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  1. If its rank 0 I could run a squad, not sure what tickles my fancy though. I'll think on it but at rank 0 I can spare the time.
  2. Sometimes. Basically for PvP its an option that's worth of consideration depending on my opponent, for single player I don't use impressive units after I've maxed one out because the AI has so many issues with them its basically cheating and makes the game a walkover even on Deadly difficulty, it also makes daemons a complete non threat which I find dull. My Rat Ogre Manthing Mangler has a lot of back story and has never been taken out of action, he's build isn't perfect but that's because some of his skills were changed after I developed him and he was my first ever Impressive unit in my first progressive Warband. However when supported with Filth and Order he smashes things and as far as I'm aware he has accumulated more XP in a single mission than anyone has that posts online. When I post screen shots of two missions for XP gain I get a lot of holy fucks and God Damn which speaks for itself. So most people think this is pretty impressive But... This ones the total to beat However my leader normally buffs my Warpguard Hero, who will pump out 9-12 attacks per round with poison once buffed at around 50 base damage (+15-30 poison) and stacking critical chance, along with some henchman to bring up there damage potential. I do use a Mighty Charge, Daredevil, Black Hunger, halberd wielding hit and run mastered black rat for damage output (150-200 damage on first charge or 300ish on a critical) along with my Warp Lightning Sorcerer for general damage output but neither of these gains anything from being buffed via order. Actually there's a video of a Skirmish with me using Mercs when the game was still in early access that shows why its pointless to use Order on a Great Weapon even if used by an impressive as my Ogre had its damage reduced to nothing...
  3. AoE damage, hes got intel 20, mastered armour damage aoe curse, mastered boon (its great attacks cause damage you can stack 100's of damage so quick), hes covered against miscast best I can and has a amulet of casting as he's spells are really difficult, I also have cauterise because of curses and open wounds, He has some basic combat stuff along with step aside but his role is to sit behind the front line just outside of combat, that stuff is just there to get him by. Mastered Daub of Hatred is really important on him to get his damage up, and you'll want a book of intel and to put extra points in there as you want it at 20. He also needs high toughness. Its a common misconception that you should build Doom Weavers as Miscast bombs, really that's a terrible idea, avoid the miscast as much as possible and they make very good priest like casters, with great supporting abilities and some good combat stats. Idol of change is so good its broken though, it not only offers magic resistance, cheaper spell casting but also debuffs divine casters making it win win win. They are hard to level up though and they are difficult to build well like all the DLC guys because they are wide rather than deep so you need to focus and reinforce that focus using tomes. I love the idol as I also use quickened spell when I'm using a potion of concentration or a aytheric charm that's spells costing 2 less OP which is really rather good, especially if you have some non casting actions you can make use of as well (my leader has mastered Order along with battle tongue, so he will drop flith down on 2/3 front line at zero OP casting cost, the mists for a single OP, Order, Order, mastered introspection then Order again. before engaging step aside all of which he can do at 30-40 yards behind the front line out of danger.
  4. Yeah Rune of pain (+10%), Mastered spell, + int 20 (max, 60%), then increase your range via the mastered skill which massively boosted your AoE. I use idol of change and quicken spell with a aytheric charm to get 3-4 casts off per turn...when in place. So one or two rounds of intense casting and that's it from them in terms of risk.
  5. There's a Necromancer spell that's actually broken right now the big AoE one has no casting consequences when they should be stacked high. Talon does take me as that sort of player actually, and no they don't play with consequences its why I don't play in those tourneys I think its boring. Who beat him I could likely guess I know most of the guys who play a lot, many of them do play testing with me so we get good at breaking the game. I love Sorcerers they are just a lot of commitment, I use a leader seer and a Warp Lightning machine who's can brutally lay down 3 warp lightnings per round with extended range and maxed out damage its brutal you can normally hit 3-5 targets at about 60 damage per strike.
  6. My Verminkin are skirmishers, so rapid reload, quick swap, warp/numbing poison, a single hand weapon, step aside, crippling/pinning shot (to match poison). the overwatch stance. I use them to shoot and control areas then engage for numbers and breaking foes. They are also useful in a pinch to slow down armband wielders and daemons if I'm caught flat footed.
