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  1. I was hoping as much also. That's what I though, impossible to keep track of really, just thought I'd mention it as I didn't see it in the rulings.
  2. I ment snotlings as they are strength 1.. but thanks!
  3. As above, in game if a player with Ag1 suffers a Ag decrease or any player with a stat minimum suffers a decrease the player is only badly hurt and is back for the next match. I wanted to know if there was any rulings on this or even if you were aware this bug exists. It doesn't crop up often to be fair and the main teams effected are Lizards and will be Ogres if its not addressed in legendary edition. It is annoying however, I'm thinking any monitoring of this and controlling it is going to be more effort than is possible. The only solution I can think of is too keep said player in the reserves when possible and then to play them like a 12th man if forced onto the pitch but its far from perfect. Thanks crimsonsun
  4. Coach name (ingame): crimsonsun Team name: Pride and Hubris OCC Race: Brets I cannot read, so the rulebook is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Really wishes I'd not retired my Khemri. opps.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. zippy75


      and their luck had to change...

    3. Chubberson


      It wears off after a while :D

    4. jbecks


      6a looks like it will be a fantastic season!

  7. who the fuck let u back in? lol :p

  8. The Addiction get a 2nd Legend!! :D

  9. Mangers Down again it seems!

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    2. crimsonsun


      It was working this morning!

    3. Zgagor


      The Admin team is aware of this and a decision will be announced shortly.

    4. yedee


      It's back!

  10. Bloodbowl Manager seems to be playing up again? Cant load rosters or match reports...

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    2. zippy75


      what do we do if it isn't working?

    3. ToveriV


      Still not firing up.

    4. crimsonsun


      Yeah I can't connect anymore either. Hopefully it will be back online sooner rather than later! Glad I'm not an Admin atm! lol

  11. Happy birthday sir just noticed so I thought I'd wish you the best!

  12. Just letting you know I'm placing a bounty on the head of every memeber of your new team... Have a nice day.

  13. Anyone else having issues with bb manager? Every time I generate a match report all I get are blank pages ?

    1. jounisii
    2. crimsonsun


      Well at least I'm not alone misery loves company and all that

    3. ToveriV


      Same thing here.

  14. Arse, Bugger and Toss I just burned out my graphics card, I have colour returned now (my screen was loading in shades of pink) but I will have to order a new card I cannot afford this weekend...:(

    1. zunova


      Don't order just yet. Will send pm.

    2. stuartddj


      Same all my stuffs in storage I have 2 you could of had!

      But HD porn will do that

  15. When you positively wanna kill every Motha F***** in the Room... There can be no exceptions...