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  1. I am free to play now, please write, when u can start earlier. ;)

    1. TheSpydyr


      I was just getting on to let you know I won't be able to play now. Just had some bad news for my wife with her family and I need to be with her for the evening now. I will be out of town Sunday and Monday will not be good. Could potentially play during my Lunch on Tuesday, which would be early Tuesday evening UTC. Can you do that?

    2. Stahlburg


      Oh I am sorry for u. I will know on monday, whether I can play on tuesday or not. Will be kep u in touch as soon as possible.

  2. MD8 in the OCC Champion Division. Playing the defending champ Bret team. I have to win here to have any chance of staying in the Champion division, otherwise it's time to get relegated! @Pidpad
  3. Match 7 against some Undead coached by @BallztotheWalla and I really need to win this match to keep my chances of not be relegated alive. Can i do it?
  4. MD6 against some more Orcs...this time dode's Orcs. It was a nail-biter to the end and was a fun match Thanks for a good first match ever against you @dode
  5. MD5 against Barserks Orcs. Big green and ugly Orcs!
  6. Stream Schedule

    Sunday 2/4/18 OCC Champs Division MD6: LIZ v ORC (Dode). Kick-off around 21:00 UTC.
  7. Stream Schedule

    Saturday 1/27/18 GOBBLN Stomping Fields MD3: KHE v ORC (Shushnik). Kick-off around 17:00 UTC.
  8. Stream Schedule

    Friday 1/26/18 OCC Champs Division MD:5 LIZ v ORC (Barserk). Kick-off around 23:30 UTC.
  9. I will try to remember to update this thread once my matches are scheduled here in the OCC for the stream viewers to know when the stream will be live. Will also update with other league matches that will be streamed.
  10. MD4 against @Chora-Cra's DaE's. Can I slow them down and do some damage? Come watch and see!
  11. My 3rd match was against some ugly and nasty Nurgz! What a stinky match!
  12. Match 2 has me playing against some of my bony cousins...a Necro team.
  13. Match Day 1 in the top dog league. Come and follow the culmination of the rise of the super Lizards! Can they win it in their first season in the big boy league??? Watch and find out!