I have no idea who you are or why you are contacting me on my profile wall. Contact your admins, please and thank you.

  9. You can still sign up as a reserve using the link provided in the post.
  10. You can still sign up as a reserve using the link provided in the post.
  11. If it's a fresh team and you aren't already playing, you can sign up here and you'll be put on the reserve list: Replacements are temporary stand-ins who don't get to play on, and need to meet the general specifications of the team they are replacing.
  12. faq

    Updated. Warning points now degrade after a year.
  13. Right, we need a replacement: ~1400 Norse team in 4A If you want to practice your Norse game, contact Tier 4 admin team: @notafunhater @Cerumol @Flyktsoda @ElfiC
  14. We need more reserves. Anyone signing up with a fresh team will get a spot in T5 right away.
  15. This is a guide on how to create a feed that shows you all topics from areas you follow. It is a good way to keep up to date with everything that goes on in the OCC. Step 1 On the top right of the forums, below your profile link, click the link that says Unread Content. Step 2 You will see a messy page that has a lot of topics and comments listed. This is the default feed which shows everything on the forums that you haven't read. To clean it up, adjust the settings like this: So it doesn't show every single comment made, only individual topics. So it only shows content you follow. (For some reason, checking members breaks the feed. So don't do that.) So it will only show new topics or replies you haven't opened. The second setting means that you can just click the topic and it takes you to the newest reply (instead of the start of the topic). Step 3 Save the stream with a schwifty name. Then click the green checkmark next to the stream name to make it your default. Step 4 Each forum has a follow button. Click it. You can choose "Do not send me any notification" because you'll be using a news feed instead. Or you can leave it on for the most important stuff, like announcement and division forums. Remember to click Follow to finalise. You can also follow individual topics. Step 5 To see your nice new follow feed, click the name of your feed where it used to say "Unread Content". I prefer the Condensed setting (otherwise you get an excerpt of the content). You can click the Share icon to get the url for your feed, or just bookmark it and use it as your standard link. That way you'll get access to everything important right away. Step 6