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  1. In thread:Timeline Season 8 -> Season 9

    Season 8 starts: October 31st?

  2. Season 9 Signups

    That is going to be somewhat tricky (no room outside of the rookie team tier), so reserve list for now. Should you change your mind and go with a new team though we'll get you in, no problem.
  3. Season 9 Signups

    If we can get 3 more new teams we'll create one additional division. Currently there's 7 people on the reserve list, but ideally we get 3 more for another division.
  4. Season 9 Signups

    Seeding process for next season has started, divisions should be posted on Monday. This doesn't stop anyone from signing up. If we get enough people for more divisions we'll create them.
  5. Season 9 Signups

    You have a decision thread in your division that you should use. This is for people who didn't participate this season that's coming to a close, but noted.
  6. Season 9 Signups

    Don't edit, make a new post please Also, spreadsheet updated to here.
  7. Season 9 Signups

    My guess would be: No.
  8. Season 9 Signups

    You have a decision thread in you divisional boards that you should be using.
  9. Season 9 Signups

    Yes he does
  10. Season 8 Signups

    Season 9 signups have opened, if you are still interested please use that thread. I will not be checking back on this one.
  11. First some important things: The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) It can't be a "mixed team". They're quite frankly not balanced at all. Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by October 16th (midnight UTC) (divisions still have to be 10 teams though so take that guarantee with a pinch of salt). The thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list (still, divisions of 10 so there might be room). If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race and mention that it is indeed a returning team. OCC Season 9 starts October 31st Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules. If you are a returning coach, please do mention that and if it's a new team. I know which teams are eligible to return and where they go, but it helps and some people like to name new teams the same thing. One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post.
  12. Decision threads and signup thread posted: October 2nd Md8 starts: October 3rd Md9 starts: October 10th Md9 ends: October 16th (midnight UTC) Decision threads closes: October 17th (20:00 UTC) Signups "close": October 16th (midnight UTC) [The thread will still be open and if there's space we'll do what we can] Divisions posted: October 22nd -ish (could be earlier and ideally not later) Signups ingame close: October 26th (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. Season 8 starts: October 31st
  13. Season 8 Signups

    Hello there. Season 9 signups should be posted early next week if things go according to plan.
  14. Always a good idea to update drivers as well.
  15. Too fond of stupid play-opponents-class-cards rogue to do well at the moment. That is however a good thing as I need about 40 (plus change) more wins to get rogue to 500 wins, then it's hunter and that's missing some 150 wins I think