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  1. and thanks for murdering every team you will play
  2. I know that you can click on the league and view the info or there is a join button under each of the divisions. I had a hell of a time the first time I joined the league and a few problems every season afterward. Why you can not join while you are looking at the division is beyond me. The middle picture under me. That lower button screwed me up a few times. The last pic is on 6A but since you say you found it the admins probably didn't screw it up. Probably.
  3. @wismerhill wants Grave Digger back
  4. Kjelstad

    Tie Breakers

    I was looking at standings the other day and thought I had it figured out with Touchdowns then Casualties but after looking at Champ Tier I am assuming it is TD Difference and then Casualties?
  5. My version has a magic dome. Not that I am saying you are wrong, but maybe it gets lost in translation. [I see what you mean. I have the Magic Dome but when I went up to standings it said I have a "roof"] Nuffle = Nuffle alter -50K for stars Refreshment Area =The beer stand Surf +1 food area = Squig Sandwich Stand: Throw a Rock and Get the Ref events are cancelled. referee area = referee rest area, free bribes security area cancels riots and pitch invasion Bazar = Wizard Roof = Magic Dome, no weather. VIParea = the Royal Box, double fame gain/loss Wit the obvious elf grass and astrogranite that is all 10. Bold are confirmed but I really doubt the last two are backwards.
  6. And there you run off proselytizing without me. Or maybe I am just late, a bad saint.
  7. Hey, have I got a team for you! You should play... oh god damn, he beat me to it...
  8. I'm using BBLE. You can't stop me! His teams are all Auld and one Nagg team. it might be easier to just buy a new computer.
  9. Vampires?  One of us!  I see your name and instantly think of Lizards.  Feels weird but I like it.

    1. jrpeart


      Yeah, I was Lizards for so long I may have burnt myself out on them.

      The Vamps have been my "reliable" team, what with playing Ogres over in BC2.

      Of course they've been reliably relegating sideways in tier 4 for a few seasons now.

  10. Kjelstad

    OCC Awards

    The OCC awards not working? Good to see some things never change.
  11. I was going to add that the admins roll the matchday on Tuesday/Wednesday so you can not play games early/late but then I realized I have no idea how the BB2 client works. By saying that "plenty of coaches are willing to give help or advice if you want it" he means that they are willing to give you a good a thorough beating, but as long as you finish all of your games, no one would dare complain. Playing against teams that have the same number of matches as your team while building your team for the competition you know you will face is much more satisfying than a random game. And people that play your race will flock together (or scurry like dirty little plague rats) to help you and give you advice in your section.
  12. Kjelstad Bats are Back Vampire
  13. I will be a reserve when a 7 drops out. Kjelstad Vampire I will come up with a name when I figure out this new system. It is new and different and scares me.
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