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  1. I take this and Nuffle's inability to deal anything permanent on me as an challenge to keep going until I dice myself to the championship or this league just dies away, which doesn't seem likely judging by this thread.
  2. So I just found out this kind of challenge / award in persistent stupidity exists and might as well take my shot in it as I play CCL a lot...too much even, especially for my sanity as Nuffle has singled that one league to suck in my bad luck so I can win elsewhere. Let's just say that I am off to a good start on both the challenge and feeling bad about it. Necro - Wolfsrudeltaktik - 1-1-2
  3. Well...there is a rule that applies on these here very forums. That rule in question states that you must have your in-game name as your forum display name. Now someone told you about it.
  4. Oh right. Like I said: been damn busy. Going to post there now, thanks
  5. It is really terrible when you're so busy with stuff(tm) that you almost had no time to post 3 lines of text in the interwebs. Coach name (ingame): Bouffon Team name: Vanguard Party Race: Kislev
  6. I have 1200TV skaven team lying around as a leftover. Far from amazing by any measure but perhaps it'll do.
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