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  1. If you are going to the world cup (regardless of role) would you please be so kind to make a post with your name in the following thread. http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/34721-world-cup-numbers/ I know of quite a few who are going so if your name is listed in post #2 there's no need to post.
  2. I like the "if Pidpad and dode agrees it must be the correct approach" method of doing things. It usually takes a while to get there though.
  3. They had finished 3rd twice though.
  4. That leaves one spot open.
  5. I believe there might be two coaches who have played every single season (either BB2 or BB1 during the time when we had both). I know I have (snuck in as the last reserve for S1 of BB1) and I believe Bill-BJJ has been with us just as long (and he's been playing Orcs all the time to boot). Races that have yet to make it to the championship (when there's more than 50 teams in the league, I lost track of the BB1 league when we moved over to BB2): Halflings (nearly got there, but fell during MD9) Underworld (I believe I got 1 spot short of getting them up and Borke has been close as well) Ogres (not even close) Norse (not even close) Kislev (less seasons to do it in, but then Bretonnians with just as much time got two titles) Races who have been in the championship but not won: Amazons (not even close to winning, 10th as best) Khemri (Two 3rd places as best) Goblins (not even close, 9th as best) Dwarfs (a 2nd place as best) Humans (3rd place) As for titles: Wood Elf: 9 (With Flix having 5 of them, in a row) Nurgle: 6 Necromantic: 6 High Elf: 5 Orcs: 5 Lizards: 4 Chaos Dwarf: 3 Chaos: 2 Khorne Daemons: 2 Bretonnians: 2 Dark Elf: 1 Skaven: 1 Undead: 1 Elven Union: 1 Vampire: 1 Coaches who have managed to defend their title (in chronological order): Enarion (Wood Elves) Flix (4 times) (Wood Elves) Tigga (Lizardmen) GUSYA! (Khorne Daemons) Pidpad (Bretonnians) AndyDavo (High Elf)
  6. That's that bit sorted. Still two open slots for next season.
  7. Oh, and beyond that there's 2 open slots left for next season.
  8. Among all the new teams, is there one who's brave (or foolish) enough to start in a division full of teams with at least a season behind them?
  9. Pidpad

    I am fengraf

    Could be possible, beats me though Working on it.
  10. Pidpad

    I am fengraf

    I'll reset your password on the proper account.
  11. Spreadsheet updated to here.
  12. Changing your forum name to theJunkyz in a moment, so you adhere to our rules. Forum and ingame name needs to be the same.
  13. Editing a line in a spreadsheet isn't much of an inconvenience, but thank you for letting us know.
  14. Spreadsheet updated to here now that I'm at home again (for a bit).
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