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  1. Dear Board. I had a clint crash at the post sequence of the game i played leauge 3a md6. I would like to validate the match. I have written this to whom I thought was admin for group 3 a. Javelin and Suido., but have had no answer from either. Where can i see who is my admin? Happy new Year. Hauptmann
  2. Is this info only available ingame? Have not been able to find it anywhere eles. Hauptmann
  3. Thanks a lot. Nice and clear answer. Hauptmann
  4. Hi All Will it always take a minimum of 6 seasons to go from tier 6 to Tier 1. Kind Regards Hauptmann
  5. Hi all im a New Coach Coach Name Hauptmann Team Name: Orcras Orca Race: Bretonian Looking forward to play hope i get a place this season. Gl Hf Hope i have don all i should :)
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