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  1. tys123 Dark Elves Bathing in Blood 18+
  2. How does the meta look like currently?

    I preferred the hail mary pass runner and diving catcher blitzer combo It made for some crazy plays.
  3. OCC Names ?

    You will need to stick a 123 on the end of my username then. It was done earlier for BB1 but must have reverted back when the forums were upgraded.
  4. Will awards be coming back?

    That was a predictions game. Either the weekly who is going to win each match in the championship or the pre-season predict the final standings in the championship. One was Golden Bob and the other Golden Jim but I can't remember which way around they were. The OCC wide ones rather than the Tier ones which were just Bookmaker and Psychic.
  5. Possible glitch? (failed pass)

    Yes a turnover on a pass attempt happens when the ball is fumbled or the ball does not end up on one of your players. It can scatter out of bounds and be thrown back in by the crowd and still not be a turnover if one of your players ends up with the ball.
  6. Lego Occ Hooligans!

    Regarding your query about the number of attacks. New henchmen start with 3 OP so are better with a 2 handed weapon or 2 weapons as they deal more damage. Once they get up to 4 OP then switch them to a 1 handed weapon and either a shield or empty hand depending on if they are parrying or dodging. That gets them 2 attacks. They eventually get to 5 OP and can switch back to a 2 handed weapon or 2 weapons. However that approach does mean they can't effectively use skills that cost more OP as they lose an attack when using them. Your heroes start at 5 OP and go up to 9 so it depends on how you skill them which weapons are best. If you have a 2 handed weapon then you need skills that boost damage as the subsequent attacks do less damage so you are better off with 1 or 2 attacks dealing a lot.
  7. Hearthstone?

    A Forbidden Ritual vs a Forbidden Ritual brawl was weird. You summon 7 tents , I kill them all and summon 7 tents. Rinse and repeat until someone draws a none ritual card.
  8. Hearthstone?

    I went for Animal Companion. Went 6-1 ( I had the quest ) losing to the 2/3 mech that makes other mechs cost 1 less. I didn't see any duplicate decks so no obvious best option which was good. Everyone else I played went for a 1 or 2 drop so getting the 4/4 bear was a 2 for 1 nearly every time.
  9. Hearthstone?

    A quick arena question from a newbie. 3rd pick as a mage would you take flamestrike or north sea kraken? I went for flamestrike figuring I was more likely to get big creatures and spot removal than another mass removal spell. Didn't see any other good big dudes though so my most expensive creature cost 6 mana.
  10. Hearthstone?

    Well I just downloaded this on Saturday so I guess it will be a loooooong time before I need to worry about which legends to make. I am not planning to spend any money so is my best approach just to complete the quests to get gold and use it for Arena decks?
  11. How did the AG increases work out for you. I have completely ignored it on my Dark Souls. I boosted ST 1st then then Toughness. Give them heavy armour and a 2H weapon and just deal out more damage than they take. Sure they can't parry and have a dodge of 0% but they deal out 100+ damage on the 1st hit. I just give them Frenzy or Defensive Stance instead of dodging or parrying. I even gave one of them Lads Got Talent so I had a Hero that could use a 2H weapon ( make sure your Int is 9 before you try this as you need it mastered) . Daredevil , Frenzy and Strong Blow for lots of damage on the 1st hit and a reasonable amount on the 2nd. However I only use Daredevil if my opponent is in heavy armour as they seem to dodge too often with the free dodge if wearing clothing. However I only play against the AI so maybe this wouldn't work against a real opponent.
  12. Very wise player. Game with you was difficult for me.

  13. hi!

    When can we do the job?