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  1. waiting in game will be there til 22:30 before I bail.

  2. Jakerbeef

    Season 7 Signups

    Coach name (ingame): Jakerbeef Team name: It Smells Like Team Spirit Race: Nurgle New team. Returning coach (returning from BB1, haven't done BB2 OCC yet)
  3. Jakerbeef

    Returning Coach, after what will be 5 seasons.

    Nice one Waleed Cheers for the headsup Pidpad.
  4. Jakerbeef

    Returning Coach, after what will be 5 seasons.

    Same question I guess. Tho I've played maybe 2 game of bb2 ever. Keen to get back into the OCC with a new race and revitalized enthusiasm. I did kinda miss you sods for a few months. Even you Waleed! Im guessing new season is about 7 weeks from now?
  5. Beating Andy's easy*. Just gotta play gonzostylee(TM) - run around and foul, dodge through tacklezones and 1D blitz, long bomb with your linemen... *May not actually be easy. I haven't forgotten that dorf vs elves humbling I suffered.
  6. Wizards?! I shit on thee. Bring on yer Blitz!

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    2. Larkstar


      I'm so tellin' my Wizard you said that!

    3. wismerhill


      i will also see a lot of wizards against me this season.. 'cue elves running around lookin gfor a place to hide'

    4. Ramtut_III


      Bill Murray has announced he'll be wizard next season. He and his awesomeness against the Wu-Nurgle clan :)

  7. Nuffle never misses his train... :(

  8. Now down in the Tier 4 basement. Still rocking the ST

  9. Rooted to the bottom of 2D. But now with three ST5 players. Team-spirit activated!