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  1. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    Clearly you need some Stand Firm Guards to surround it.
  2. brocCooLis Pidpad challange

    Good name though. You could put that on a rock.
  3. Hopping on the bandwagon

    Guard on one ogre is actully pretty popular, since it makes it a lot easier to get 3DB on the opening LOS blocks. And Ogres don't generally do well running lean. Dunno about various TV-based matchmakings though.
  4. OCC Names ?

    It's spelled Run-en-steal
  5. Will awards be coming back?

    Aaw. My beautiful line of bling. :(
  6. Possible glitch? (failed pass)

    Copped on this one now. As long as the pass isn't fumbled (natural or modified 1 on the pass roll) it is also ok if it touches the ground, as long as it finishes its antics caught in the hands of a friendly player.
  7. Signups for Act (Season)II

    Yea. In Sweden "high cost protection" means you pay at most $110 per year for prescribed medication, the rest is free. We're socialist pigs though.
  8. Signups for Act (Season)II

    Oof. Damn 'murican healthcare. :(
  9. uploader thread....

    It was explained by some curious people about four or five years ago, but it's not as if anyone really cared. Casualties are good, and TDs are good, but for TDs to be really good some of them have to be equalizing TDs (so the game is "close")
  10. On the other hand, if the league commissioners say that it is allowed, then it is a house rule that it is allowed and just as valid. Plus it's easier to understand for people who can't learn the rules. ;)
  11. Lego Occ Hooligans!

    Is there any protection against glitches, or will your next team die as horribly as this one?
  12. Camp Wannachompabodi- VC

    Looks like a good thread. This one, that is. The identical twin I don't give much for. What worry was there with Chaos? Are Undead sturdy?
  13. To build on what Dode said - your team could be A-OK and actually you just got horrible rolls for the sweltering heat. If you can't field the minimum required to fill the line of scrimmage at a kickoff for any reason whatsoever, that's a valid and legal reason to concede without further penalties.
  14. Coming to Mordheim

    I'm pretty sure Rambo is more famous for his bow anyway, so it was due time for sure.