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  1. Rymdkejsaren

    Home / Away

    I've resurrected my old topic on Cyanide forums. Feel free to chime in, maybe it will catch their attention this time. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/3024/pc-distribution-of-home-matches-in-round-robin
  2. Rymdkejsaren

    Home / Away

    I've gotten 4 home matches for 9 seasons in a row. This is potentially very silly, especially if it's exploitable through team naming. Gorramit Cyanide, why in the world would you make it anything other than randomly assigned and distributed as evenly as possible? :(
  3. Rymdkejsaren

    Home / Away

    I've asked Cyanide to fix it so that it's randomly assigned and distributed as evenly as possible. No reply.
  4. Rymdkejsaren

    Season 10 Signups

    I think we should fire some orcs into the sun and make way for the flings But really, just hang tight and you may get a spot seeing as there are very often a few who fail to sign up. Keep an eye on forum PMs.
  5. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Is there supposed to be an image in that post? :( I swear Dropbox turned of all direct access to the public folder (they even sent out a mail about it). I used to run all images from there but had to switch to Imgur because I couldn't get it to work however I tried.
  6. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Well derp. I think I'm out of tech support options. Now we need the IT Crowd. You have turned it off and on again, right?
  7. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Dropbox doesn't allow hotlinking anymore, so there's your problem.
  8. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

  9. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Every update seems to bring new troubles.
  10. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Then you know it's best to assume people haven't tried the most obvious solutions. Uploads are not possible; I turned them off when the forum where giving us issues and never had a reason to turn them back on. Now that we have someone who actually knows what they're doing helping us with the forums, they may be able to look into it. Not my table anymore.
  11. Rymdkejsaren

    Adding Images to Posts

    Naw. Are you sure you are using direct links, i.e. ones that end with an image filename (.gif, .png, .jpg, etc.)? I just paste one of those in a message and it adds it.
  12. My guard wight MA-busted a guard Beast of Nurgle. 160k-110k+30k = 80k
  13. Rymdkejsaren

    Got Brawl?

    Season 7 of the Orca Cola Brawl has begun! Join us on in #brawl