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  1. In! All I need to do is the same I did to the werewolf last match, except against the opposing team's players. Should be easy!
  2. Buttduck died on a failed GFI last night, so that was probably the highlight of the match. 160k value + 100k for death = 260k You're going to have to fireball some big guys now, kids.
  3. I only bh'd a zombie so I won't get close. Can't recall who did it but it hardly matters.
  4. I was thinking the same. The theme of the challenge is based on the player value, so the type of injury should weigh considerably less, a spice-up rather than something that completely stacks the contest. For the future, I might suggest something like MNG 10k, Permanent 30k, Death 50k? Still a bonus but the player value is in focus which is the idea of the challenge.
  5. You could definitely win this by taking down a rat ogre with Grumpy. So far, the winners haven't been madly impressive. Do eeet!
  6. I do be in. Dainbread is having a sick day so he won't steal all the blitzes!
  7. I believe my lowest is 11 for the ghoul score. (MA7, AG3, Dodge.)
  8. Yeah okay, I'll surprise score with my golem! Also where's my money shower?
  10. I had BH, didn't report in cause I assumed it wasn't enough. Can't link anything, I'm on my phone.
  11. New Coach asking

    It's called learning by dying.
  12. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    I had two matches in COL and was reminded of why I vowed never to return to it. I play some extra matches in the Orca Cola Brawl. We could use some more coaches in there!