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  1. this was originally to fill a gap while some of the RPS leagues were on playoffs... but it seems to have taken on a life of it's own!
  2. Season 8 starting by the end of the month, sign ups and rules here: https://goo.gl/forms/9S2SPModBbEQERP52
  3. Khornight

    Home / Away

    someone mentioned in another forum about swiss tie breakers that "random" is actually based on when the game was played, so if two teams are on the same score the team that played last will be above and will be matched first. I know that the order of the teams in the client team page is based on the order they joined. And the team in position 1 is also always in the top game of the current scheduled week. I bet the schedules are set up for powers of 2 so 8/16/32 teams and for leagues that size have equal home and away, but 10 team leagues mess that up somewhat... but I've not tested it.
  4. Season 9?! getting a bit ahead of your self ethel?
  5. It was all down to @wismerhill keeping my tv low in the first round of the play offs by niggling my krox... with a t16 foul... without him I couldn't have made it... ;-p
  6. is it possible you get less conceeders because you are playing suboptimal teams with a variety of stat busts and niggles? so people are less likely to give up against you? Every time I've played col about 2/3rds of games end turn 4-6 as I'm either just about to score or have cas'd an important player.
  7. Ok, I'm in: coach Name: Khornight team name: placeholder... not sure race: norse
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