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  1. It truly isn't, unless you just happen to play some teams for long and register them here. Just 2 seasons and 5 matches more for my OCC team and I have several other slow burn teams elsewhere.
  2. Okey, so I got distracted this thing called life since I started, but I've overcome it. Now firmly semi-living, I am having stupidly good luck (sucks some fun out of the game tbh) with occasional stupidly back thrown in as humans in CCL*. So good luck in fact that I am currently the #1 human team (#13 overall), which of course doesn't mean much this early into the season, but 13-3-5 is a solid record for my limited skills. Games so far have been: 3-0 win over chaos 1-2 loss against more chaos 2-0 win over wood elves (I checked my stats and for some reason wood elves are the team have highest win% against, 2 out of every 3 matches, I blame playing a lot of kislev) 2-1 win over some orcs 2-0 win over nurgle 1-2 loss to dorfs 0-3 loss to norse 1-1 draw with the same norse 2-0 win over chorfs 2-1 win over chorfs (was Artemis Black, friend of mine assures he got a bit salty for me dicing him when I was just trying to foul chorfs dead out of principle, also heard it about later when I met more chorfs with little sleep) 1-1 draw with some nurgle 2-0 win over amazons (the one game my tackle pomb blitzer missed) 2-0 win over some necro 1-1 draw against khemri 1-2 loss against pro elves (why are all pro elves named after superheroes? My one and only serious pelf team has that team and a friend did that too without knowing about my original) 1-3 loss to rats 1-2 loss to chorfs 0-3 win over chaos 1-2 loss to chorfs 3-1 win over some more zons 2-0 win over other humans Overall this confirms my sad feeling that people play pretty bashy, fault of which partly lies on the CCL's format, but it is still sad. That said: I have 2 pombs myself. I should also have a block ogre I think, as I keep losing them and leveling up new ones pretty fast, but never doubles. Then again, I can't really be in any way sad about my level ups because, well, picture says more than about 30 words that it would take to list these buggers: Only thing I can truly be sad about is that I have 2 Greedos being goaty, but that is a problem that fixes itself...and I have 29 more games to go for the 50 this team is aiming for. *I had a normal feeling game too, but I was too tired to play properly and just piled on on chorfs hoping that they would die, they didn't and I lost, but it was fun.
  3. I take this and Nuffle's inability to deal anything permanent on me as an challenge to keep going until I dice myself to the championship or this league just dies away, which doesn't seem likely judging by this thread.
  4. So I just found out this kind of challenge / award in persistent stupidity exists and might as well take my shot in it as I play CCL a lot...too much even, especially for my sanity as Nuffle has singled that one league to suck in my bad luck so I can win elsewhere. Let's just say that I am off to a good start on both the challenge and feeling bad about it. Necro - Wolfsrudeltaktik - 1-1-2
  5. Well...there is a rule that applies on these here very forums. That rule in question states that you must have your in-game name as your forum display name. Now someone told you about it.
  6. Oh right. Like I said: been damn busy. Going to post there now, thanks
  7. It is really terrible when you're so busy with stuff(tm) that you almost had no time to post 3 lines of text in the interwebs. Coach name (ingame): Bouffon Team name: Vanguard Party Race: Kislev
  8. I have 1200TV skaven team lying around as a leftover. Far from amazing by any measure but perhaps it'll do.
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