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  1. I have some rules that I have worked on but there is no way to play test them with the PC version of the game. I don't mind carnage and players dying at all. I just would like a little bit more of a sense of urgency and the need to make plays through out the game.
  2. I have a rule set I want to try but it has to be table top because I cant modify the rules enough in game to make it work to test out. I will think on some ideas on how to do it. something to create a sense of urgency to score sooner then later but also want to play defense. Score difference and total points scored being important type thing. I think people would find the change of pace enjoyable to be more action and fast paced then grind and bash. but we will see
  3. I have played blood bowl on and off since 95. I have played in all kinds of leagues. The standard league is what it is. I am just looking for a league that is more set up for a variation in style of play. Elves dont usually rack of Caus but many of them stall just as much it just looks a little different.
  4. is it though really? Both teams have a serial killer. the team that rolls better on armor rolls especially early in that game is going to win almost every time. I am not knocking the tactic because it is the way to win in the current game. I am just looking for a game with more action and flow to it. I dont mind bashing, but games where they are more tactical and action based then half the game spent with the ball ina cage and both teams doing their blitz hoping for a cas.
  5. I enjoy ORCA and plan to continue to be part of it, the management here does an amazing job keeping it flowing. I am looking for another league to do that is more on the tactical part of the game then then kill other team stall ball end. anybody know of such a league? The Mini max, blitz bowl stall ball is the best way to win in blood bowl. it just gets rather boring for me at times and relies so heavily on how your armor rolls go vs the tactical side.
  6. Coach name (ingame): cbbakke Team name: Dark Vices Race: Dark Elves
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