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  1. [OCC] Little Fockers. PM'd Meshuggah as well. I'm loving the lineup! Let's show em what OCC can do!
  2. The biggest benefit from having a team from Oddball is being able to select 2 from either Power or Smash. If we take both Skaven and Dark Elf from Flash, then all we are really doing is replacing Brets (or Amazon) with Flings. I'm not sure that's worth it. So two lines of thinking, I suppose. If we want to try to get the biggest advantage from the rules, then I think Dorfs or Orcs might be preferred to either Rats or DE. But if this chosen race composition is trying to fit square pegs in round holes in regards to coach's "best" races, then perhaps we should dump the Flings and pick the best 6 races for our talents. Thoughts?
  3. Didn't I see your name listed for UKBBL for this past season?
  4. Lock me in for Halflings then - [OCC] Little Fockers. It'll be the 600 TV build with two Block Treemen (so 660 TV). I love Jump Up for Trees, but I think the importance placed on Cas/Kills means Block makes more sense. I'm also a big fan of team unity, so I'd be down if everyone wants to try to use the same logo and color scheme. =) Let me know! And I've already signed onto their Discord server.
  5. Since this is low TV format, I think I could do some damage with 3 Block/MB players. Not many other teams could match that for "valid kill" potential. Downside is this team could give up more casualties. *shrug* But yeah, there are some possible strong combos if we ran an Oddball team. WE (or Rats), Zons, Undead, Orcs and Dorfs? Yikes. Though both Humans and Khemri get a nice boost with the NAF bonus. HE or PE with starting Guard is pretty great too. But I'm also flexible if our captain thinks there's a stronger collection of teams. I have experience with Humans, Liz, Norse, Undead, Necro and Dorfs as well.
  6. I'd be proud to help represent OCC in this. And I'd be happy to play Halflings so the team would have more options to select from. =)
  7. Larkstar

    OCC cast?

    Just remembered I download most of these ages ago. I checked and have the MP3 for Episode 13 Underworld - 48.1 MB. Let me know if you need me to get it to you.
  8. Coach name (ingame): Larkstar Team name: Dirty Fockers (returning team) Race: Halfling
  9. Larkstar Kislev Flipping Fools Confirm I meet the age requirements
  10. Did the OCC just go hippie? Make love, not gang fouls? =)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Scud


      FEEL THE LUV <3

      (Bleed without mercy)

    3. meebee


      Hippie style suits my girls at its best. We are all about love. Free hugs for everyone!

    4. Bantha


      We love open necks!

      Fangs out!

  11. Flings4Eva!

    1. AllyRdr


      you've spelt dwarves wrong

    2. jbecks


      nice one! glad to hear it mate! AllyRdr...no words can describe the disappointment in you! :D

  12. Decisions are looming! Stuck on yours? Join the Flings!

    1. Remthar


      We have cookies! And all the other food, to be honest...

    2. BrotherKane


      Just think of the warm glow you get when you steal all the opponenets re-rolls!

  13. And so begins the 2 week OCC withdrawal...

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