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  1. I didn't even know there are orc emojis with different expressions. Wow. Hah! The client even uses those in place of the standard smilies I am used to. Hehe.
  2. If I had ended up in tier 6, sure. But I will be among the wolves of tier 5, so I don't expect to see a lot of fresh teams... But nah, I didn't really expect this to fly anyway. (Still it WOULD be a good idea!)
  3. Would it be feasible to do a small 1-2 game Swiss mini-tourney for those teams (like mine) that came in very late as fresh replacements and which are lagging behind now? Just to get a few spp. I mean, the games vs the other teams with 300-500 inducement money are kind of fun. But it is difficult to catch up, since my team crawls out of those games limping and hardly improved. If you don't want to, no problem, I can understand. I could have rerolled after all instead of limping at 5 games behind. Also, I have no idea whether there actually ARE other teams beside mine. I think it would be a great offer and motivation for said fresh replacement teams however.
  4. Coach name (ingame): Lord Owl Team name: Brides of Nuffle Race: Amazon Applying for a reserve slot! First time in the OCC, but have a bit of BB experience (26 games - still new enough to keep a list :).
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