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  1. I believe I'm the gentleman in question, though that's a questionable statement as well seeing as one of the prerequisites for being a gentleman is having some kind of grooming standard.
  2. Rymdkejsaren

    Community Content

    Updated. Might take a few minutes to show.
  3. Rymdkejsaren

    Community Content

    Probably because I didn't update it when I did the overhaul. Let me have a look.
  4. Rymdkejsaren

    Ethelred Has Nothing Better To Do

    Making me want to go again, but not sure I have the stomach for COL, which is the only place I could run this long-term. And it would be long, long term. Good on you for sticking with it!
  5. Come play and you might get to fight the Lost Santas!
  6. Rymdkejsaren

    OCC cast?

    Stumbled across this for unrelated reasons: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamepodcast/24191/orca-cola-cast [Edit: nm, seems the files are down]
  7. Yeah, I'm not beating 90k. Sorry, I always forget to note my scores, but I MNGd a beastman so no reason to do the maths.
  8. Playing in a way that forfeits your chances to win the match isn't tactical, and saying that Blood Bowl boils down to the result of armour rolls is gross reductionism. So I'm not sure what you're looking for. Perhaps you want to play in a no-bash league? I'm not sure how many of those are around that aren't centred on stunty teams or have some other gimmick.
  9. Rymdkejsaren

    Season 9 Planning

    I missed out on the start of the season cause you keep making new forums and I'm not following them. I've now figured out that you can follow the whole club, so I'm back.
  10. Gotta keep the plebs from invading the palace.
  11. I've won a total of 6 coins on this but then I gave most of it to some beggar.
  12. Rymdkejsaren

    Season 9 Signups

    We're past due on the signups so if you want a shot at getting a reserve spot you should definitely decide on a team, create it, and post the name here. No time for indecision.