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  1. I played my 1st ai match against undead. I secured a battleground victory against undead with the only loss being a rat dropping a halberd after being ambushed. I didnt get much as the bastards were straight on me. 2nd was against chaos I got loads of warpstone from the decisive victory in wierdstobe rush. Emma Stone caused Mayhem with her poison wind and apart from Bruce Forsythe getting amnesia (he forgot where he left his sword) it was cost free. Warband is now level 5. Im weighing up the big guy rat ogre.
  2. What programmes are you using with the blabbermouth?
  3. I may pop back in. I bet Ive not played for a month or so now.
  4. Whats involved? Is it just monitoring played games and posting the fixtures every 2 weeks? I hope things pick up Cap, I really do.
  5. 2 weeks is good. There is no pressure. The ai match is your chance to grab warpstone for shipments so its well worth doing.
  6. If were doing a reboot id like to start at rank zero
  7. My second round of scheming sees a decisive victory. We were a little worried when kevin Bacon was felled but he made a full recovery. We cashed a load of warp stone and got straigt to studying.
  8. First Scheming match and it is a decisive victory, colleting 3 holy items. Fred Astaire gains a massive 11xp.
  9. Because you are a hollow, shell of a man. Dead inside.
  10. 2nd AI math done and it was brutal. My smaller force met the rats bigger force and they went to work. Luckily Kevin Bacon put on a solo felling 3 in a torrent of ninja stars. It was a W but it was costly. Bruce Forsythe loses an arm, John Travolta's vision is not what it used to be.
  11. First one done. First campaign mission done without a single casualty. treasure was gash but I cannot moan.
  12. Discount on bb2 teams? Nier automata is discounted. Im going to give warhammer TW a shot.
  13. Got my extra ai match done. We started scattered against mercs and they took advantage of this. A W after Fred Astaire got to work. Jessica Beil was left with a burst ear drum while bruce forsythe had a nasty case of amnesia.
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