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  1. Am I only person here that misses at @Vedholm?
  2. If he's at the Euro Open next weekend and actually coaching over playing, I'll submit. If he's scared f the Welsh 'B' team, the Danish probably need to surrender?
  3. Who's this TippleSkulls thingy? Some sort of Danish idiot, a pastry, a Danish....
  4. Returning Coach Verbal_HM Natural Synergy Human
  5. Sorry, my bad. Rusty doesn't describe me atm. Went looking for the season transition time post a week or so ago and failed to find it. Just found it today... Please put me down for reserves, I'll try again in 9 weeks, hopefully I'll be slightly more on the ball... Somebody could have nudged me with a PM, but at end of the day it was my fuck up, I need to own it. Again, sorry for being lame.
  6. @Pidpad I've sat out my 9 weeks. I want back in! Same team, I'm going to make these humans work even if it kills me...
  7. I think I'm back on the list, or at least I'd like to be for S7. Returning with the same crappy human team.
  8. You give people 3 easy points and all they're bothered about is the spp and money... Whatever happened to wanting to win the division or not getting demoted!
  9. who the fuck let u back in? lol :p

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