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  1. Khornight

    BB2 - Stunty League

    It was all down to @wismerhill keeping my tv low in the first round of the play offs by niggling my krox... with a t16 foul... without him I couldn't have made it... ;-p
  2. Khornight

    Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    thats about turn 4-6 for me ;-)
  3. Khornight

    Is COL worth playing in regularly?

    is it possible you get less conceeders because you are playing suboptimal teams with a variety of stat busts and niggles? so people are less likely to give up against you? Every time I've played col about 2/3rds of games end turn 4-6 as I'm either just about to score or have cas'd an important player.
  4. Khornight

    Season 9 Signups

    Of course I already have one...
  5. Khornight

    Season 9 Signups

    Team Name: The MacLeods
  6. Khornight

    Season 9 Signups

    Ok, I'm in: coach Name: Khornight team name: placeholder... not sure race: norse