  7. Sorry I missed part of your question, my best success in multiplayer against Mercs using rats has been to use the Rat Ogre to carve my way though there front line, Normally I don't use impressive units at high rank but it can be very challenging to handle a fully supported impressive just on the pure damage it brings in such a focused manner. However I normally lose against Mercs (but my own Mercs have 100% win rate against all comers and they are the strongest warband in the game) though I suffer more with Sisters using rats (but my Undead destroy sisters). The most successful player in MP is named Talon, this guy has been winning tournament after tournament with his warband's which are built with such focus and on point synergy, he also has way too much patience when using them and will happily spend 3-4 hours in a positional chess match to gain the upper hand. He has a merc Warband that uses two Warlocks that have exhaustion, knowledge mordheim mastery and he boosts them with the sisters ability for buffing movement. These guys can hit you with magic outside of missile range and have 12yards of movement per sp so you can't get close to them even with rats, they will snipe and grind and snipe until your too weak to do anything about it. I don't think I could ever play the way Talon does, its boring as hell but his Warbands are designed very very well and are always of interest to me. Be it his melee resistance exploiting Chaos or his twin Warlock Mercs and his Dual Black Skaven rats his warbands are very impressive, I just don't know where he finds the time to build so many so well and I don't think I could build a warband up and only use it for exhibition games its dull. But that's a personal taste thing, nothing more.
  8. Yeah your right its better now than it was, since I wrote about that topic many changes have come along in terms of magic resistance, so you can build against it along with ranged attacks, however it takes a lot of development and doesn't help you against all opponents so its very risk reward. The best way to shut down Human controlled warbands using rats is to simply not hesitate, Against the AI you can pull there fighters away and pick them off, this combined with the natural boosted AI stats and damage make it more intelligent to fight cautious and careful, this is simply not the case against another human any hesitation and they will make you pay and your going to lose one or two fighters at turn from attrition. You want to scout them and then get you whole warband in range but out of sight for a single wave strike, hit hard hit fast and you'll overwhelm them on your terms. You can't keep things at range and hope to pick them off. The Globe Thrower can shut down enemy magic now at range something that was simply impossible previously and that's huge, though it can be hard to use effectively, he also brings healing allowing you to run away after your alpha strike and heal up before going in again, you've got all that speed you may as well exploit it. In regards to your build above I'm not sure you'll find that runner more than situational and while it obviously has its bases covered in defence I'm not sure it packs enough punch to get the job done up close. I think a hit and run runner is the best approach if you use your wits you can get some silly amounts of movement with him allowing you to get in and get out of response range (or better to retreat so if followed you have a trap waiting for your opponent). Jaw strike I think just isn't worth the OP better to work a critical or poison build and just cripple any target than be so specifically focused. Magic is still a big deal no doubt about it, but previously it was almost impossible to stack more than 30-40% resistance (magic resistance doesn't work the same and melee and ranged resistance its an enitrely different roll to determine effect rather than being combined into combat hit/miss chance, so it needs to be a lot higher to be effective). Now I can get 80% magic resistance without really trying that hard and I can boost it in other ways such as Idol of change (which is fantastic for Skaven who like magic because it also cripples divine casters and boosts your casting). So we now have other effective way to reduce the impact magic has in the game, so its more about combined arms and for Rat's the ability to Skirmish rather than be engaged in a protracted fight. Have you played around much with Black Rats yet? They are one of the most devastating units in the game, mine will kill any non impressive unit in a single turn if I can get the charge, having that sort of power commands huge fear and while its a complete glass cannon I feel such builds are what Skaven are all about. Oddly though I hate assassins, I plainly don't use them and haven't since the game was in early access, I find the Seer is actually one of the best leaders in the game up there with the Sisters matriarch and witcher hunters led by a warrior priest. The ability to have supporting leadership abilities and buffing and debuffing magic provide so much more to the Warband than the highly fragile and very difficult to use effectively assassin. The issue with the Assassin is its best in the front line taking the enemy head on which is about the last place you want your leader to be, especially with rats who's leadership leaves a lot to be desired. I guess I'm just bitter from losing too many Assassins to a single lucky critical where as a Seer is never in the position where hes going to get hit in the first place, this allows me to ignore morale and if things are going bad to simply retreat by choice as I have only a 5% (minimum route check failure). I like having this control and while its actually possible to create a unbreakable Undead Warband I'm not sure I'd go that way because you won't ever be allowed to run by choice.
