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  1. Hello, this is my first post as I just registered here. I'm a new player of BB2 (atm playing in CCL for getting a feeling for this nice game) and searching for a more structured place to play the game. I searched the other topics (rules, etc.) and now I've got some questions. Maybe someone can help me out? :) 1) As a real starting player, can I still join the OCC (or is there another format where I should sign up?) 2) For the match scheduling, is it possible to play the game on any day/time during the matchweek (as long as the opponent agrees) or is it a fixed day like every wednesday? 3) Do the ppl/coaches/stuff mind if a game is played lets say 2 weeks earlier or later in case of holidays or is htis problematic? I would really like to play in a nice and moderated format but I neither want to bore ppl (because of no experience) nor do I want to make the scheduling to complicated (for example, usually I can play most days during the week past 20:00 UTC but not that easy on weekends). So the best idea is to just ask beforehand I guess
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