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  1. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    Played Match 4 - my son was out for lunch so I got a quick game in on his pc Another close 1-0 Human win. My 1100+ humans faced a 1500+ Orc Team. I took a Wizard, 2 Babes, 2 Merc Linemen [and a Journeyman Lineman]. First half Orcs battered my team - used a Wizard to floor some but a Black Orc got the ball and legged it to my EZ. 1d Human Blitz got me the ball, and a long pass to a Blitzer got me a defensive TD. Second half me down players, including the Ogre, to sweltering heat - 11 Orcs beagn taking my 10 Humans apart - lost my Blodge Catcher st bust to a gangfoul....but I hung on for turn after turn by running away to the sidelines, my own EZ, with one wingman to stop the crowdsurf - was I glad the Orcs were MA5 and MA6...phew. Opponent was pleasant and focussed: he did not make any errors- the Wizard and a long pass got me the win.PCW Humans 4-0-0...and ranked 444th out of 5550 Teams.
  2. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    I have only Coached humans two times before...from memory. In 1997 in 3rd Ed Tabletop. Then in 2012 or so...BBCE in a Cripple Cup Competition. Feels so different from Chaos and Dark Elves - the two teams I am used to. I think I will keep going to get to 50..even when COL reboots.
  3. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    Played Game 3 after a S33 2A MD1 match where I forgot to use one of my best players in the second half.... A tight 1-0 Human win - was looking bad until the Underworld Coach fouled with the Troll and got sent off in the second half, meaning I was able to break free and score T16. PCW Humans 3-0-0 ...and ranked 565th out of 5333 Teams. The 50 games are going to take a while...
  4. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    I actually like the 2 mins in COL...games are quick :).
  5. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    Once RPS Paper finishes I'll give it a go... ..at the moment the 2-min turns in COL help me re fast gaming practice :).
  6. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    Have cut down my Leagues to four....in a fortnight will be three. Two weekly and one fortnightly. ..in ad-hoc gaps have tried COL...2 games for my Pidpad Challenge. One coach zero chat, other coach pleasant. Will probably try the odd COL game for my Pidpad Challenge, unless it becomes unpleasant...
  7. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    Game 2 against a pleasant coach and his Kislev. All in aggressive tactics - he killed a Blitzer, my Apothcary failed. Tight 1-0 Human win. PCW Humans, 2-0-0 ..and ranked 779 out of 5125 Teams.
  8. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    ...and 1024th rank out of 4766 teams.
  9. Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    ..and began it, with my first race: Humans. PCW Humans. 1-0-0 Played against a Chaos Team - he tight caged, I did falling back and an occasional block. he lost 2 Casualties in the block war and was stuck at halfway line by T6...and he conceded. Zero chat contact.
  10. I'l see how it goes!....I have never actually tried the Challenge...
  11. I am looking for one in which I can get to 50 game with one team... :).
  12. Hi RK, which Public League are you playing in?
  13. ..right: going to start this tonight. Is COL the best BB2 Ladder to play in to get to 50 Games per race?
  14. ..right: going to start this tonight. Is COL the best BB2 Ladder to play in to get to 50 Games per race?
  15. Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    CCL has been very good - all Coaches playing to the end - and has improved my play. Ah, yes, The Pidpad Challenge...I should do that!! Some races I have NEVER Coached....