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  1. Season 8 Tier 1

    Last match of the season and it's a mirror match against @Crunky Chops and his Lizards (which have had a much better season than my Lizards have had). At this point, I know I am getting relegated, so my main focus is trying to survive, so I can have a good full team to start next season out! Let's see if we can accomplish that!
  2. OCC cast?

    I agree completely grumple...the podcasts are great for sure. Three Die Block does a great podcast as well with team builds for league play. I also think it's great to have these available for coaches to have access to. The more availability of things like this the better it is for the community as a whole!
  3. OCC cast?

    Yeah I know @the Sage does a really good job at explaining his turns and plays as he does them. @AndyDavo does a good job of trying to explain things as well and answering questions on their streams. For me on my streams, I always try and answer any questions asked in the chat while playing. I also try to explain why I do what I do and why I position the way that I do. I also try and determine what my opponent is going to do based off of my positioning and moves. And then I explain why I think my opponent should have done something different than what they actually did. In any event, I do try to explain things as best as possible. Spydyr
  4. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 7 is against @Fantus and his Chaos. The last Chaos team I have to face this season...finally! hahaha
  5. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 6 and I get to hopefully smash on some Amazons coached by @zulu501! Maybe I can actually have a week where I get to survive and not be slaughtered! YAH for me!.
  6. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 5 and it's against a 2nd Chaos team in as many weeks. This is the gauntlet of my schedule and this week's obstacle is @Stahlburg!
  7. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 4 is against the first of the Chaos teams, as I face off against @FedtStensDyr. Come on in and join in the fun of Blood Bowl!
  8. Season 8 Tier 1

    I hate playing against the circus guys, especially when their dice are good and they are leaping all over the place and doing goofiness on the pitch. Can I avoid one of those matches here in week 3 against @Sliceanddice and his Kislev team?
  9. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 2 and it's against some humans coached by @Vaehnin. I feel comfortable with this match-up and I have a full Saurus roster as well! Let's hope Nuffle favors my dice on this day!
  10. Season 8 Tier 1

    Match 1 has me matched against @antman and his Orcs. This is a big first round match-up as this is one of the few teams in the division that can match me ST for ST, especially with me having some rookie Saurus. How well can I handle the Orcs and this match?
  11. Season 8 sees the Lizards back in Tier 1 for yet another time after being relegated from the Champion Division at the end of Season 7. They are now representing in Tier 1A and this should be a fun season with some hopeful team rebuilding. Come and follow my journey through the this current season while I try to get back to the Champions Division! Spydyr
  12. Match 9 and the last match of the season. At this point, I can't stay in Champions and will be relegated, so this match is all about surviving, so I have a good team to work back through Tier 1 next season. Let's see how well we can make this work againt @Regor and his Nurgle!
  13. Match 8 sees me just trying to survive with a full roster for a change. I pretty much cannot stay in the Champions division at this point and will be relegated, so it's all about surviving against @skydancer and his Necromantic team.
  14. Match 7 and I am feeling good about potentially killing me some low-down dirty rats! @Crystal_Hunter's rats to be exact! Bring on those pesky Gutter Runners! In all seriousness, I really need a win this week to have a good shot at staying in Champions for next season and not getting relegated! Come in and watch to see if that happens. :)
  15. Match 5 was adminned, as my opponent and I weren't able to get connected in time to get the match played. But, match 6 was played! And it was against @AndyDavo and his High Elves! This was always going to be a tough match-up for the Lizards against a great coach and a nicely built team. So, just how tough was it? Come on it and find out!