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  1. Resetting MNG's for next season

    It just so happens that the MNG injuries sustained on MD9 last for two weeks longer than other MNGs. No one knows why, but we've all gotten used to it!
  2. Season 7 Signups

    Use the decision thread in your division forums.
  3. Leaderboards

    It's being handled. The domain expired and there's some manner of delay with getting it back.
  4. Greengloom is a moonsuit!

    Wait, I got that wrong. What I meant to say was: Mongloom is now a greensuit! EXPECTATION: REALITY: Welcome, Moongloom!
  5. Season 6 signups

    We have discovered that your behaviour in other leagues has been absolutely despicable. There is no room for coaches who behave like this in our community. None. You have been removed from the reserve list and you are no longer welcome to play in the OCC.
  6. Replacement thread for S6.
  7. Moving the library

    I've moved the entire library HERE. I'll delete the club in a couple of days.
  8. Hello Qualifier coaches. If there was ever any doubt, please note that: 1. The World Cup Qualifier is fully supported by the OCC rules. 2. The results of these matches determine who plays in the World Cup for a chance at big cash prizes. We take this responsibility very seriously. So if it's not abundantly clear... YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PLAY ALL YOUR WORLD CUP QUALIFIER MATCHES TO COMPLETION. Concessions will be treated as a concession is in the OCC proper, meaning the coach could end up being BANNED FROM THE OCC FOR LIFE. On top of that, many of the leagues in the BB Federation (a cross-league admin community for BB2) have stated that they are happy to ban people from their qualifiers if it's confirmed that they have quit other qualifiers in which they were performing poorly. Consider this your final warning.
  9. Season 6 signups

    Yes. Signups for Season 7 are a separate procedure.
  10. Time to widen the net?

    Hey. I'm taking a pause from brawl so I won't be paying much attention to the admin part either. I tried to book a Brawl match with Andy for like three months but he could never commit to a time. He wants me to just drop by but that's not something I'm comfortable with (need time to prep for being social), which I told him. Oh, well. If an opportunity comes up I'd still be happy to do it. So I won't be keeping an eye on brawly things anymore, but if you want help from me with something, just let me know.
  11. 2 - Orca Coins

    Orca Coins Coaches who rank high in the OCC will receive Orca Coins. Coaches can check their Orca Coin status at their Economy Dashboard, available in the drop-down menu found by clicking your name at the top right of the forum page. Orca Coin rewards I will post a list of seasonal rewards here once I've determined a good balance. The System Rules for cashing out games Games may only be cashed out during the cashout window (off-season, plus MD1 and MD2 of the following season). Each coach may only cash out one game per cashout window. Coaches can cash out games regardless if they gained any coins that season or not. To cash out a game, PM @Rymdkejsaren. First come, first served. Cost of games When a game enters the pool, it's price is set to the current undiscounted Steam price. Any game not picked at the end of the cashout window will have its cost reduced by one. Further, I reserve the right to change prices to reflect market changes.
  12. I'm going to move the library to the main fluff section as an open place anyone can contribute to. It's not getting a lot of traction here. Unlike other clubs for a game or streamer, it's not something people might go looking for. I'll leave it for a few more days so members can see this.
  13. OCC BB2 World Cup 2018 Qualifier

    In case someone missed it: Groups have been seeded and invites have been sent out. For further information, check out the WCQ forums: http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/forum/550-occ-world-cup-2018-qualifier/
  14. Season 6 Racial Mix....

    If my team gets wiped out this season I'll be happy to switch to something underrepresented. I'm a necro hipster, I played them before it was cool.
  15. Signing back up because you have the spots: Coach name (in-game BB2): Rymdkejsaren Team: Goblin Team name: The Legend of Farsnarf Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: See my last entry!