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  1. Kobolds and Catacombs

    Yep, looks interesting. Flavour is cool. Dungeon run seems a blast. And that stream was awesome
  2. Warrior decks

    Ah. I don't have the Hydras either.
  3. Warrior decks

    Some people have switched to Keleseth with some success it seems. I have never played Pirate Warrior so I can't help you much. You can try that though: http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/jambres-post-nerf-aggro-pirate-warrior-september-2017/
  4. Rogue decks

    I'm at 33-13 with this deck and reached rank 5 in Standard faster than I have in a while. Love it.
  5. Arena

    Well that was probably my last good Warrior Arena run for the foreseeable future. No way this deck does 9 after FWA gets nerfed. On the plus side there is a bit more variety: I had a Warrior at 7, Shaman at 8 and the last one was a Druid. He got Spreading Plague, Bonemare 1 + second one from Forager to save his bacon three times after early flappy bird and Hydra. I missed the 7/17 to draw what I needed to clear the Taunt and finish him with my Sabretooth Stalker (2 FWA, Mortal Strike, Blood Razor, Fool's Bane, Kor'Kron Elite, Argent Commander). After the missed draw, he played UI and it was over.
  6. Rogue decks

    Case in point:
  7. Rogue decks

    Edwin is actually very good. Between Firefly, Backstab, Swashburglar and the copies from Shadowcaster, it's easy to pump him decently. And coining him on T2 is excellent against the current number of Priest decks floating around. I included Shaku because I recently crafted him and I have only one Shadowcaster, he is often game winning in my limited experience.
  8. Rogue decks

    You might enjoy that one Danton, I find it a blast to play. Kibler's again, I swapped a Shadowcaster for Shaku and I don't regret it. ### Shadow Watson # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (0) Backstab # 2x (1) Fire Fly # 1x (1) Patches the Pirate # 1x (1) Southsea Deckhand # 2x (1) Swashburglar # 1x (2) Prince Keleseth # 1x (3) Edwin VanCleef # 2x (3) Plague Scientist # 1x (3) Shaku, the Collector # 2x (3) SI:7 Agent # 2x (3) Tar Creeper # 2x (4) Fire Plume Phoenix # 2x (4) Tol'vir Stoneshaper # 1x (5) Shadowcaster # 2x (5) Vilespine Slayer # 1x (6) The Black Knight # 2x (7) Blazecaller # 2x (7) Bonemare # 1x (8) The Lich King # AAECAYO6AgiyAtQF+AzcrwKRvALJvwLCzgKc4gILtAHdCJK2AoHCApnCAqzCAuvCAsrDAsjHAqbOApTQAgA= #
  9. Arena

    OK that was dirty but so satisfying to kill a DK in Arena... First time I actually manage it and my deck is far from OP.
  10. Constructed - Standard

    I could get behind the nerfs if I was convinced the Druid plague will calm down. It does not feel that way.
  11. Constructed - Standard

    Not sure how I feel about FWA and Hex. Not good news for Arena anyway.
  12. Paladin decks

    Credit for this one goes to Mr. Kibler. I only replaced Tarim (which I don't have) with Bolvar and so far he has done very well. This deck is a blast to play and performs extremely well, even against the accursed Druid plague. ### Handbuff # Class: Paladin # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Righteous Protector # 2x (1) Smuggler's Run # 1x (2) Prince Keleseth # 2x (3) Aldor Peacekeeper # 2x (3) Rallying Blade # 2x (3) Stonehill Defender # 2x (3) Tar Creeper # 1x (3) Wickerflame Burnbristle # 2x (4) Chillblade Champion # 2x (4) Corpsetaker # 2x (4) Spellbreaker # 1x (5) Bolvar, Fireblood # 2x (5) Grimestreet Enforcer # 2x (6) Spikeridged Steed # 1x (6) The Black Knight # 2x (7) Bonemare # 1x (8) The Lich King # 1x (8) Tirion Fordring # AAECAaToAgb6BvgMvL0Cws4CnOIC0OICDPIFjwnZrgKzuwKVvAKbwgLKwwKIxwLjywKmzgL30AKW6AIA
  13. Single Player content

    Got him too at about the same time as Pid. He's pretty cool and gave me a 12-1 run for his first try at Arena Usual suspects ftw: 2 Stonehill Defender, 2 Spikeridged Steed, 1 Primordial Drake, 1 Devilsaur, 1 Bonemare. Only loss was at 6-0 against a Druid who had two Spreading Plagues and Ultimate Infestation. Would still have won behind my Taunt wall but he had the spells to finish my last HP (Swipe and Starfire).
  14. Single Player content

    Done and without the coin toss. Rallying Blade equipped and double Divine Strength on Barnes for an exact 8 damage - lucky he had no Taunt res by Frostmourne List if anyone is interested, because it's a fun way to do it. ### Custom Paladin # Class: Paladin # Format: Wild # # 1x (0) Forbidden Healing # 2x (1) Blessing of Wisdom # 2x (1) Divine Strength # 2x (1) Repentance # 2x (1) Sacred Trial # 2x (2) Argent Lance # 2x (2) Equality # 2x (2) Holy Light # 2x (2) Seal of Light # 2x (3) Rallying Blade # 1x (4) Barnes # 2x (4) Consecration # 2x (4) Hammer of Wrath # 2x (4) Truesilver Champion # 2x (5) Solemn Vigil # 1x (6) Enter the Coliseum # 1x (9) Majordomo Executus # AAEBAZ8FBOkR3hSKrgKFuAIN6AH6AaMC3AP0Bc8G3QrpD+IRoBXTFtmuAt2uAgA= #
  15. Single Player content

    I've completed (in order) Priest (Unicorn), Druid (Astral Communion), Hunter (Molten Giant ftw), Rogue (Pirate with Ship's Cannon, need to kill T7), Shaman (Evolve deck). Working on Paladin with a troll deck. Have only Barnes and Majordomo in your deck. Play Barnes T7 to pull Majordomo. He will kill it with Frostmourne. Equality/Consecrate and Hero Power, pray it goes face to kill him. Failed the toss three times so far