  9. Enshrouding mists is a fantastic spell, though you will be caught out if you start playing against humans after using rats extensively against the AI as the AI can't build for magic at all and is subpar at best with ranged units meaning with Enshrouding mists your basically immune to ranged offence, Against a human even mastered the debuff provided by mists isn't going to get you very far against anyone skilled and you'll swiftly discover that enemy magic is your bane. You really want to get channelling mastered as a priority because without it even casting twice in a turn becomes more risk than the gained reward, seers curse is just plain risky for you right now and I'm not sure its a great pick until much later on. I have a huge amount of Skaven experience so if there's anything you want to know in terms of builds or ideas feel free to ask, I've been playing undead a very little else since they were in beta but I have easily 800 hours in game using just rats so I do know them inside out.
  10. i wouldn't even consider using grimores on a non maxed out fighter, they are too rare a resource. You won't get more until you max out reputation with the various organisations, which i can tell you takes a minimum of 100missions and could easily be two or three times that number.
  11. I'm not sure I've got time for games at the moment but if I were to play it would have to be rank 0 as rank 5 while my preferred starting point due to roster diversity simply takes too long for me to play at the moment due to the size of the Warbands.
  12. There's no limit at all, though you'll need to manage morale of the enemy to really spend a long time in game and you'll normally only find that worth while when looking to complete missions or if there's something you really need. Remember for every warband member you have not OOA at the end of the game you get 5% of the remaining loot in addition to anything you've collected. This goes up to 6%/7%/8% for hard/brutal/deadly difficulty and is boosted again if you complete your mission. So with 10 Warband members not taking any casualties and completing the mission will likely get 100% of the loot. Loot in the enemies Wagon as well as Wagons and quest chest aren't included in this nor are items looted by the enemy that aren't scavenged. Honestly out side of quest missions I'd personally only worry about wyrd stone collection and search stashes if its only costing 1 or two sp out of your way. Quest missions are a special point however because they contain huge stashes of wyrd stone in the enemy wagon and often have a ton of good wyrd stone around the map as a result I generally set up conveys to move stuff back to my wagon (no space in inventory for that much stuff) however because these mission don't complete without multiple objectives being achieved time is never an issue (these missions do take hours to play sometimes, especially the act 2 ones).
  13. Well if it isn't broke why fix it? However you should really consider things like when in the initiative round to engage an opponent as well as stuff like cover and line of sight and charge arcs. Next you'll be saying you just run forwards putting everything on ambush...
  14. For cash terms its better to not worry about levelling non heroes while money is a factor and also don't stress about masteries until maxed out on anything other than impressives and wizards. Often its worth waiting before committing to early skills and keeping the points for use once your stats are higher. This is because most of the big defences require 9 in a characteristic to take at basic and 15 at mastery. Also you'll have a better feel for the fighter and can build skills in a more focused manner as a result. Wizards are the most expensive fighters to level in the game and what's worse is to be actually effective and worth having they need multiple mastered skills and mastered spells meaning they are often best left until you get free rank 7 ones via missions/rewards or when money is no longer a concern. Spell casting without mastered channelling just isn't worth while and unmastered spells lack effects and range to make them actually viable in a non situational manner. This means a wizard built up from rank 0 is going to need another role or method of fighting they are also going to need baby sitting. That's not to say its not rewarding, my first ever Seer, in my first ever warband was built up from rank 0 and is one of my most storied fighters (he's never been taken OOA either and has been leading my rats on more than a 100 missions). All this said Wizards are immensely powerful and I'd argue the Warlock is the best damage dealer in the game (including impressive units). My general rule is to not worry about skills too much until a fighter is rank 3/4 at which point I start leveling a basic skill set for my build, I then continue to add basic skills but no masteries (with the noted above exceptions) other than defensive stances until rank 7 at which point I stop putting skills on until they max out and get the rank 10 skill point dump this gives a huge amount of skill points to really finalise those builds but is highly expensive and requires about a month of down time for the fighter (but that's no an issue because they are rank 10 so better to train someone else rather than use them suboptimal). Finally don't worry though money isn't going to be an issue forever (in Mordhiem anyway).
  15. They also have a build that I've not tried that can focus on Initiative management, this is more something you'd want for multiplayer opposed to against the AI where its not needed and would be overkill. By using the passive initiative stacking and debuffing this will allow you to act twice in succession against a target essentially removing the enemies chance to respond. Combined with Staggering Blow this can be brutal, altering a targets initiative by 40 per hit and increasing your own every time you take damage. To utilise this however you need the entire Warband built around taking advantage of initiative manipulation which requires a lot of forethought and planning when playing to really get the most out of however if done its arguably the strongest build/playstyle in the game but it is also pretty dull and very non flashy.
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