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  1. Waleed

    Season 10 Tier 1B

    Cor!..thanks for posting. Not seen it yet..am awaiting contact from another league Coach for a late night game... ..but I'll post a link into my Team post
  2. ....yikes... "Liberate tutemet ex inferis"
  3. Hans Gruber had used his range of contacts to ensure he had the four gifts required for Lennifer... Something Olde: The Ogreanite Ruby Pendant. Hans had used his contacts in the Altdorf Secret Service to gather intel on where Belladonna’s Raiding Party was based. Belladonna was the psychotic Witch Elf Hans had retired from all raiding in week two. Using Borgman Steelhammer, a Dwarf Mercernary pilot, to stealth gyrocopter him into the base, Han singlehandedly broke into the iron safe of the late Belladonna and appropriated the Ogreanite Ruby Pendant which had been crafted 2400 years ago by a talented Ogre jeweller. The Ruby was the size of a hen’s egg and encased in heavy granite housing – perfectly suited to a woman of Lennifer’s stature. Something New: the keys to Airwolf - A Stealth Gyrocopter. Hans used some of his savings at the Main Bank of Aldorf to purchase Airwolf, a state-of-the art Gyrocopter. This he presents to Lennifer, with a ten year guarantee from Steelhammer. Airwolf will be able to to transport Lennifer anywhere in complete safety and secrecy. Hans has paid for a fully qualified pilot to be Lennifer’s and/or train her in how to fly it. Something Borrowed: a rare Marienburg Silk Handkerchief. Hans had sent word to Solomon Hornberg, the best dressmaker in Marienberg, who had agreed to lend Hans, in perpetuity, a beautiful 2 foot square handmade silk handkerchief fully reinforced with Khemrian cotton. Lennifer will be able to use it for whatever she needs – it has a thousand year guarantee and it is hers for as long as she wants it. Something Blue: Seeing Crystal of "Olga does Ogres." Hornberg had sent word to Hans of a remarkable tiny Seeing Crystal which contained the only (Cabalvision) recording of the legendary unique Blue Movie “Olga does Ogres”. The remarkable tale of Olga, from Kislev, who, when she was too old to perform in the circus, became a Blue Movie star, with one, remarkable film to her credit – "Olga does Ogres." She plays a lost circus performer who, in a state of wild abandon, wanders into the Ogre quarter of Marienburg and takes on Ogre after Ogre in every sexual act possible – she managed twenty before expiring, off camera, from her ordeal. Hans presents this Crystal – a unique piece of Ogre Blue Movie History – to Lennifer. Sincere regards, Hans Gruber.
  4. Just read the other entries... @Borke 's had a Witch Elf protagonist...!!
  5. The Date - Lennifer with Hans ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Belladonna’s head exploded. Hans smiled as the bucking of the Hochland Sniper rifle subsided against his cheek. The years in the Altdorf Special Forces had served him well. Lennifer was grunting next to him as she was attempting to eat his special issue binoculars. It took the Goblin Recovery Team three minutes to get the Witch Elf’s Body back to him and Lennifer and another five to get through the cordon of Gors protecting Lennifer's position. The Witch Elf raiding party managed to snatch five goblins and take out three Gors before retreating: but was unable to recover their fallen leader’s body. Belladonna Matrix would no longer raid Lennifer’s cousin’s village for babies as Hans ripped out Belladonna’s heart and gently roasted it as a delicacy for Lennifer. Lennifer had a huge grin on her face as she wolfed down the heart - this particular Witch Elf would never bother her family again. “ME WANT FUN!!” roared Lennifer as the dating Expeditionary Force made its way back to the Bachelogrette Mansion. Hans looked at the squabbling Goblins as the Gor Protection Detail dispersed at the perimeter of the Mansion. “I have a special surprise for you, Lennifer” said Hans wolfishly. He led the Goblins, thirteen of them having survived the Witch Elf onslaught, into the basement, locked them in, and gave Lennifer a big club. “Let’s play the Dirty Dead Dozen” said Hans to Lennifer, “Let one live…”. Lenneifer stomped into the basement and had a smashing time as she splattered Goblin after Goblin – Goksnak, the sole survivor, scampered out of the basement as Hans opened the door and Jennifer was attempting to count the remains of twelve Goblins. Hans let Goksnak scamper away. “FANK YOU" grunted Lennifer as she picked Hans up and hugged him so hard she almost cracked his ribcage. Hans left the mansion happy....and with his ribs very bruised. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hans Gruber has written it by hoof - I will have it written up within 24 hours :).
  7. Ah, a roleplay question: what is the time allotted for each task? ....and specifically, by when do we have to have our Week 2 Task reports posted into this thread by? Thanks!
  8. [...ahem..out of roleplay, realised the Week 2 tasks runs from Wednesday to Tuesday....] Hans Gruber has sent Lennifer a Message via CTE (Chaos Teleport Express) - he used Swarzenegger's Heart (A Human Ogre that Arnold. J. Rimmer III, a team mate, killed on MD2 and generously donated to Hnas...) - the date will be on Monday night, and he'll let you know how it went by Tuesday night....
  9. Hans had had a tough MD1: he was smothered and crowded by many Dark Elves...he had managed fo floor two of them but was floored twice back and flatten stunned once, for a few minutes - he had managed to run with the ball for 44 yards. ...plus he did manage to crowd surf an arrogant opponent in the game . He realises he was extremely lucky that Lennifer has gave him a second chance...and he appreciates it [out of The Bachelorette - I had not joined the Club and so was unable to post....oops.....I had thought I had to receive an invite first! .....realised I should join myself- did so, and can now post for Week 2 ........back to Lennifer.) Hans is taking Lennifer out later this week, on Friday night (8th February)...he will post how it went by 1900 hours Sat 9th....
  10. Waleed

    Ethelred Has Nothing Better To Do

    I have been lucky - had 5 close games that could have gone either way, 4 easy to win ones and 2 really challenging tough ones, out of the 11 I have played in the last few months 🙂
  11. Waleed

    Ethelred Has Nothing Better To Do

    Cor..Cripple format makes it a tough one to win games with....
  12. Waleed

    Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...

    Had some spare time so a Challenge game it was. Lost 2-1 away from home to some Undead. They took a Wizard and a Bribe with some Treasury and Inducements. First half they took off four players and scored in 5 Turns. I managed to Equalize in 3. Score 1-1 Second half they went all in after their Wizard took my ball carrier off on T2. We scrambled around the ball and it went back and forth until T16 their final play worked and they scored. A goodclose game against a pleasant opponent. :) Played the game outnumbered by 2-4 players - his two MB worked, my three did not. Didn't cause one Casualty - lost 2 MNG and 6 KO'd. Managed to KO one Ghoul and he had a ZOmbie sent off Final score 1-2 away loss. A good work-out Humans on 10-1-1
  13. mmm..yeah..that seems good. Windows 10 did an update earlier this week for laptop...
  14. .weird. was playing a game v the AI on my new laptop - my wife bought it for me last month . Inspire 3 AMD Ryzen 5 2500U AMD Radeon Vega Mobile Graphics 8 GB DDR4 The screen lost all red colour. ALT TAB made it come back with a small screen window but unable to do anything. Increasing and decreasing volume makes the screen colour normal. But back in game, NOTHING Red. Tried Settings and accidentally crashed/exited the game somehow. Have relaunched and NO red colour...and only happening in BB2....weird. Any solutions? Thanks .