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  1. Friendly games

    If you want to practice with your OCC team, just make an exact copy.
  2. Friendly games

    It's because it ends up in your team history. If you play a lot of friendlies, your history becomes a mess to look through if we need to spot check a team. We may lift the rule at some point as we can handle most of that through bb2lm, but for the time being, it's in place.
  3. Is it over? Did we win?
  4. I was wondering about that.
  5. I feel this one is quite likely to yield nothing over just one MD. It's probably more suitable as a full season thing.
  6. So if I score with a flesh golem or zombie tonight I'm golden.
  7. Yes. Congratulations. We're all very happy for you.
  8. Sounds good. Cause I haven't heard from my opponent this week, yet. :(
  9. Just a thought: what happens if a match is adminned? Do you get your coin back or is it lost? I can see both answers making sense for different reasons. Sure, a bet is a bet and it includes risk, but if you have 0% chance of winning, that sucks ass.