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  1. Hi @wismerhill - quic question - can you do a reset (as admin) for any tier or should we go to the tier coached. ?


    The reason for the question is @KhaZil and I just  had a disconnected for MD 5 - we can still play but need the match reset etc. 


    @Mongloom @Ozone - FYI

    1. wismerhill


      If @KhaZil can confirm I can do that

    2. Nateguy75


      No worries.  The concession was a win for me, so I'm sure he will :)





    3. wismerhill


      just read the 6a thread, its clear. reset is done

  2. Coach name : Nateguy Team name : Da Thunders Race : Dwarves new coach, new team cheers
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